Forza Horizon 6 Wishlist

READ FIRST Rules for posting: Split your wishes into two categories. High Priority and Low Priority. Limit to 5 wishes per category.

While it’s not necessary, try to add a link each list item that allows people to go to the SHUB post (If there is one) to vote, especially for high priority wishes. Please keep the description of the wish brief and leave the details for the SHUB post. Don’t forget to vote for other people’s wishes that you like!

High Priority = Your absolute “must have” wishes.

Low Priority = Wishes that you would like, but not if it comes at the cost of pulling resources away from a high priority wish.

Now on to my Wishlist

High Priority

Low Priority

  • AI improvements. I put this in low priority because I get the feeling AI is a lot harder to program than people think.
  • All convertibles can convert. I don’t mind if it’s a fade out/fade in situation like the 918. I don’t need the animation.
  • Return of a car meet mode, that can function as both a vehicle showcase and a “looking for group”.
  • Private freeroam instances with adjustable elements (traffic, PR stunts, events, etc)
  • Make walls less helpful and more dangerous to players. For example: Remove every other section of wall in 5 would work. Would still catch most people who overcooked a corner, but would make it impossible to wallride.

My ideas are more about “competive” aspect of the game.

Hight priority:

  • New Forza aero! (Or just make it invisible)
  • Bigger focus on road racing (more and better tracks in multiplayer)
  • Custom Adventure on lunch.
  • Hard rpm cap on engine redline = no redline abuse (better engine balance)
  • Fix powerbulid pi abuse.
  • Nerf off-road tyres

Low priority

  • Forza Motosport transmission balance (race transmission meta)
  • Ability to sort wheels by weight (easier tunning)
  • Make AWD cars slower overall (like in motorsport)
  • Fix Sport and rally tyre compounds (sport tyre have too low grip for it’s pi cost, while rally tyre grip on asphalt is too big)
  • Lower pi cost for brakes upgrade (like in motorsport)

My main shortcomings with Horizon 5 revolve around race variety and the player immersion in the map. Currently, most races feel to similar, i.e. the only difference being road surface type. My suggestions will involve adding variety to the racing and making the map feel believable.

High Priority:

  • Flesh out Drag Racing - 1v1 bracket, optimal RPM shifts, etc
  • Create actual Drift Races / Drift Battles / Touge in addition to the freeroam events
  • How to Tune Story - Teach the player how to tune a car
  • Believable road layout in the map - Many roads in FH5 don’t feel natural or built with a “in world” purpose.
  • Higher traction impact of incorrect tire compound on the incorrect surface.

Low Priority


High priority:

:arrow_right:File manager should feature designs and tunes tethered to the specific model. No more rummaging through endless designs/tunes in the gallery.

:arrow_right:Easy access for share codes.

:arrow_right:Countdown showing you how many design/tune slots you have left

:arrow_right:A city with (mainly) wide roads and docks with background ships as the freeroam environment.

:arrow_right:No unpaintable areas of the car please. I want to be able to do my own vinyl licence plates (front & back) and provide space for window stickers

:arrow_right:The ability to arrange for a monowiper on some cars with dual wipers (helps with the touring car/racing aesthetic)

:arrow_right: Have several versions of Forza aero that bare some visual compatibility to the cars they are attached to. No more ‘one ugly size fits all’ nonsense please.

:arrow_right:Change the colour of the lights.

:arrow_right:The ability to upgrade and recolour each rim individually.

:arrow_right:Ranked racing.

:arrow_right:I don’t mind having mixed drifting in the game per say but there needs to be 2wd only drift lobbies

:arrow_right:The need for an Eliminator landscape hurts the development of the freeroam map so there should be a separate map for the Eliminator, separate environment for freeroam.

:arrow_right:Whenever Horizon Life is sunny, Horizon Solo is nighttime or vice versa. For anyone that doesn’t like the night, they have the opportunity to escape it.

:arrow_right:The ability to put a small label onto the cars in my garage so I don’t accidently put a drift car into a road race and other similar mishaps

Low priority

:arrow_right:This a microsoft property – there should be plenty of room for lots and lots of stock fonts.

:arrow_right:You get an optional helmet that you can livery up yourself.

:arrow_right:The ability to directly select the cars you want to compete with plus liveries for the AI in single player races (private multiplayer lobbies might have this facility as well)

:arrow_right: Preset default cars in your garage for each mode. So if you get flustered, the timer runs out and you don’t select the car you want, you have a fairly competitive car the game can default to and you’re reasonably comfortable with. This will cut down on people prematurely quitting the game for these reasons.

