The positive comments thread

Morning folks.

There seems to be a lot of negativity floating around at the moment, so I thought I’d bring a little balance with a place to share our positive feelings towards the game. If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all, as my mother would say. I’ll kick things off.

The Road Atlanta endurance race was one of the most enjoyable hours of racing gameplay I’ve ever had. The GT3 Bentley sounded good and felt sublime, and cutting through traffic while trying to catch the leader after a spin was huge fun.

The car models look fantastic, and I love the little details that I keep noticing. The visible weave of the Veneno being one that springs to mind.

Racing in the wet with a bunch of mates in randomly cobbled together cars is hilarious.

Spa, at night :slight_smile:

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I’ve put plenty of hours into Forza since FM3, both Horizons included. Have always loved them, maybe FM5 not so much.

I made a purchase a few months ago which I thought would destroy my interest in Forza, that’s right… Project Cars. A game I am in love with.

I decided to get FM6 a week after release and it has truly blown me away. I love it. So in my opinion… The good…
Night racing
Stable online
60fps at 1080p

In fact, the only two things that have bugged me are the ridiculous puddles in wet racing and those bloody runaway drivatars. Aside from these two things, I believe Turn 10 have delivered an absolutely amazing game.

I still run Project Cars and still love it and hey, why not? Why can’t we enjoy both? I do for sure.

If a coming patch sorts out the drivatar issue, this game is a serious 9.5/10 for me!

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feel free to share your thoughts in the already numerous feedback threads, please dont start new threads.