Turn 10, you had one job

…and you nailed it.

It’s the only 1080p60 racer this gen, and despite being on the weaker console you’ve somehow managed to integrate weather effects and night racing with awesome dynamic shadows. The solid framerate contributes towards making FM6 the nicest “feeling” racing game this gen. Nothing else plays close or is as consistent in delivering a fun experience. A few little flaws here and there means nothing when they can easily be patched - the core game experience is what matters and nothing compares to it.

I thought I’d just post a little positive thread to appreciate the hard work T10 repeatedly pulls off, since it’s more often that people speak up when they don’t like something, as opposed to when they do.

What other new aspects of FM6 are you guys loving?


Night and rain racing are my favorites. I never thought I would be as good on a wet track as I am. Top 25 wet lap on Sebring full in 2 laps on the B-class LB.

The music is so, so much better in Forza 6 compared to 5. It’s dramatic, but in that cool Matrix-esque, semi-electric way, rather than cheesy opera styling that makes you feel like you’re listening to the menu music to Halo:CE on loop.

May actually buy it as an album if they release it like with Forza 3 through 5.

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That reminds me, there’s a certain loading screen song that is very catchy. Can’t remember what it goes like but I know I enjoyed it and I need to find it.

Also, apparently the soundtrack is on Spotify now, so have a look there.

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Everything, yesterday i played online with some friends, no lag, clear speech on the headset, i loved it. My wife had to pull me off the xbox since it was so late, le mans at night is so awesome and scary.


Turbo has hit the definitive thing , perhaps without realizing it.

I’ve been up TOO LATE every night since it released…

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your right :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Everything is better than in 5 lol, the menu music is alot better and the cars actually attempt to overtake which is nice. This game will give me many hours of fun for sure

Single player is world class.

Sadly will be first Forza game not purchased. Only rented to see if the multiplayer is still just plain garbage. Yep, it is. Turn 10 is not doing anything about promoting good behavior over bad.


Seriously how can they control the retard drivers
There is a way to report the crashers
And you can report to Microsoft too
Block the gamertag as well

The solution to this is to make friends, and then play with your friends instead of randoms in the lobbies.

I disagree, the multiplayer is great. You get wrecked, oh well. Can’t win them all anyways. I’m yet to put more than maybe 3 hours into the single player of any Forza and i’ve got hundreds of hours in to the Forza series. Playing in the leagues results in a much better experience.

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AS I look back on the last 10 years of Forza, this is how I remember it…

  • Forza Motorzport - I remember enjoying this game quite a bit but I thought Project Gotham was simply more “fun”. I think that Forza was still searching for its identity but off to a great start.

  • Forza Motorzport 2 - Being able to watch online Forza races via Forza TV, running A and B class Nurbrugring for hours on end in my own, public lobby open for people to join were my fondest memories. Training a “Drivatar” to represent me and my driving style was such a cool idea too. The physics were widely regarded for the first time as the best in the genre.

  • Forza Motorzport 3 - The lists of cars, the online racing, integration of drifting, and being able to edit layer groups made this one awesome. While I generally regard this game as the best FM unitl FM6, this was the one where custom, public lobbies were taken out to the dismay of many fans to this day. To counter the bad or abusive behavior online, there was a “kick” function added that was quickly abused by the offenders so that no-one could use it!

  • Forza Motorzport 4 - This one seemed to check all of the boxes that made Forza great but didn’t seem to excel in any one area. Integration of the cast of Top Gear was very special for me.

  • Forza Motorzport 5 - I don’t envy Turn10 on this one. IMHO, it was rushed to make the Xbox One release date and the game just didn’t feel finished.

  • Forza Motorzport - I can’t rave enough about FM6 as a fan of the series. Not only did they check all of the unique FM boxes, they truly took FM to the next level and that is really hard to do.



I agree with all of the above. FM4 is/was my favorite. FM 6 is likely to pass this very soon. But I had just purchased a nice, new Fanatec CSR Wheel, the car list was great, and the hours I spent on rivals, the world tour, the Porsche events… It was just so perfect. FM6 is shaping up to be even better though.

I’m loving everthing bout the game. its just the start!! 10 out of 10

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It’s a small thing, bit I love the tire walks. Not that you want to end up in them much, but having them move, or spill onto the track as opposed to being comparable to w brick wall is great.

I like the rain, I only wish the visibility could be more greatly hampered when behind another car, and that puddles would splash… But it is still a remarkable and welcome addition.

This! It also eliminates the need for sticky grass and prevents people from cutting corners.

Now if you get smashed, accidentally run off, spin, what have you your entire race is not ruined as you hobble 20 feet onto the track through sticky grass allowing a maximum speed of slower than a turtle carrying four elephants on its back. Cars run off the track in races, that’s life, and they need to get back on. The new system does a fantastic job balancing cheat prevention and fair gameplay. :slight_smile:

I absolutely love this game. I have to point out my huge gripe with Forza 5 was that the chase camera would zoom in/out and change angles slightly like Need For Speed. The fixed camera has returned to my delight I know the dynamic camera looks great for others watching the game but for me it messed up my lines and timing. Thank you Turn 10 for doing away with it you made me one very happy man!

I liked your comment, but i thought i would take a minute to write it. Thank you