Building The Perfect Forza Motorsport 6

First of all, I don’t think this is the right forum to dump this in, I would hate for this to go Unacknowledged, feedback would be appreciated.

Second, I have been a fan since Forza Motorsport 2 and base this “Guide” solely on my own opinion.

You will need to start by getting a pen, a notepad, and a lot of enthusiasm for work. Next you will be going from A-Z on the track and vehicle list on Forza Motorsport 2, 3, 4, and 5
(including all DLC packs). After possibly a year or more of modeling, performance tuning, and sound tuning for every car and track, you will be Pumping all of that through the Forza Motorsport 5 physics engine, fix the lighting to allow shaded parts of the track and the car not to look so dark and awful (just look brighter). Lastly, I would say to eliminate Micro transactions altogether, but that type of suggestion would never be affected by this level of personal feedback. Just add more laps to tracks (2 laps of Indianapolis doesn’t qualify as a championship series) and base all of the Cr. rates around the cost of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and how much work it would take to get that many credits, as to not allow the whole economy to slip into a grind fest. (*Cough Forza Motorsport 5s launch)

And that’s It, anything more, nothing less. I could’t think of a single reason it couldn’t be totally successful. After all, everything is all we really want at this point anyway.

From a Fan Named Harawanagangsta


In my eyes, you are concentrating too much on content. Yes Forza 5 was quite behind on that, but I think right now the quality of cars is good. Meaning the cars that should be in there ARE there. I do think more racing cars are needed (hoping project cars gives me my fix). And microtransactions don’t affect others so why get rid of it? Credits aren’t hard to come by anymore (if you race) with the updates.

I do think more tracks are needed. Many of the originals in Forza 1 are terribly missed.

Where I really want to see Forza 6 improve is the execution of the menus and multiplayer. Career mode is a joke in Forza 5. It was more polished in Forza 1. 2-3 laps every race is a joke. You are in and out with the tires barely warmed up. 2-3 laps is fine for the beginning, needs to progress though.

Multiplayer is also a joke and there is no reason I need to explain why, everyone knows and has experienced the pain.

Extras I would like to see are day/night cycle. Maybe weather affects, but I’d like day/night much more.


If they can get the game to stop freezing, I will chalk it up as a win.

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De javu

“Another thread that Turn 10 will lock but read with eyes wide open so they make a game just for one guy.”

I don’t want longer races or more credits but I also don’t expect Turn 10 to make a game just for me.

What about we get to choose the race length.


Add to not being able to connect to lobbies, ever. The game feels old and not paid attention to anymore when I load the game up, I haven’t been able to have a legitimate play session with the game in a few months because of this.

After a race I’d like to see more detailed analysis. A full list of all the lap times, and sections of the track broken down showing average speed in the section, and entrance and exit speeds for these sections. It would be really nice to have a feature that allows you to view your historic performance on a track so that you can see how you’re improving and where there is still room for improvement. This should also include more information about the track such as corner names.

An additional mode for season racing (multi-player and single player) with racer and manufacturer points, and more laps, would be great. Keep the existing modes for quick races like we have now. I know a lot of people like this. Just add a real season race mode for each class. As it is now it’s a good driving simulator and a fun game, but not a racing simulator.

Weather, track temperature, night/day would all make for a deeper experience.

My two cents.


More cars and real world tracks of course.

If they do add weather I hope they don’t compromise frame rate in order to do so. I would much rather the game run at 60 fps and have no weather than run at 30 fps with weather.

Different times of day for each track.

I’m sure I could think of more but that’s it for now.


I don’t agree. Why not have the option at least? Just because racing in the rain will lower the framerate does NOT mean that the rest of the game need to run at a reduced frame rate. Therefore if YOU don’t want to race in the rain at 30fps then don’t. RAce at 60fps in the sun…

We need an official Forza 6 wish list thread. They only create sub-forums and wishlist threads AFTER the next game is announced. However, by then the game is too far in development for big suggestions. We need a sub-forum/thread for future Forza Motorsport and Horizon games.

Will dump my suggestions while here:
Engine tuning - Advanced tuning for engines. With similar sliders to that of suspension tuning.
Tune-able things might include:

  • Air-fuel ratio
  • Timing
  • Compression ratio,
  • Camshaft size(duration @ .050", lift, lobe separation)(or more advanced, do valve events: Intake and Exhaust valve closing in degrees)
  • Boost psi
  • Etc

Customizable Tracks/Autcross/Gymkhana courses:
For this it could be a simple parking lot, with placeable cones/pylons, different variations of concrete barriers, barrels and whatever other objects might be good. Cones/pylons > barrels for autocross. It would also be nice to have a placeable timer that is triggered when a car passes through it to start/stop the timer and display the time on screen somewhere for all players to see.
The layouts could then be saved and shared over xbox live similar to how vinyls/liveries are.
This would expand multiplayer replayability. I can see dedicated autocross communities opening up and this would benefit the drift community as well.
-This would be perfect for privately hosted lobbies. And maybe public lobbies if the kick/ban vote system is revamped. Allow the lobby creator to kick like fh2 does.


I think it would be cool to have a garage that i can walk around in (As done in Project Gotham).

Also, what about the great auction house? or day/night racing?..i can keep going, but I’ll just say that I don’t consider Forza 5 to be a next-gen game.


Yes I agree we need more tuning a Dyno would be nice and I no it’s crazy but nitrous also more horsepower is a must these engines can do somuch more like the 2jz that motor stock bottom end is capable of a thousand hp let alone stroked and more 1400 would be great on that motor give drag more looks please turn ten

I would like a qualifying hot lap in career so I don’t have to always bash my way to the front. More laps would be good too (5).
Drivatars that have a clue and a multiplayer free of trolls ( too much to ask for with that one).
Maybe more Aussie and British real world tracks.


more body kits and better upgrades . If have a lot upgrades they put a icon or something for player to tune the car have they like .Make for the track and drifters or have better content for the gamez please?

