New Forza Aero

This is exactly what I was going to suggest too.

I specifically have to search tunes with keywords such as aero, spoiler and wing to try and find tunes that keep a car’s default look, or specific body kits. I don’t play PVP, so I don’t care about meta tunes, I just want to have a visually appealing car.
Separate appearance from tunes!


There are so, so many replies to love in this post. Forza needs serious help when it comes to aero!


Yes, they indeed need to have more aero options for all of the cars in this game, and not always use the same one all the time. But one thing that also needs to be changed is the fact that some aero that already exists on cars, but is not adjustable, needs to become adjustable because it hurts my eyes and soul to see a car with an amazing-looking stock aero, but we are forced to change it to Forza aero because it gives the car better performance in handling and it makes the car uglier. Such a shame…


Just want more adjustable Forza aero parts for all cars like this :

We can also have some generic diffusers and front splitters


How does this feature have over 200 votes now when it had like 130 the other day @T10ManteoMax ?

Edit I think this is the result of Jakexvx’s latest vid on the suggestion hub.


The Forza aero is just ugly in general. The race rear wings that you can add to cars such as the Chevy Monte Carlo should be available on all cars, so we have a choice of race rear wing. They also need to be we to have a choice of a high downforce look (like on super speedways) or a low downforce look (like on 1/4 or short tracks. We just need need a bit of diversity in the aero we choose regardless of the year of the car.


The Forza Aero stems from the early Motorsport games where we had full Forza Aero bodykits (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and wing) to turn every car into a competitive race car, regardless of what it was. They never changed it though, apart from removing the side skirts and rear bumper and now we’re (still) stuck with the default splitter and rear wing.

They made a good move giving the new Viper AE custom wings, I hope they do it for more cars but it will take time I think (there are almost 700 cars in FH5 alone)


Be bice to have a couple of different forza aeros EG some with more canards some with bigger splitters,

More designs of rear aero



Bro I Think Players’ customize is a good idea
FH5’s Wing are very stupid

yes yes yes. this is the way to go!


One thing I’ve noticed is the standard Forza raised rear wing has changed since Motorsport 4. Frankly I liked FM4’s better. Even then they could have given us both as options, they mount to the cars the same way and only have a different shape to the wing and sides.


I think a feature similar to GT7’s wing customization so that there are many wing style options. also adding some lip spoilers and ducktails to each car would be a nice addition too. New splitter styles would be a good start. For example, being able to choose a general splitter shape, and apply both canards and tow hooks separately. Also adding some generic side skirts and occasionally a generic diffuser would go a long way in making the cars look better.

Also if any of these do get added, give us the option to paint them. Not every piece of the car needs to be made of carbon fibre.


A Forza Aero customization option like GT7 has is exactly what we need in Forza. Not just for the wings, I want to be able to choose what goes on when I select front aero and choose different design options.


@LuculentPigeon8, You put your finger on the right point.
How many of players asking things did play the four first Forza Motorsport titles and Horizon 1 ?
Let me explain what I want to say :
In FM1 & FM2, there were some Forza parts like the skirts or the rear bumper with a diffuser… And by the way a muffler placed in a rear bumper cut-out.
In FM2, the Skyline R34 (I don’t remember if it was the V-Spec or the Nür or both & if it was in FM1 too) had three different Forza wings.
Before FM4, Forza aero wings for hatchbacks, muscle cars, etc. were the same as on other cars.
The biggest part now : In FM4 & FH1, two cars had a special Forza aero wing :

  • Devon GTX (The wing looked like the aero one we can see on some pictures of the car)
  • Hennessey Venom GT. The wing looked like a GT wing especially developed FOR the Venom and it gave it a beautiful look

Some other cars got a specific aero in FM4 like the 993 GT2 with it’s GT Wing, the 959 and so on…

Since the Xbox One era games, the wings become different, identical from a car to an other… They don’t look like old Forza Wings with their carbon and racing style. The cars with special Forza aero wings like the Hennessey Venom GT lost their “uniqueness” as they standardized the aero.

Right now, the “easiest part” would be to bring back all non-licenced aero Forza parts even skirts and rear diffusers on old 3D-models in a first time before adding new-ones or better…
A mixed Customization (GT7) /Autosculpt(NFSC/NFSP/NFSU) → Even if it could be standardize for each cars by putting coordinates to locate the wing base or define limits on car models for front spoilers, it would take years of preparation… And for correcting all display bugs… (I remember playing NFSC and sometimes the aero Autosculpted brought back to pre-edit during races :sweat_smile:)


Bring back the old forza aero from fm4

Invisable wing (able to add to custom body kits so you can make your car look like you want)


This is a much needed feature.

Rear spoiler: More options like lip minimum spoilers for all cars would be great. Like the Chevrolet Impala 1996 have a perfect lip spoiler. Looks very clean. It should be an option like that on every vehicle. And the amount of tune that you could do would be the same as a big spoiler. if a car comes with a spoiler we should have a tune option too like the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV that has a spoiler and i can’t tune. I have to put Forza Aero and the wing is too small for the size of the car. Hot hatchbacks and muscle cars would benefit so much these lip spoilers.

Front spoiler: again, an option that is just the splitter, one with the splitter and canards without the hook. Very clean.


Wow, I guess lots of people agree! I left the reply when there were only 3 votes on the topic.


Yeah! I’m thrilled to see this topic has gained … traction.