The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [A Community Based Feedback Thread for FM6]

EDITED: 9/12/15 @ 1109 PST
Take a look at the score board to see how things are going. Looks like most of us share the same thoughts about this game…

Dear Forums,

First and foremost, allow me to congratulate T10 for delivering awesome racing games for all of us to enjoy; 10 years and running!

Now, onto the jelly in the doughnut.

I want to use this thread to categorize different aspects of FM6; in particular things we like, don’t like and things that need immediate attention.

I’ll start off with some of my own thoughts and I’ll add things to the list you’ve guys want to share. Remember, this is just for feedback, so no bad-mouthing each other. It doesn’t all have to be negative, either. If FM6 brought something new that you liked, then feel free to share that.

Here we go!

The Good: 10 w/ 16 votes
The Bad: 9 w/ 17 votes
The Ugly: 8 w/ 19 votes

The Good

Your driver no longer plants his/her right foot on the throttle at the beginning of a race. Really bugged me in FM5. [OP]

AI seems vastly improved; perhaps this is just another case of placebo, but they drive very professionally with the aggression limiter turned on They are also a lot more competative, which is great! [OP - JacksBurton - St8sMn]

Puddles are awesome. [OP - HMR Motorhead (Voted as “Ugly”)]

You can change homespaces again, but there aren’t that many choices. Who knows, might be added later. [OP]

Rain and Night-Time Racing. [OnePoint21GWs - dubmat - Taiwannosaurus - PathlessToe99]

Graphics and Visuals. [OnePoint21GWs]

Track and Car Selection. [OnePoint21GWs - Taiwannosaurus]

Hearing other cars on track. [OnePoint21GWs]

Endurance Racing. [phoxxy10]

Online Racing Leagues. [dubmat]

The Bad

Linear career mode, as opposed to the traditional “Do whatever you want, how you want, when you want it” that FM4 encouraged incredibly well. [OP - JacksBurton - phoxxy10 (Voted as “Ugly”) - PathlessToe99]

Rain effects look rather odd. DriveClub might have spoiled me with how good rain effects can look like in games, but something about the rain in FM6 looks really artificial. [OP]

Not a huge fan of the UI; everything seems to be all over the place. The font is horrible, too. [OP - JacksBurton (Voted as “Ugly”) - phoxxy10 (Voted as “Ugly”) - airmattdog - St8sMn]

My RB26 in FM5 outputs over 1000HP / My RB26 in FM6 maxes out around 666HP (If I recall correctly.) Hey T10, what gives? [OP]

Unbalanced PI System / Car Classes. [SoulFire XP - deadlycowpat95]

Garage Car Management; The inability to organize your car collection. [Breyzipp]

Unable to access full options menu during intro/tutorial phase. [JacksBurton]

Seating Position / FOV. [OnePoint21GWs]

No option to adjust tunes during pre-race lobby. [phoxxy10 - That Ninja 171]

The Ugly

Engine displacement is no longer a displayed statistic, despite the fact that increasing displacement is, in itself, an upgrade option. [OP - PathlessToe99]

Cannot select your opponents in Free Play and overall lack of options. [OP - II Hylander]

Cannot view the Starting Grid within the Free Play menu prior to starting the race. [OP]

No “Launch” statistic available on cars anymore. [OP]

When installing tunes, it doesn’t state what the drivetrain setup for that tune is (FWD/RWD/AWD) [OP]

No Drag Racing in Free Play. [OP - PathlessToe99]

Sounds - Long has Forza been in the near top of audio excellence when it comes to racing games, but most (if not all) the cars in this game are ridiculously quiet compared to their real-life counterparts. I can barely hear a straight-piped 60’s Mustang idle - and need I mention the GT350R? [OP - JacksBurton - OnePoint21GWs (Voted as “Bad”) - That Ninja 171 - St8sMn - Taiwannosaurus - PathlessToe99]

The inability to dictate whether or not your headlights are on or off. [OnePoint21GWs]

Looking forward to see what you gives have to say!

for mines its mostly good on the most part the AI is hit or miss as in the higher classes despite limit aggression mode an AI try to Pit off the starting line and they still follow the driving line word for word too much which has always been my main gripe with them.

