Some positivity

I’m new to the forum, and for a reason, I don’t like the moaning and arguments that come with these places. The internet is an amazing place, but it’s a depressing place aswell.
I would like to use this post for the good experiences people have on forza, I think it’s a great game. The jumps gaming has made since I started playing racing games on playstation, the first being formula 1 98, ridge racer and gran turismo 1, have been amazing. The oppurtunity to play with people across different continents, with different abilities, driving styles and perspectives.
Granted, the game isn’t the perfect car game for me, but it definitely has enough for me to enjoy it and get what I want from it. The vast majority of cars have genuine personalities, either from cars I have real life experience with, (not a great percentage of what’s available) to cars that I would love to experience. The game brings them to life. And it brings racing to life. Not to the standard I would love, but again, there is enough there to enjoy it.

I had a great race on Sunday night in the mx5 sim league at Lime Rock, I started 4th or 5th on the grid, managed to negotiate the first 2 turns without any trouble and I opened up a small lead over the field. There was a bit of smoke and commotion in my mirrors after turn 3 but one car seemed to get free. It was my first race in the car and I hadn’t any practice in it. Coming down the start finish for the first time I still had a good advantage, I eased the car into the first bend and the back went light, I managed to catch it but it through my confidence for the next left hand corner, I normally ease the brakes on the first apex, give a light touch of throttle then coast round the second. I got the car sttraightened up and fired through the 3rd bend and found a good balance for the remaining fast corners. A check in my mirrors and I could see 2nd place had made up time. 3rd lap and the first 2 corners were the same again, I could not balance the car coming through the tightening corners, 2nd place was right on me. I held my line and finished the lap well opening up a small advantage, but I was under pressure for the now dreaded first 2 corners. I took a normal line into the first, still unbalanced and slow though. For the second I held a tight line and just tried to cover the apex on the left, knowing that I had good pace around the faster part of the lap I wanted to get the best exit off turn 3 to open up the gap again. This continued for another 4 laps, the guy in 2nd was clearly faster over the lap, but unless I made a massive mistake it would have taken a brave or clever move to pass me. At the end of lap 7 he pushed too hard into the last corner running wide onto the grass giving me some breathing space. Lap 8, 2 laps to go, I was getting excited, I had some breathing space, but on turn 3 I was too eager on the throttle, trying to keep the advantage, I had to lift off and I lost momentum. He was back in my mirror. In an effort to keep him at bay i launched the car down the straight for turn 4, I tried to take it a tad quicker than before, and I had turned in a bit too early. I took too much kerb and lost more momentum. On the short run to the final turn the guy in 2nd place was able to get along side me, I tried to leave my brake a little later than him but I ran too wide and he took the advantage. I finished the last lap with my quickest time trying to catch back up but it was no good. Even though I Lost first place (a rarity for me), I had a super race on one of my favourite tracks.
Forza made me feel like a race car driver, something I could only dream of doing as a full time job. This thread is not for complaining on, share some good stories.


I love races like that. I love when you race with someone who “gets it”…who understands that if you are side by side going into a corner and they are on the inside, they have to slow down a bit more and turn tighter to share the track. Or, conversely, if they are on the outside, they understand to not turn as sharp as possible and give room for both cars. Or, they get on the brakes early anticipating that the guy inside will run wide, and they can then dive inside and scoot out of the corner first. When you get 2 or more racers in close proximity that know how to handle their cars and also know how to show respect for the other racers, that’s when the fun starts. That’s what it’s all about. :slight_smile:


Glad to see you like the game. You’re completely right. A good race against someone close to your skill level playing a tight game without bad tactics is a great experience. I know some on here like to bellyache about the most minor things (the particular engine sound of a car, small drawing errors on certain car models, a ridiculously nitpicking thread on the width of a Ferrari’s wheelbase, etc.). As long as you’re having fun with the game, that’s the most important part. It is only a small minority playing the game (thousands of players) who make it on the forums to complain about minor issues.


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Ha, the part in the first post, it looks like I’m saying its a rarity that I lose first place, I meant it’s a rarity that I’m in first place. It’s a super racing game when you put some effort into racing. My best move to date date was at line rock again, I was in a c class lobby, I was making good ground up on a guy in a e30 m3, I’m in a mk3 golf. Coming up to the complex corner with the right handed into the right/ left chicane, I got a good run on him, I made a move for the inside, he moved to the middle of the track to make the corner as tough as possible, but left enough room to race. I backed out early enough to give myself a good run out of the corner again and wait for another oppurtunity. I got the oppurtunity the next time round, I got a good drive again on the way to the same complex, I made a faint to the right and he covered it again, I moved quickly to the outside, and got up alongside, he was still favourite for the corner, but I left my braking late, I was hard on the brakes first, I eased off into the first part of the turn to get ahead. I kept a steady pressure on the brakes to steady the car for the chicane, I just made the apex, and was able to power off the left hander with my new improved position and a smile on my face.


Nice post. I’m only now gravitating towards the NG leagues and learning how not to linger on corners to avoid the kamakaze said who talke full throttle a new use you as brakes as you turn. It’s all about learning to scamper out to f trouble fast!!!

Glad to see a fellow Ridge Racer! RR gave many fun hours of hot lapping to get that kick after a power slide. FF6 has given me equally as many hours chasing that perfect lap achieving times I would never have thought possible initially.
Also some great nose to tail races with quick clean opponents has been a highlight.

I had a generally positive experience in P class last night. Finally promoted myself after building my confidence with the Audi. One stand out moment was at Catalunya hairpin, someone dived down the inside and made a clean pass but flew out a bit wide and left the inside open for me to cut back in. It was such a smooth move from both of us and left a grin on my face. Just wish I’d saved the replay haha