New Forza Aero

Vote here if you’d like to see a new alternate option for Forza Aero in upgrades.

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I would absolutely love to see more Forza aero options across the board! The current options are very limiting and not very appealing. There’s also the single front splitter which can be absolutely huge on some cars. The Ferrari 812 Superfast immediately comes to mind, the front splitter exists within a separate time zone.

What I’d like is for every car to have multiple options, anything from subtle to outlandish for the front and rear options. In addition I’d really like to be able to paint these pieces rather than having so much carbon fiber thrown around. CF is a custom paint option already so why not make it optional? Having aero options which look like they could have been installed from the factory would be terrific. The 1986 Mustang SVO is a great example, the Forza spoiler looks like it belongs on the car and the front splitter is much more subtle.

If I could put some nice looking spoilers on my muscle car collection I would be one very happy lady. Something like the Plymouth Cuda or Mustang Boss 302’s factory aero. And if we were lucky enough to go crazy and put a Superbird/Charger Daytona massive rear wing on the back I’d certainly put those to use as well.

Last thought, this might disrupt the PI balance but it would be nice if we could use the aero options purely in a decorative sense. I like keeping my cars in their native PI class so having extra downforce on D, C, and B cars is unnecessary and sometimes detrimental. On higher PI cars only having rear aero can disrupt their handling.


Its a bit disappointing to see the lack of interest in having new aero options. The lack of customization for individual vehicles in a game with such a large and detailed car list is understandable. However, the amount of creativity that can be expressed with body modification is limited. When vehicles that do not have “custom” aero options, mainly modern sports and super cars, they are likely to only have the splitter and Forza wing options. This on its own would not be too much of a problem, however when the player is only limited to a one-size-fits-all type option, it lowers the amount of options a player has to make their vehicle look how they want. For example, if a player wanted to make their car a fictional GT3 car (say a Mercedes C63) with the correct aero. They want a splitter that is the correct length and width and a wing with the correct height, width and endplate style. With the current option, there is only one option that is scaled to the width of the vehicle and might not satisfy the vision of the player.
This is where the introduction of customizable aero comes in. Giving the player control over individual aspects of the Forza aero can open new customization options up to the player, without the need to go thorugh the tedious process of adding real life parts. It could be a sliding scale for the size of the splitter:
From this:

To this:

and the size of the rear wing:
From this:

To this:

In addition to the different types of endplates:

And the types of wing stands:

And one big thing can be the option to not have the tow hook, have the current tow hook, and maybe even a cloth style tow hook:

The amount of individuality a person can express through the car aero that can be picked to their liking can be used instead of using tedious real-life bodykits. This freedom in aero options should be considered in being added in-game.


Make the forza duckbills an option for everything


One really easy way to rectify the issues with forza aero would just be to make aero slider unlocks independent of cosmetics.

Honestly I don’t understand why it wasn’t implemented like this to start with especially when other upgrades such as engine swaps don’t change the model of the car (arguably even though they technically should - but that’s not what I’m suggesting).

This would require much less effort from the development/modelling perspective as it removes the need to even model and fit new aero components for each car.

Making the aero unlocks independent of cosmetics would be a huge game changer in my view - right now, for most cars you have to choose between aesthetic or performance. It would be great if it wasn’t that way, especially as tuning/the PI system/upgrades is such a big aspect of Forza’s identity.


Some popular generic spoiler styles could be used and be available on all cars as long as they fit

Front lips and side skirts could also be sorted by length and size and give you the option of having them painted or carbon fiber, and custom aero styles would be cool as well


I would be happy with the ability to simply add the Forza aero but visible hide it. Like an on /off toggle.


It would be great to have diffusors for an additional customization option.

Especially for some cars where big wings doesn’t match the aesthetic it could be a good thing.

Another point, the typical modern adjustable standard wing doesn’t match some older cars. For most cars from the 80’s or 90’s there would be better to have some kind of ducktail like the one on the Alpine A110 or Ferrari P4.

It would be great to have them as an alternative.


As part of the drift community, I feel like even with more options like we have on the 94 240SX for example, we still lack on content for the fact we dont have the recent kits that are common IRL at the moment. I hate wanting to do a Meihan-spec drift build for example, and only having the outdated origin kit, with no good over fenders option, and now the kit sticks so wide it looks really goody. Thankfully the Offset tool has helped that a little bit; but i feel like all this could still be pushed a bit more. Another request I’d like to ask is to select and color different wheels front to back. Both racing, drag racing, and drifting, often have mismatched wheels in the rear vs the front, and would be cool to add that in my opinion. NFS was doing this in 2007 already.


Can you also give us a few interior mod options? A small number of bucket seats and steering wheels to choose from would already change so much of the game’s experience! GTA 5 is insane for having so many interior mod options, I feel like Forza would make a lot of people happy if they were able to pair their caged cars with some more race interior aspects


See I totally agree with this. I think the Forza Aero lacks WAY too much when tuning. I honestly think they need to revamp the aero to make it look better and also allow for more tuning. There’s no reason for the Aero to only go up to 200. Some cars needs closer to maybe 500 if you want them to turn more efficiently. We need more skirts options, more splitter options, more rear wing options, more diffuser options. If I cant turn my cars into literal race cars, it isn’t enough. And make the skirts, diffuser, and hoods tuneable.


Also possibility vinnlys in Forza aero


I personally want to see more lip spoilers.

I really like that option on older cars (like muscle cars), and some cars in FH5 do have these kinds of spoilers, but I was never a fan of the generic Forza Wing on most cars.


This is exactly what I have been talking about since I started playing FH2. It sad to see that forza has hardly improved with these modifications that add so much to a car.

There needs to be so many more options to choose from, not just 3 or 4 name brands. There needs to be like 12 to choose from. They can be ones developed from the team added to the game.

Or even an option where players can develop cool inspired parts and other players can use them too!

Spoilers definitely need to be upgraded as well. I’m sick of seeing the same forza designed spoiler, no spoiler option, and one name brand. I wanna see duckbill, lip, high spoilers, low spoilers, exotic spoilers, just more options!!!

Exterior appearance really makes a difference on how a car looks!!


The current forza aero hurts my eyes. Its just so ugly.


The new Viper AE is a good step! Thank you!


As someone who loves to do grip racing in fh5 it’s a shame that in order to get the most grip out of a car 99% of the time i have to run the hideous horizon front aero and wing.
Even if we dont get newer options like someone said earlier I wish we could at least hide it.
Another suggestion for front aero is the ability to pick if we want the splitter, cannards or tow hook. I find that the tow hook 9 out of 10 times ruins the look of the car and looks so ricer. Not even asking for name brand aero if the devs would be able to create generic aero and more wing options that are adjustable that would be great.


I would like to see more Lamborghini Aventador J like tuning parts (I don’t find a good image) but it has like an extendes swan-neck spoiler in the rear and a adequatly big splitter with those metal struts in the front. Why don’t we have them on the normal aventador?

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The Forza aero should be a modular system that allows for wings, splitters and canards to be created from slim to Pikes Peak. I also wish we were able to add diffusors to our cars that don’t already come with one. Some cars could have an option for some crazy time attack ones. I also wish that Forza aero parts were completely paintable so there was a way to add sponsor decals on the currently black parts.

It would also be nice to see a class hopper car to get upgraded aero performance that matches the class if the aero kit is advanced enough. I want to build a B class bucket into an S class missile, but they will almost always suck against the competition because their downforce values are like 50kg instead of 500kg in that said class.


GT7 style wing customization would be greatly useful. Choose riser height and style, endplate shape, and the actual wing being flat, curved, curved in certain places, etc