Thank you Turn 10!

Just want to say I’m only an hour in and I can say with confidence this is by far the best racing game ever made. Love the menus ,the added rain and night, plus all the free cars to start. Wonderful job for sure. This is a great day, I am calling today the official Forza Holiday!!

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Drop a line about what you guys think.

Do you get more controller feedback than you did in the demo? That was my only real demo complaint - it was more difficult for me to ‘feel’ when to change gears. The sound of the engine was hard to hear too - but that was because there was so much noise from the 23 other cars around me! I have to imagine it must be like that in a real race car. That’s why the rumble feedback would be so helpful.

I’m at work so I can’t try the full game until tonight…

Just want to say a massive thank you!

And also huge thank you for the Terradyne Gurkha. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when it was announced, but it’s amazing. Though unrealistic (I mean, 16,500lbs and does 150mph? Come on…), it’s amazing fun! With the race turbos, you don’t hit the full 90psi of boost until 3rd gear, lol.

As for the Raptor: 10 speeds! Totally over the top but amazing at the same time. The V6 sounds good too.

The Ferrari California T is simply stunning, and the BAC Mono is practically perfect as a track toy.

So, yeah. There’s probably going to be a number of threads like this one, and if this is locked then so be it. I wanted to vent my excitement, lol.

Looking good game play is great!

Today i play FM6 and i’m really so happy,thanks so much for all work your staff do for player i really like this game so much,i also like FM5 and FH2 but FM6 start really awesome too,tracks is beautiful and nice. I Love also the editor it is perfect

This is Some my FM6 screenshot low quality streaming:

I like so much also FM6 Damage simulation setting
Today i still play then this happen to me

Video is Low Quality because is make whit Streaming but you can see all damage same…

The car is at First Place 1\24 ,but lose stability and hurts the wall at 184kmh ,first front then back, results is = “Car complete broken”
and from position n 1\24 go to last 24\24 because the car get 12 Damage: Engine,Trasmission Gears,steering wheel etc.
and i can’t do nothing cant continue run,cant turn,cant change trasmission etc.
So this mean Forza Motorsport 6 hav good Damage Simulation for the gameplay and this is good i like it.
I dont mind if sometime visual damage is bigger and sometime in some car not… important for me is damage is gameplay not visual and today i see forza motorsport 6 hav really good damage i love it.

Gameplay is strong and fun,simulation good,damage too,Graphics is awesome too,editor i love it … (i not hav time to try rain coz no time… more other gameplay before it…) really is an amazing racing game,my best game i love forza.

This truly is what we have all been racing towards, what an incredible game, and in my opionion one of the best racing games ever made!

The physics are some of the best in the series, i personally own a Toyota GT86 and it handles exactly as it does in real life, plenty of understeer and not too much power, and the level of detail is astounding, to the point where you can clearly see the TIG welds on some manifolds.

As for the rain and night system, it adds a whole new dimension to driving on Forza, id say you nailed that too, however the rain “splash” noise sounds a bit crap, and lets be honest, most tracks would close with such amount of water but its still fun none the less. As for night racing, only one word can describe that, intense!

Im happy i decided to pay £82 for the ultimate edition, money very well spent!

Forza is the reason i bought an Xbox all those years ago, thank you Turn 10 for this amazing creation, and an even bigger thank you for your rewarded loyalty!


Was not too happy with f5,but f6 washes the unhappy away from f5,driving feels more real,tracks are all beautiful and lots of them compared to f5,.i pray great racing cars are in the dlc,itl take the game over the top,T10 i thank you guys so far,great job,please dont fill the dlc with super old cars and bad street cars with no GTs,if you do over load with bad cars give us a GT pack or 5 or more GTs throughout the dlc,popular cars should always be in dlc,already plenty of street cars,if you put 1 GT 1 street and 1 formula car,then fillers in i would be happy with that per dlc,thanks again,best racing game ive ever played so far,worth every penny of the 100 bucks

Driving feels pretty good and there is a lot to like. I did not like FM5 very much, but I am enjoying this one. I do have a few gripes though:

  1. Why isn’t there a points scoring system? You race a number of races in a series. Surely you should be awarded points for placing. I like that you only have to place in the top 3, which makes the game a lot more enjoyable, but the lack of championship removes the “motorsport” aspect for me.