My only major gripe however is car balance in the PI I understand it is difficult considering the car count and also for realisms sake but I have seen some KTMs starting to top some S class boards or elans/ GTA/ Minis dominating D class by fair margins on sme track compared to others again which bugged me though it seems to be better than 5 so far

The '65 Mini has been insanely OP ever since its introduction to the Forza series, especially in D. I doubt they’ll fix it at this point. It’s a shame, this vehicle pretty much single-handedly ruined D-class MP racing for me in FM5.

My main issue is the lower-case a problem importing designs from FM5 I’m not looking forward to saving sides of the car as a group and piecing it together.

The bad: garage car management! Turn 10 should take a look and copy what GT6 has. I so much miss favoriting cars or removing some less fun car to the junkyard. Also give us more filters like car purchase date or miles driven.

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I agree in regards to the favoriting part. I like collecting the cars and sometimes go out of my way to buy certain ones, but I liked having the favorites lists so I could keep a short list of cars I like to drive the most.

Well, I’m enjoying it.

Removed the BAD and UGLY because apparently I was looking in the wrong place the entire time. Now I’m really loving this game.

New BAD though.
The sound on some cars seems to be a bit muted or low. Seems like they should be louder than they are.

You can go back and play the other series. Go to career, and then choose Stories of Motorsport. Choose the Super Street Volume or which ever volume you would like to play, Choose a series within that volume, and then choose which sub series you want to race in.

Thank you Sir for that information. I did not realize this and frankly was making me kinda bummed out no seeing how I could. If that is how it is done, then the BAD and UGLY I posted can be removed and just got with the GOOD. :slight_smile: I will certainly try use this new found nugget of joy when I get home from work!

One of my very few gripes about the game is the amount of higher class cars that just sit with really awkward PI’s, like most of the GT cars being unable to get anywhere near R900 or the P cars being shy of 998 but being able to easily go in X999

yes!!! i cannot tune the aston to anywhere near r900 but others can. the racing 'vette was excellent in r class now even forza says the car isnt competitive.

bad is the lack of p class lobby. i bet you will have car packs that you want us to buy with p class cars in. for us not to be able to use bought cars in a public lobby i cant see the point in buying them…
the start is strange, when using full manual w clutch the starts are very difficult.

rest though is bloody brilliant.

For me

The Good:
Difficulty seems increased through both car mechanics and AI behavior. I typically could at least pull off 2nd in FM5 with AI set to unbeatable. Now I really have to push for a victory on The 2nd to hardest setting with a few second places here and there. My lap times are much different and I’ll definitely need to relearn to drive properly to get those times back.

The Bad:

  • Career mode quickly became a snore rest. It’s too restrictive and not enough freedom of choice.
  • I’m not sure if it’s a bug but whatever car you are driving is deathly quiet compared to other cars on the track. I did a comparison on the Veneno since it’s obnoxiously loud as an opponent and when you are behind the wheel it shuts up.
    -too much handholding in the tutorial in not enough areas. It should have taken you through the options menu before dumping you behind the wheel.

The Ugly

  • The new UI is atrocious. I thought FM5 was a step backwards but FM6 leaped head first off the Grand Canyon. Too much screen real estate is lost on empty menus. It reminds me of running an older PC game at 4k resolution where the menu simply wasn’t designed to scale above 1080p. It feels clunky and cumber some. I like how it was inspired by FH2s menu but it’s just poorly executed.

You can put puddles into the ugly category; they are quite a stupid addition. All of their focus was on puddles rather than a solidly challenging race track. Basically it’s static rather than dynamic which as I continue thinking about it, winds me up even more. It’s a waste of time.


Right now the only thing I’ve found is two glitches with the 2004 Audi S4:
No exhaust tips with the Caractre bumper and the tachometer sits at 0 rpm and doesn’t move when revving out.

Other than that this game is incredible.

The good:

-Rain and Night. I thoroughly enjoy both in this release. The rain may be static, but it’s an absolute blast!
-Graphics are just spectacular in almost every way.
-Track and Car selection gets an A+
-Absolutely love how much you can hear the other cars on-track.