FM5 was a nice tech demonstrator but a worse game than its predecessors in pretty much every way. In order to start bringing it closer toward those previous games, FM6 needs to expand in just two (albeit broad) fields: Community features and content.

Content is obvious and will no doubt be delivered, but I feel as though this should be the primary focus. Most of FM5’s actual, professional critique pointed out its lack of content. More cars and tracks should be the biggest priority for the game, as they no doubt are on most releases.

“Community features” is a little more nebulous of a request but just as valid. Community features like Storefronts and the Auction House should be brought back to functioning levels similar to FM4. Countermeasures should be in place to avoid misuse of such systems instead of lazily cutting them from the game. More options should be available for the creation of online lobbies, including highly-requested features like qualifiers.

Also, avoid the Token disaster by leaving them out from the start, like FH2. The continued additions of premium currencies in full-budget games like this only serves to sully the reputations of developers by making them seem greedy. If their inclusion is not the decision of T10, but Microsoft, then I encourage T10 to point their employers toward the door the next time they attempt to interfere in the game design process.

With FM6, T10 no longer needs to make the shiniest game for the console launch. They can instead focus on making the most playable racing game on the console.


I agree with a lot of this. The content was just way too slim. A handful of tracks and cars just doesn’t work. Taking out genuine race tracks like Suzuka, Hockenheim and Sedona and replacing them with unnecessary street circuits like Prague. There are real street circuits, like Monaco, that could have been used. But really there just needs to be more of everything. After a week you’ve already done it all. There isn’t enough variety in the race cars either. FM4 had a huge lineup of different class cars from DTM to FIA GT to LMP. But now we have just the BMW DTM car, just the Lotus E21, and less than a handful of LMP cars to compete. Everyone is out there driving the same cars, and that gets old.

The new menu system is way to slow. The layout is whatever, I could take it or leave it, it just needs to be more speedily navigated. And naturally, the entire online mechanism is garbage. It takes forever to find a game and the game options are too limited. Also, it would be really cool to be able to save custom game types for later use.

The idea of having changing lighting (day to night) would be epic, as would weather effects. If we are looking for a simulator, why not have the heat of the track actually have an effect on things like tire degradation? Or why not have the option of racing at night like almost every single racing series does?

I don’t like that the DLC just has to stop. Why can’t we keep getting more tracks and cars even after Horizon 2 comes out? They are two separate entities; one is an arcade racer and the other a simulator. I would love to keep having the game updated even though another game under the same studio is released.

This biggest thing we all need is more. More of everything. I would rather wait longer for the right game than see something rushed out that leaves so much to be desired.


To build the perfect game is also important that the game also looks good in the menus.

  1. I would really like the idea that you can manually place cars in the garage and you can walk around them (like in PGR3)
  2. Different types (5+) of Home Space like in FM4 (really liked the view of the mountains in FM3)
  3. Crash physics requires work (not damage) but when you roll the car.
  4. More tire smoke.
  5. Rally tracks (like in GT4), no need for nascar or go-karts…F1 are already there and that’s enough.
  6. Even if you don’t find bikes suitable for game like FM, there could be one (at least for the time trial + Forzavista)
  7. Forza legendary soundtrack, which we all know was good in the 3 and 4 (w/o music the game is never complete)
  8. Good AA or drop the frame rate (not joking). FH2 is 30 and I’m totally fine with that.
  9. Bring back Storefront.
  10. Less static replay cameras.

Right, so we all know that forza 5 has so many problems for the end user it’s rediculous. I think the method for fixing the game is quite simple. Put in everything that was in forza 4, then add more features. Day, night. Rain, dry. Dynamic weather in general would be nice to see.

In general from playing the game it’s not a bad game it just really needs everything 4 had for a start. Things like when you bring up the telemetry in race, close it and upon opening it doesn’t stay in the page you left it on like 4.

Aucrion house? Storeroom functionally? I could go on but let’s just again chalk that upto ‘put everything that was in 4, into 6’.

Small things like how you managed to get the brake bias back to front so setting the bias to the front locks up the back wheels. That takes class so maybe we can assume the tuning engine needs some attention. Many friends who’ve been keen 4 fans tried 5 and instantly highlighted the braking feel as not being right. I mean, if you spend time on damping, backwards brake bias, you can get the brakes to feel 90% right but what was wrong with 4 where you’d set your brake pressure to your own preference then, say, pressing the brake trigger to 80% (for me I had my pressure at 128-130) or whatever you preferred didn’t lock up the brakes but going too much then would. This is called continuity. Something that needs to return. I must admit that the loss of the 10 hour brakes lock up from 4 is not missed (you know, you’d lock the brakes and it would take 10 hours to unlock). So thanks for fixing that in 5.

Also, please don’t fix the backwards brake bias now, for 5, as it will cause many a world of pain.

For forza 6 we really could use a whole lot!! More tracks
and variations on track layouts. As nice as laser scanned tracks look if it’s too much trouble, then they arnt neccasseraly needed? Either way we need a whole lots more. For online lobbies I think that hopper class groups of maybe B and above should get the use of EVERY track and EVERY lauout. This system of tracks being tailored to each class just makes the game repetitive and frankly boring. To keep it fun we NEED every track and layout thrown into the pot. I include 4 in this particular damming, the choice of class specific hopper tracks was too few by a mile.

Anyway… I’m sure like me, many others are still hopeful that 6 will be all this and more. So please don’t dissapoint.

I’ll be mostly on Forza 4 until then…


It would be asm If they put Rocket Bunny as a custom bodykit and spacers at the wheels!!!