  2. Maybe I am blind, but I see no way to be able to tell the car restrictions, without actually going into the series and checking what the rivals are driving. This was available in previous versions, so I have no idea why it was taken out. Edit: I had to refresh my memory and it wasn’t so obvious in FM5 either :frowning:

  3. On a similar topic to point 2, if you do not have the car for a series, you can buy it after selecting a series. But I cannot find a way to do my own upgrades by following this route. The game forces you to do a quick upgrade with a message that the car is not competitive. I could be doing something wrong, but it seems to me that the only way to do your own upgrades, is to first go into a series, check what the class the competitors are in, quit the series, buy the car, tune the car and go back to the series. That seems very clunky to me.

  4. Why is the tire damage not shown on the hud? One has to go into the telemetry to see it. This info was in the hud in FM4, or FM3.

  5. The races are too short and there is no qualifying. Please can we have qualifying. Make it optional, if you want to make the game more accessible. However, there is no race driver in the world that can start in position 12 and finish a 3, or 4, lap race in the top 3 every time in the real world. This one kind of breaks the game for me, because it means that lap 1 is a very unrealistic rush through the field.

I had a great time yesterday. Took the day off, started playing at 9 a.m., played all day while listening to most of the Twitch broadcast. I love the game so far. Thanks for all your hard work.

I stayed up way past my bedtime and this morning I have a " forza hangover " and I feel like crap. Thanks for the good game guys, it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Yes, thank you T10 for a trouble free launch. Other than reinstalling it when I got home from work, which didn’t take that long. I played while DL finished, great game. I bought way before going gold so I figured something would need an update. Again many thanks for a great launch day.

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I took the day off work too… (It’s a sickness really!)

The game did not let me down!

I am back at work today, but cant wait to get home to play more!

I like the combination of features in the game… It all makes the Motorsport side more entertaining too!


It’s amazing how they went from the worst forza ever to the best forza ever. This game is truly incredible and firmly pushes FM4 to the side.

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I could not be happier with forza 6 being the first time iv ever felt the need too pre order a game and grab all the bonus content i was a little worried.
But i can safely say its was worth every penny! The guys at turn 10 have outdone themselves and made by far the best game i have ever played! Thanks guys.
My only wish is for some dlc with a nissan skyline r31 at somepoint! The old weekend drifter.

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I have to agree… so far.

I’ve only had about 1 hour of free time to play so haven’t even finished the qualifying races. But I loaded it up and my VIP access was there, I got my 15mil in reward money and tons of free cars from the ultimate ed and reward cars. I knew I was getting all that, but still the number of cars I had to claim was still shocking. And some great cars in there!

So far everything is working as expected. (haven’t tried to import any tunes yet).

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Besides a few oddities so far, the games is awesome.

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Hehe…This is a great game. I too am glad I went ahead and bought the ultimate for the early release. I was up late playing the second volume of career. The night racing where you are only using the headlights is intense especially with the racing line turned off and the drivetar difficulty turned up. Even though I wrecked quite a bit trying to catch the car in front of me and over shot the corners only for the wall to help me get stopped - good times :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to how Turn 10 adds new cars and things in the coming months. As a Forza fan since the first one; I believe this is definitely the best one yet. This is the most fun I have had in a video game in a long time. Looking forward to playing again this weekend.

There seems to be quite a fair bit of negativity floating around these forums, i guess there is just no pleasing some people! As far as racing games go, this is the best racing game released for a long time, considering the mess Project Cars was and Forza 5 being short on content, Forza 6 is the racing game we have wanted for a long time!

Most DEF WORTH THE 100. Played all last night until about midnight and then I remembered I had a bunch of gifted cars in the car menu. Got like 20 I have to go through when I get home. Im stuck at work until 5 AHHH!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE

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