The Bad:

-Need an ABC’S hopper, stat.
-Some audio issues… the known GT350R quietness issue, Hellcat supercharger whine is all kinds of weird, etc.
-Some cars have unusually low seating positions (Hellcat, California T)
-'08 Viper’s “Remove wing” option just adds the Forza wing. Lol

The Ugly:

-No way to turn lights on and off, that makes no sense to me, especially when you can in photo mode.
-Not nearly enough controller vibration

All in all, as it sits right now, I give it a 7/10. But I suspect that will get bumped up with a Patch and some more Hoppers. Keep it up, T10!

Great feedback!

I’ve updated the post with all of your inputs. Next to each input I’ve marked which users have mentioned the same thing. This way, we can track what we, the players, like the most about the game while also pointing out what most of us don’t like about the game. If I did not include one of your inputs, I either missed it or it wasn’t an aspect that concerned the core aspect of the game. Little bugs or glitches with specific cars, for example, is more reserved for the bugs thread.

So far, the main issue is the audio with two UGLY votes and one BAD vote. tsk, tsk Oh Turn 10, I never thought I’d see the day…

Still working on the good. But there is some good I’ll point out.


THE BAD: Puddles all across the track in a bad spot(Yep I’m talking that huge wet spot on Sebring on the 2nd short straight) I still have to back out of a race to put on parts for a car IE no tuning in a race lobby online or career. You can load a tune just not add to a tune.

THE UGLY: Spa online is one lap in E class right now. SPA. HELLO ITS SPY. You have a distance counter online but not in career? The my tunes page again is worthless if you dont know what cars you have tuned in the past. Really I need to be in that car to see if I have a tune for that car, Career is laid out to force you into racings all this stuff before you can get to what ever you want to race. FM4 was perfect I could go where I wanted when I wanted

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You can have it in career.

In the pause menu, go to where you can change your HUD around, and scroll down to distance ahead/behind indicator. It defaults to Multiplayer Only; switch it to “On” to be on for both career and multiplayer, “Off” if you want it off.

So far, a lot of my good’s have been said and I don’t really have any ugly’s, so I’ll say one bad: No audio adjusting sliders. Besides the sound problems a la GT350R, the cars (namely your car) are too quiet. If I could turn my engine sound all the way up, and have the opponent engines around 6/10 or 7/10, that’d be great.

The Map has been up…uhm, I mean the thread has been updated! Sorry, something else has been robbing my attention away from Forza lately :slight_smile:

THE GOOD: McLaren 650s. Much nicer to drive, handles really well stock.

THE BAD: Ferrari 458/Speciale. These cars are renowned for EXCELLENT turn in, but in FM6 they both understeer worse than a Lambo Hurican - this should not be the case. Can someone at T10 look into making stock tunes for these 2 famous Ferraris better? Also, mentioned in another thread the 458 Speciale’s handling is atrocious, especially in Nordeschleife track.

Other than that really enjoying the game, including the PUDDLES, despite some of the nay sayers regarding this new feature. Also, I think PUDDLES should be even more dynamic. After a train of cars go through them the amount of remaining puddle should diminish until they reform again on the next lap. I think this way it acts as an equalizer. Cars in the lead face the challenge of big puddles - hydroplaning, while cars in the mid pack face less of a challenge when puddle is much smaller in volume - they just simply go through them.

The good: Overall the game is great and feels like a huge improvement over 5. The rain and night are a blast and are a welcomed and addition. Great track/car list and MOST of the cars sound great

The bad: No tuning in the lobbies in between races? Really? The track selector in the online lobbies again is horrible like 5… I don’t want to race top gear short reverse… EVER! Or an oval track… Make a hopper for that. Very small amount of hoppers right now and we need more options like and S class hopper.

The ugly: The GT350R sounds nothing like its real life counter part and adding a race exhaust does nothing. It sounds horrible and is far too quiet. I can’t hear any supercharger “whine” from any car or any camera point. I installed a race supercharger and still nothing… Come on turn 10!

Please patch things turn10 instead of waiting until forza 7, besides that keep up the overall good work!