New Forza Motorsport Feature/Gameplay Wishlist

A few things that would be great to see in the upcoming Forza Motorsport include:

  • More control of vehicle systems (DRS, KERS/ERS, Engine modes, Assist strength)

  • Easier set-ups for custom races. Making custom races like a “24 Minutes of Le Mans” is fun, but trying to make the set-up exactly how you want it (Prototype/GT classes and the starting order of them, limiting the cars, number of cars in each class, etc.) is frustrating.

  • The introduction of a roof view, as it has a more connected feeling to the car than chase cam, but more visibility than cockpit.

  • Camera FOV adjustments for Xbox and PC

  • More body customization options. However, not the types that are commonly demanded like excessively wide body kits for cars that are way too low to the ground to be feasible for track use. The stance that is being taken for this game is a “built vs. bought” mentality, so it is necessary for cars built from the ground up are as capable on the track as cars made by a car manufacturer. The options that I am wishing for are options that are staples at #GRIDLIFE track days like different size splitters, wings, tow hooks, and roll cages.

  • More customization for driver gear. It is a bit hard to express what you would want your dream driver to look like when you are only limited to a driver gear set helmet and suit. A quite unrealistic hope is to have in-depth customization of the driver gear. For example, choosing the type of helmet design (not the paint itself), between helmets that align with the design styles of Arai, Bell, Schuberth, Stilo etc., instead of being limited by a pre-determined driver kit. Furthermore, being able to completely design our helmet and suit from a white, blank canvas to a masterpiece. It could either be achieved by using the system currently used on the cars themselves, with primitive decals, or…

  • A series introduction to a svg/png importation system. Yes, a system like this has been on the hot seat with the use of the decal creation tool in Forza Horizon 5, but a legitimate system being available in-game would be an incredibly powerful tool to the player. There could be a dedicated website where players can go to upload their logo to their account. I often find myself being motivated to recreate a real-life design, only to give up when I cannot replicate an incredibly intricate sponsor decal on the livery. This system would allow, let’s say non-PTG level painters, to accurately express how they want the car to look without being frustrated by the high entry bar when beginning. While this would be a tremendous undertaking to regulate the content being uploaded, I believe anything harmful that may be uploaded could be created in the current manual decal making system.

  • Increasing the maximum steering wheel rotation from 90 degrees to 135 degrees (maybe a bit of a stretch?)

  • Custom online lobby rooms. While the hopper system is great for getting in and out of races that you know will be set up a certain way, the options and combinations available were limited. This system could continue be used alongside a custom online lobby room system where players can change individual aspects of a room, whether they make it a casual open track meet to test out a tune or a 30-minute, competitive multi-class race where a pitstop must be made.

  • Custom grids where you choose where the player starts, the positions of the A.I., the PI level of the A.I., and liveries on the A.I.

This is just not a complete list, so please add anything else that you believe would make the new Forza Motorsport incredible for car and racing game fans.


I’d like to see information presented (type, how big it is, number of cylinders, etc.) for the type of engine that comes stock in any given car. At least as much as we get for the available swaps.

As usual, I’d like to see FWD drivetrain swaps.

I’d liked to see chopped top conversions - at least for a lot of the older cars, though I can imagine being amused by it for various modern cars.

If they put in a drag strip, I think it’d be appropriate to have a few proper drag conversions.

The list of features I’m hoping for is going to be in order from most to least wanted & more importantly they will all be reasonable too!

•I’d love for the feature from the 360-Era games to return where you could pick the exact cars the AI drove when making online lobbies, except it’d be much nicer if you could do that for single player races too! Especially if you could have AI cars race in cars from your garage as well. That way we could do races exactly as we wanted!

•Don’t have tire design correlated to performance. Any car you want should be able to have tire lettering, white walls, redlines (FH3 Hotwheels tires) etc. & it shouldn’t dictate what tire compounds they are. Ideally there’d be options for walls, stripes, letters etc for any compound & the ability to go into paint mode & make them whatever color you want, to match with whatever exterior color you have. Tire designs are purely visual in real life, so let’s keep it that way in game too please!

•When using mirrors or looking behind you, when in the interior cameras, it’d be nice to see your car in the mirrors, as well as seeing the rear of your interior rather than seeing “through” your car when looking behind you. It’d also be great if your could rotate the camera in interior mode a full 360° when racing rather than only about 120° before cutting to a side view which again, sees through your car.

•With the new tire models, the ability to have tires pop, based on wear or come off during bad crashes (especially open wheeled race cars) would add a lot of realism!

•When using manual modes, (or at least manual with clutch) the ability to stall your car just like in real life, would add a lot of realism to the manual experience! Not only that but with simulation damage on, bouncing off of the redline & doing bad shifts should cause engine wear over the span of a race, just like in real life.

•All cars should be able to be slammed. The fact some cars at lowest suspension still have wheel gap, when cars like the ‘55 Chevy at its lowest is practically scraping the ground makes no sense. It really should be possible for any car, just like it is in real life.

•As an endurance racer please make things like tire wear & damage apply to AI cars, unlike in the Horizon franchise.