:arrow_right:An ornate fishing village somewhere on the freeroam map.

:arrow_right:The ability to attach a trailer, caravan, horse/cattle box onto some vehicles.


Adding a Forza App so we can log into our garage and be able to add/search/delete tunes and livery’s. Maybe even be able to create tunes and paint designs.

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High priority:
-Be able to invite to individual races without being in a convoy. Like in forza horizon 4.

-More drag racing tracks

-An airport where you can fly with your car to various well-known circuits such as the Nürburgring. (Maybe gets too big and needs to come as an expansion)

-A new car class: Kei trucks! Most importantly (but not limited to) Honda Acty (second generation)

-More “bad” cars. More fun with a b/c/d class that you upgrade to an S1 or S2 than a hyper car that you can upgrade from S2 to X

Low priority:
-More different car brands instead of, for example, 511 different variants of Chevrolet cars which are basically the same car over and over again

-More fields to choose color in when repainting the car, for example each door or something and no areas that cannot be painted


High priority:

  1. First we need location, somewhere that symbolizes automotive history and love for all things automotive. Now I know that many players want Japan but I want something a bit different. I want Playground games to take us to Detroit Michigan but Detroit at its peak in 1950. Still with modern vehicles in the game but Detoit of the 1950’s as a canvas to race upon. I personally feel this would be a great twist for the series.

  2. I want to see visual customization more akin to Gran Turismo. More variety. Customizable wings with multiple risers, main plates, and end plates to choose from. Adjustable width and height for custom wings. Also once any aero is applied it should open adjastable aero.

  3. A realism mode in which the vehicle has the assists it would have in real life.

Minor things:

  1. Ability to save custom paint colours

  2. Tyre marks that match the tyres on the vehicle. It agitates me that all vehicles wether it has drag slicks or mudders shows a street profile tyre mark on the road when you leave rubber down.

  3. Ability to choose assists on a per car basis, also more adjustability to the level of assistance.


High Priority

  • More involved singleplayer campaign akin to FH1 and FM2 with mandatory events and championships with their own restrictions. You start with low tier cars then work your way up to supercars and extreme track toys
  • A map featuring a built up city area akin to FH3’s Surfer’s Paradise or FH4’s Edinburgh, along with an area with togue roads, a construction site and mine similar to FH3
  • New Forza aero options and the ability to create custom wing struts, width, height and endplates
  • Better PC optimization, faster race loading speeds, faster menus and less (fps) lag
  • Return of FH3’s club system which was integrated into the game and was more useful

Low Priority


:gem:More QoL features & improvements in updates
Tire wear multiplier
More data for telemetry
:gem:Eventlab 3.0 must be similar to game engines with super advanced tools
:gem:Downloadable eventlab maps
:gem:More budget for eventlab
Custom weather & time of day (accessible at the pause menu)
:gem:Weather slots for custom weather changes
Bigger & longer story mode
Customizable outposts (location, architecture, etc)

:gem:: high priority

Higher priority

  • as was stated earlier, flesh out drag racing. With the popularity of the new Pro Stock Camaro it seems clear the “nobody wants drag racing” arguments aren’t legit.

  • add city/towns/villages that include crusie-in spots where day or night the lighting is good, there’s good back ground and places to park for a full party. Not a tucked away, dark corner like the tiny festival nook in FH5.

  • “Drag Zones” just like speed zones or drift zones. Have in above city/town/villages. Sectiins of straights, either a traffic light or stop sign. Either an NPC guy to beat at each spot or an option for anyone close in freeroam. Then a countdown or a traffic light start to a distance an 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 mile or even a highway run one.

  • have an open world, drive to race, drift and drag (WITH WORKING TREE!) track location. Not how the festival site is set up in 5. Places for each flavor of driving to drive to and hang out and race, show off their cars…

  • ability to slam or lift ANY vehicle, multiple wheel and tire packages like different rims front to back. Skinnies for the front tires and 345s available for all cars (no more muscle cars or trucks with 215s being the biggest tire!)

  • CAR PEOPLE, NOT GAME PEOPLE, CAR PEOPLE HELP DEVELOP THE GAME!! PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY GO TO LOCAL RACES, DRAG EVENTS, TEST AND TUNE EVENTS. FOLKS THAT REALLY GET THE LITTLE THINGS CAR PEOPLE WOULD REALLY LIKE. Yeah, that was all caps but that point is big for me. Real car people would look to add new forza aero, hoods and body mods (and more) than outfits!! Or.see that the horizon franchise is made for being able to play like its a true open world. DRIVE to a drag or drift track. Drive to a race track. Make it feel alive!!