Forza Horizon 6 wishlist :)

While there is no FH6 forum yet for me to put this post in, I think there’s no time better than now when the development is likely just starting off to suggest features that I’ve wanted to see since I’ve started off with Forza Horizon 3 in 2016.

  • more elaborate story mode.
    The Horizon team has been trying to push this with every iteration and yet we’re not quite there yet. I’d really like to see high quality cutscenes throughout the whole game, with an interesting story along with it. Please, try to lean back more into the festival/party/motorsport feeling that the first and second Horizon games emitted. While the current Forza Horizons act like they focus on elements like that, it doesn’t feel that way. Simply mentioning “there’s a party going on” doesn’t make you feel like you’re in that party, you need to actually experience it.

  • bigger track list and radio stations.
    Take a look at GTA V, while they’ve got only around 10-20 tracks per station, they’ve got more than 20 radio stations. And that’s even though you don’t spend a lot of time in the car in GTA V because you’ll be around on foot a lot. For game focussed around a music festival where your radio is constantly turned on and songs used in every race, the soundtrack has a miniscule track size. So far in both of the Horizon games I’ve played a lot, I was able to tell what song would play after the first sound and already have it running in my head because it’s been jammed into my head as often. The “mere exposure” effect in that case really makes me dislike the songs because I simply cannot hear them as often.

  • more interesting track and street design.
    The more open world your games is the harder it is to have high fidelity in detail, I get it. But just look at games with closed off streets vs Forza Horizon. Look at Need for Speed 2015 with it’s gorgeous city at night with highly detailed surroundings and fun street designs. Or look at the big brother Forza Motorsport with the “Forza lore” tracks I think they’re called now, such as Dubai, Rio, Prague, Swiss. While I usually have more fun driving actual motorsport tracks, these showcase tracks look marvelous (I’m down bad for the new Motorsport with all of it’s new tracks). I’m not asking for that high amount of detail, yet I think even Forza Horizon 2 did a bit of a better job of making environments look visually interesting. We need more of that.

  • put more focus on the cars (with Forza Vista)
    I loved the original vision of Forza Vista with FM4 up to FM6 where each car with FV had its own narrated cinematic experience with those pretty cool stats VFX. Things like this really just made me start caring for the cars on a deeper level. With Forza Horizon you never get to know the cars, you’re bombared with hundreds of them and race them but you never really get to know them if you haven’t done so before. It feels like you’re racing “just another car”, while in Forza Motorsport and alike you have a bit of a deeper connection. I think the campaign in FH5 might put a little more focus on cars, for example with the Volkswagen Vocho, and I’d love to see more things like that. Having Forza Vista as a Motorsport-exclusive is alright to me (especially because it might take up too much storage in FH), but still, I’d like to see more attention being put on the cars and their history.

  • make tuning more fun for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
    I never really got into tuning with Forza because it seemed overwhelming. I thought I’d never get into it if I wasn’t really motivated to teach myself more about it. But look at NfS 2015, for example. That game makes tuning deep but also fun and easier to understand and get into. That’s mostly due to every part having it’s own bigger visual focus in the menu along with (fairly) interesting descriptions. The menus really made it easier to understand what’s good for racing and what’s good for drifting. Horizon is lacking that completely. I know some car enthusiasts that are also interested in tuning, one of them tuned his own car, yet in Forza they only choose the most expensive parts because the stats improve, without being able to tell me much about the parts. I bet they could if they played NfS 2015.

  • … japan

What do you guys think?

Not at this time. We’re taking all Horizon related feedback in the existing threads. Thanks.