Why does the color YELLOW look bad & impossible to replicate in FORZA (FH5 and FM 2023)?

This has been an ongoing visual issue I’ve noticed in all other previous FORZA Motorsport and Horizon titles. And it seems nobody has raised awareness of this plaguing visual issues besides a few posts on Forza’s subreddit.

The color Yellow is not properly displayed in FH5 and even the new FM. The shades are either very washed out, flat and/or lack the depth and saturation of an IRL manufacturer paint. This is very evident when you go through any car in FORZA with yellow as their stock/manufacturer paint option.

I’ve noticed this very clearly on the 2014 Lamborghini Huracan, Aventador SV. Lexus LFA and the 2016 Audi R8 V10 (they have some of the very best yellows IRL).

Even using a custom metallic flake or two tone polished paint to create yellow does not work. Have tried all paint options and even looked up color codes to make my own yellow but it is a fundamental visual flaw for color accuracy in any FORZA title!

Other racing games like GT7 and The Crew Motorfest do not have trouble replicating the color yellow properly in their visuals. I have been experiencing and seeing this issue since FH1 and FM4 (Been playing since FM2) and it really has resulted in me avoiding the color yellow on any car in FORZA


This is such an annoying issue especially with Ferraris


Yeah it’s getting ridiculous. Really puts me off making yellow cars in FH5 when they always come out looking like pastel tones.


I really do think the paint system needs a complete overhaul in the next Horizon game. With proper sections for standard, gloss and metallic paint while significantly improving color accuracy!

In my honest opinion, the current standard paint option is simply outdated and does not fully and accurately represent the automotive paint colors.

Currently, the only way to make a gloss or metallic paint is to use a custom paint and fine tune it.
But no option for YELLOW at all. Yellow looks fantastic on Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Vipers and BMWs. This has always been a dealbreaker!


I think you have to make them slightly more orange. Play with the base color setting. Try one of the outside Safehouses to create the colours.


Exactly yeah every other game has an option to toggle between gloss/metallic/matte/semigloss/chrome on the fly when choosing a color from the swatches. That’d be far handier than having to scroll through the cluttered special colors tab

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