I want custom championships back

They were really missed in FH4.


I second this.



If FH5 is another live service game don’t count on it though, that’s the only viable reason I’ve ever been able to come up with for their absence in 4.


So was custom music integration.

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The absence of that is downright silly. Okay, yeah, Groove Music is dead but the music came from OneDrive, which is still intact. Why are they tied together? It should be easy to play music stored in OneDrive.


Spotify should be the replacement for Groove.


FH2 had over 100 championship races, FH3 had 63 championship races and exhibitions, FH4 had ZERO championships with the exception of a few seasonal championships. PLEASE for FH5, add back championship races for the exhibitions like FH3. I finished FH4 very quickly as I ran out of races to do. I see the FH5 trailer promote that there are “hundreds” of cars in the game, but that won’t matter if there are only 60-70 exhibition races like in FH4. If there will be a lot of championships, I’ll buy the $100 edition as I know I’ll be spending a lot of time in the game, if it goes the route of FH4 I’ll just get it on $1 gamepass.


Another +1 from me. Don’t worry PGG, I’m still going to play the playlist. I enjoy the playlist (well, the offline racing parts at least). I like the gentle pull to get me to try new cars and restrictions.

There is no reason to keep custom championships gated.


Will FH5 have championships?
Multiplayer? Single player? Both? Neither? From a press release:

“In multiplayer, experience the most social and connected experience we’ve ever created. The Horizon Open takes the best parts of the traditional Forza Horizon online competitive experience and smashes them all together. Seamlessly jump into Races, Drift challenges, Eliminator sessions, and more. Horizon Tour is your chance to meet up like you would at a car meet and race co-op against Drivatars on circuits all over the map, forming up as a convoy as you hop from one race to the next. From there, you can head to the Horizon Arcade, where you quickly and seamlessly take on some truly wild challenges and minigames with other players.”

Can anybody decipher this? Read anything else about championships that you can link?

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It sounds like PvP won’t even be part of the game lol. And that their priority is to focus on co-op, minigames and all arcades stuff. If that’s so, I won’t even buy the game if PVP gets cut off.

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I’ve heard that there will be story missions and exhibition races, but I haven’t heard anything about championships. I’m really hoping they go back to FH3 formula where every exhibition race had a championship, that adds so much gameplay time for singleplayers.

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I think they will come back.

They seem pretty pointless to me. They didn’t add anything except redundant busywork. Here’s all these races you’ve already done - now do them again and again in arbitrary groupings. If they do come back, hopefully they’re not a completion target.

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I’m more curious about multiplayer championships…if they will exist and how they will work. I haven’t seen anything about multiplayer that wasn’t totally vague and confusing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if championships have been removed for something less competitive and more “fun.”

Absolutely. In 3 they were very blatantly only there for the last grind achievement, and as you say, totally arbitrary combinations of races. It was nice that that didn’t come back as a requirement in 4, and the seasonal ones never felt anything more than a chore either.

Horizon 2 did it best, with everything based on the different regions, and very guided gameplay for where to go next. They are being quite hypey of the different biomes in 5, so hopefully we do get content divided by region again, because that road trip concept from 2 was an excellent design. But I feel like we’re getting the illusion of freedom method again, where you can do any race at any time, but have no motivation to do any of them ever. Horizon 2 took most of the decisions out of your hands, and you could play very much without thinking about it.

I got really bored with the road trips in the H2 design, though. I hated always having to drive between the six locations and the festival, it just felt like a chore to do to get to the actual racing. And doing every combination of car class and location feels a bit limiting in that it takes so long to just get through all those races, I didn’t feel like I could lean into the cars and locations that I liked the most. The H2 road trips were also a bit limiting in that you can’t interact with speed traps, speed zones, danger signs, etc. during a road trip.

If the road trip idea was more dynamic, I could get more behind it. Like you finish a championship and then you get the choice of 4-5 different locations to start your next championship and there are a lot of those different locations so the site-to-site trip had a lot more variation, then I wouldn’t mind it so much. But then again, you could more or less accomplish the same thing by getting a convoy together in H3 on your way to the next championship, though you didn’t get XP the same way as an H2 road trip.

I also really liked the custom aspect of the H3 championships, because I prefer longer races, and I prefer circuit races, and I prefer racing in the dry and during the day. So I could tailor things more to my liking in H3.

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I didn’t miss them in FH4 in the least. I agree with the comment that they are redundant busy work.

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I really don’t get this mentality. How can racing cars, in a racing game, be busy work? Especially when you get to choose your own restrictions and parameters.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind one bit if they were not completion targets and were instead totally optional. They don’t even need a star card or whatever like rivals has. Just let me do it.

For me it’s especially important for custom restrictions and races. Custom restrictions especially, I never use them in 4 because it’s a lot of work to set up a custom restriction only to have it all completed in just a few minutes. But even custom races, which I still make on occasion, barely ever come up in my mind because they are just one and done affairs. If I could weave them into custom championships, I’d use both features a ton more.


That’s the whole point of racing though- Going around a track multiple times on the same track to see which car comes first. It’s also nice to go on the same track testing out different cars to see how well they compare to other cars, which the championships allowed you to do. FH4 lost sight of what the 3 previous Horizons did and instead focused more on side activities than the actual races/championships. For people who don’t like championships, games like FH3 allowed you to do just the exhibition races and side activities to progress, but the championships were still there for solo players who wanted to do them.


They were redundant busywork because to get an event marker marked as complete on the map you ultimately had to start a Championship from every event. There was nothing really special about the Championships otherwise - you could do the races involved individually without losing out on any gameplay. They did nothing to actually increase the game content, and any counts adding them to the number of events in comparisons are essentially just counting all the events twice.

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