B Wald rejects the negativity

Great game, T10! I love it!

Definately feels more alive than FM5, which felt a bit sterile.

The physics are sublime.

The engine and tire sounds are delicious.

The drivatars know what they’re doing.

Racing in the rain is awesome.

Racing at night is intense (tried Nurburgring at night yet? I hope you know the track REAL well, there’s no streetlights ;D).

I even left the in-race music on (a first for me in FM), that hollywood-action-movie stuff works great for racin’ cars.

All in all, after my first day of playing, I’d say this is starting to feel like FM4. That’s a very, very good thing.

Kudos y’all. I’m headed back to the track!


I couldn’t agree more!

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I 100% agree with this. The cars also sound much better too. Phenomenal job, T10! :+1:t3:


I totally agree. Anyone who remembers the PCars release knows it’s not easy to nail consistency on a controller based racing system. Everything has been great so far - love the physics. Cars definitely seem more tail happy. Feels awesome. Great work, T10. Go Hawks!!!

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Couldn’t agree more. There are a few bugs that need ironing out but Forza 6 is more stable and playable pre release than Project Cars 4 months after release :slight_smile:

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I’m really enjoying, maybe I should sleep eyes are hard to focus on the track so I have to either close one eye or see double!!!

Superb work Turn 10, you nailed it !! The game looks great, operates like a top and the cars sound fantastic. I have loved every second of playing this today. Super happy with my purchase !!

Other than more cars and more tracks than fm5 had, what makes this game feel like fm4?

It feels like a finished game, not a tech demo. This is the game FM5 could have been, had T10 more time to work on it. And the # of cars and tracks WAS a major flaw in FM5, which DOES make 6 feel more like 4.

I love it.

Loving it, other than a few silly issues it’s fantastic.