•When painting cars, an option to keep factory decals on (like in the 360-Era games) would be great!

•Changing headlight tints (from yellow to white to blue) like in GT7 would be super simple & a great addition!

•The ability to change exhaust tips as a visual upgrade would make a lot of people happy!

•Once again like in GT7, being able to make custom “Forza Aero” would be so useful, as a field of 24 (or more) cars running the same wings & splitters gets really bland really quickly.

•The ability in free play to have all cars be driven by AI (including yours) would be nice so that you can make interesting races & kick back & watch them without influencing who wins by actively driving in it.

•This may be a “hot take” but I think automatic vs manual transmissions, ABS, TCS, ease of steering etc. should be based on upgrades not difficultly settings. You should have to buy a transmission swap to make a car automatic, or buy ABS/TCS &/or steering upgrades to make an older car have those features. As someone who switches between eras of cars a lot, having to update my difficulty settings almost every time I swap cars gets a little old. At the very least maybe have difficulty presets you can create, save & load depending on the car/race?

•Replays should have a camera option that simulates the angles you’d have on a real racing broadcast with higher up cameras that showcase more of what’s going on & look more realistic.

•Small tweak, but a lot of car’s stock tires have that tacky Forza racing flags design on the side wall, & for anything older than the 2000s it doesn’t fit the cars at all. Could unmodified cars be given more accurate looking tires? The Forza rally tire sidewalls are significantly more accurate for older cars than the tires many cars have from the start.


For most cars yes, though if a racing series has a standard that should be used i.e. in indycar softs have a red stripe and in f1 red is soft, yellow is medium and white is hard.


Fair enough! But I shouldn’t have to use stock tires or vintage race compound to retain white walls. You can’t have drag compounds with tire lettering? Seems unnecessary. Having the choice between walls, stripes & letters & being able to pick whatever color you want them to be would be ideal, if it were up to me

What is the point. Turn 10 will just shut down the servers when they want you to “upgrade” to the next version - especially if it any good like FM4. They would build fan loyalty if they did. And what’s wrong with the 360 anyway. 10 times more 360 were sold than XB1 (not an official stat but in the ball park).

I can’t recall any of the games in the series which didn’t run well into the life of the next version - and probably beyond.

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Please can we have CUSTOM PUBLIC LOBBIES! That’s how racing multiplayer works.


And if you fix one thing, please please please, PLEASE remove rubberbanding. Made F7 unplayable.


Did FM7 really have that? I knew the Horizon franchise did, but that’s pretty embarrassing for a “sim” racer to have rubberbanding in my opinion.

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Realistic collision physics properly simulating crush and crumple zones, so cars aren’t two solid masses hitting each other like a couple of marbles. Would make close racing much better and more realistic.

Realistic implementation of TC/ABS/stability control and modern torque vectoring differentials (actually, just realistic implementation of differentials) and AWD transfer boxes.

Realistic tuning options, so no unlimited spring rates or infinitely adjustable dampers, etc.


Wish list item I want to bring to the table is to add in the ability to run races with our friends with Drivatars or normal Ai online. This is something Forza hasn’t done I don’t think ever so would be cool to see. I understand the whole point of playing online is to play against other people. For days when you just want to race with 3 or 4 of your friends it’s so much more fun to have Ai out there to make it interesting. Nascar Heat and F1 do it in there games and it makes it fun for a close friend league when you don’t have a pack of friends. Lol

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Forza MotorSport 4 had that feature, with up to 8 AI cars you could race with online, & you could even pick exactly what cars the AI drove! I’d love to see that feature return to both online & single player too!

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Please do not import the festival playlist from Horizon. I don’t know any FM player interested in that kind of drudgery. Just make sure the racing is good and you will not need silly awfully repetitive gimmicks to force people to play to get new cars.


Adjustable FOV and seating position.


Turn10, can you please do a physical collectors edition of the game as well as standard edition. Please don’t follow FH5s footsteps!

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  • a working cockpit cam without brightness issues and up to 900 degree wheel rotation with proper driver arms animation
  • matchmaking with safety rating

Y’all need to slow your roll with these ambitious dossier lists.

Am I the only one that’s going to bring up the complete lack of speed or feeling of speed in this 20 second racing clip?

I’ve stood behind deaf geriatrics in the bank that can open a pention account faster than these cars are moving.

If my car was showing a ton on the speedo and that was my pace, I’d be taking it in for servicing because the accelerometer is on the blink.

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I’m 100% with you @fullthrttl25 on the ability to import SVG files into the game. IMO, this is the only facet where Gran Turismo has the edge over Forza. I’ve been able to create some really nice liveries with relatively minimal effort. Between work and kids, sadly I don’t have the time to become a jedi master with Forza’s creation tool. Otherwise I’m absolutely itching for Autumn (southern hemisphere) for this to come out, and so stoked it will be Day One on Game Pass too.

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This is just entirely false. You can still play FM2 online if you want. They stop actively supporting the old games, and some features are gone like FM2’s auction house or FM4’s clubs, but you can still race.

This isn’t Gran Turismo where they shut down everything one game to force people over to the next.

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