Forza Motorsport 6 Features Wish List

As the announcement of Forza 6 is now out I would like to start a thread for features we would like to see returned/added with the knowledge that 50% of the game is probably already done and that T10 has a project plan already defined.

So here we go -

Bring back Car clubs that were in Forza 1 - greatest feature ever.

Career Mode, loading of the next track in a series before we finish the previous race, assume we are going there and save us 30 seconds please. Loading times in general on Forza 5 seemed extremely long for everything especially since the game is loaded on the hard drive.

Ability to tune and change parts prior to a race start.

As Old School 204F said in another post the ability to see all a painters renderings by searching on that painter.

I ask that trolls and negative comments go elsewhere this is a positive thread that, as there was for previous Forzas is here to let T10 know what we like and would like in this or future releases.

  • endurance races with changing daytime (6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours as in test drive lemans on Dreamcast or ps2)

  • pit stops (optional, change tire-types, set amount of fuel to be refueled)

  • changing weather as in forza horizon 2 but better (eg.: raindrops moving on wind screen or car body not just static; snow or ice on track)

  • better graphics details (eg.: in fm4 you could see tire smoke in the rear mirror but in fm5 not, better/higher resolution shadows, better anti aliasing, better weather effects, tire marks on the track should stay until the end of the race (or for a number of races or until it rains… would be extremly cool))

  • changing crowd sizes - only few People when doing a qualifying or racing in f classes, but full autodromes for finals or events in higher classes)

  • optional qualifyings before a race (for People who don’t want to start a race from always the same position)

  • deeper career (more like forza 3 or 4 - i liked the race calendar)

  • more different race classes (starting with f as in previous forza games to x or maybe some new - like formula one in forza 5 (was a nice idea, but only one car was boring))

  • electrocar Championships (formula e, or other events)

  • hybrid Championships

  • Oldtimer Championships

  • hire driver option from previous iterations, but with drivatars

  • MORE tracks and track variants (thanks for adding 3 tracks to forza 5 for free!!!)

  • more city tracks (especially a european capital)

  • more statistics after the race (eg.: all lap times not only the fastest lap time, avg. Speed,…)

  • Show time to car ahead and behind (as in all forza games other than 5)

  • for People with Kinect, let them scan their head to indivualize their Driver in game (or in the next horizon)

  • add ability to custumize the helmet design

  • better tie-in of SmartGlass/pc (eg. for painting, sharing movies/photos, editing movies/photos, rear mirror, in race statistics while actually racing,…)


I agree with everything! I wish I could change the car setup before the races !

They need a standalone app that allows me to purchase, paint, tune cars and then setup races for my drivatar to do for me.

Local leaderboards
Career based leaderboards with the career restrictions (not just class)
Local, unlimited save files for tunes and paints and we can choose to share a large number of them
Better PI balancing


This plus the return of:

  • Overall leaderboards for each track location, class, and overall
  • clubs + club sharing and leaderboards
  • distance meter
  • storefront including the ability to favorite the tuners/painters you like most. The FM5 interface is really only good for the first time you buy a car.
  • ability to group cars and to name the car group because at the moment it takes too long to find cars to race online. Grouping made it a lot easier.
  • increase the prices of cars to their fair market value. Dropping prices ruined the point of having credits
  • lobby tuning
  • tuning and ability to select tune prior to career race
  • actual rewards for completing career
  • custom public lobbies that are easily searchable and not placed in an area that’s easy to miss
  • P2P
  • drag leaderboards that can easily be found
  • logical menu system
  • tournaments
  • endurance race
  • gifting
  • auction house
  • sell the car back to game
  • a vote to kick player that actually works

Some new stuff could be:

  • weather or at least day/night cycle
  • tune sharing for club members. It was a pain having to buy so many cars of the same type to share multiple tunes for one car
  • Co-op with friends or randoms in career mode. This could be a way of doing mini tournaments with friends/randoms if the career event actually awarded points based on finishes.
  • more tuning options
  • a rethink on PI and how engine swaps effect things
  • ranked online play
  • a tutorial on proper racing craft. This can be incorporated in the first few races a player takes part in.
  • ability to invite friends to an open lobby prior to taking part in online play. Atm its real clunky and sometimes impossible to get into a friends lobby even after invites.

We should’ve had E and F classes in FM5. There were cars with PI low enough. I’d like to see these classes return for FM6.

Clubs need to return.

Storefront needs to return.

Auction house needs to return.

We need to have more options in free play like what we have in custom multiplayer races.

I’d say we need endurance races to return, but I can make my own in free play so I wouldn’t prioritize that much, as long as I have more options for restrictions.

Weather and night go without saying.

Replace sticky grass with time penalties that don’t just effect leaderboard times but the actual race outcome.

Give us an in-game option to avoid unsporting players we dislike.


Who in the world is going to race non-stop for 12 hours!? The only way I’d do that is if they had all the cars from the 1966 12 Hours go Sebring, so I could re-create it!

+1 to almost all of the above, and especially +gazillion to auction house.

Add to this, the ability to give people stuff - vinyls, cars, paints, tunes. The current (FM5/FH2) usage/reward system is not bad, but as with FM4, returning home to see a lot of ppl bought your stuff was so much more gratifying.

Unicorns. Bring back Unicorns! We love Unicorns!

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the option to run races in career mode with stock tunes and upgrades. it bothered me a lot to have to do almost all the career races in forza 5 with upgrades just to stand a chance.

if we don’t get a lot more tracks, at least rotate ALL ribbons of the tracks we do get. in forza 5 it only seemed like we did the full ribbon of each track which is probably why it seemed like there was a lack of variety.


[Mod edit - WSD - If you cant say anything nice then dont say anything]

Auction House,
A way to view all paints/tunes without getting in each car
View paints/tunes shared by friends/followers automatically
Day/Night Racing
All Weather racing
gifting, even if something can only be gifted once and then thats it
a way to sell cars back to the game
More tire smoke when drifting
More Body kits and Wings(For all Cars)
More JDM Cars and Body kits
More Cars
Create a track(Hopefully)
More drift oriented Upgrades


I just want more smoke :frowning:


Also we need to bring back user created lobbies that we can make public.

They don’t put more smoke because it lags up game I’ve seen lots of smoke trust me it ain’t all that

A companion app so that I can setup base builds and tunes outside the game (and paints for the painters out there)
Deep garage for stashing away cars
More leaderboards and stats (Top car for each track, no assist leaderboard, stock only leaderboards, etc.)
League setup and support
A way to handle crashers in MP…black flags?


They should bring back tournaments from fm2 :smiley:


I wish for a better way to kick players. I would also like to be able to find my own tuning gallery with out having to click on every car. The ability to set a default car per track if I forget to pick a car which happens all the time lol


A walk around garage option?


The app would be the best option for me, I would love to design my car on my free time.