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1955 chevy apache 3100

2002 Camaro

2022 Silverado zr2

2022 silverado 2500

2007 cobalt ss

2022 Ram 2500

2005 neon srt 4

2022 ford f150 tremor


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chevrolet 4100 towtruck from 1956 would be cool as very few games actually contain the thing that often hauls the cars around

Below is a list of car topics added in December. I’ve deleted completed submissions in this thread to clean it up and will continue adding remaining model requests.

I’ll also be updating the index thread. As an alternative to those hyperlinks you can also filter topics by typing in a manufacturer name, or Race-car, in the “all tags” box in the upper left of the Car Voting category. This should make it easier to find all models from the same make.

Note that F1, NASCAR, and Australian Supercars are listed by constructor team:

AAR Eagle 997 1999
AAR Eagle T1G 1966-1969
Acura TLX-GT 2014-2017
Aiways U6 2021-current
Alfa Romeo / Sauber F1 models 2014-2021
Alfa Romeo F1 models 2022-current
Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato 2022
AlphaTauri F1 models 2022-current
Alpina B6 GT3 2009-2012
Alpine A110 (race spec) 2017-current
Alpine F1 models 2022-current
Apollo Project EVO 2021-current
ARES Design S1 Project Coupe 2021-current
Ascari A410 / KZR-1 2000-2003
Ascari FGT 1995-1997
ASL Garaiya (race spec) 2003-2012
Aston Martin F1 models 2022-current
ATS RR Turbo 2019-current
Audi Sport Quattro RS 002 (Group S prototype) 1986
Aurelio Alpha 2021-current
Austin 7 1923-1939
Bentley Mulliner Batur 2023-2023
Bertone GB110 2023-current
Bitter GT1 1998
BMW GTP 1986
BMW M4 (GT racing spec) 2017-current
Brabham BT24 1967
Brabham BT45 1976-1978
Brabham BT46 1978-1979
Brabham BT52 1983
Brabham BT7 1963-1967
BRM P154 1970
BRM P261 1964-1967
BRM P351 1992
BRM P83 1966
Bugatti Type 32 “Tank” 1923
Buick NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
BYD Seal 2022-current
BYD Yuan Plus 2021-current
Changan UNI-V 2022-current
Chaparral 2D 1966
Chaparral 2F 1967
Chaparral 2K 1979-1981
Chery Omoda 5 2022-current
Chery Tiggo 7 2020-current
Chery Tiggo 8 2018-current
Chevrolet Aveo 2023-current
Chevrolet Aveo5 & Pontiac G3 2007-2011
Chevrolet Gen3 Supercars 2023-current
Chevrolet NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
Chevrolet NASCAR 1992-2007 (Gen4)
Chevrolet NASCAR 2007-2012 (Gen5 Car of Tomorrow)
Chevrolet NASCAR 2013-2021 (Gen6)
Chevrolet NASCAR 2022-current Gen7 Next Gen
Chrysler NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
Chrysler Valiant 1967-1971 (VE / VF / VG)
Chrysler Valiant Drifter 1976-1978 (CL)
Citroen Berlingo & Peugeot Partner 1997-2013
Citroen C4 2020-current
Citroen C5 X 2021-current
Citroen C-Elysee 2012-current
Cooper T66 1963
Cooper T81 1966-1967
CUPRA e-Racer 2021-current
CUPRA UrbanRebel concept
Dacia Duster ‘No Limits’ Pikes Peak 2011
Daewoo Nexia / Cielo 1994-2008
Daewoo Nexia / Pontiac LeMans 1986-1987
DAF TurboTwin 1986-1988
Dallara SP1 / Chrysler LMP 2001-2005
Darrian T9 / T90 / T90 GTR 1985-current
De Tomaso P900 2023-current
Dodge Daytona IMSA GTU race car
Dodge Hornet 2023-current
Dodge NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
Dodge NASCAR 1992-2007 (Gen4)
Dodge NASCAR 2007-2012 (Gen5 Car of Tomorrow)
Dodge Spirit 1989-1995
Dome S101 2001-2003
Dome S102 2008-2012
ElectraMeccanica Solo 2020-current
ELEGEND EL1 2021-current
Estrema Fulminea 2021-current
Ferrari 412 T2 1995
Ferrari 637 1986
Ferrari 641 1990
Ferrari 712P 1970-1974
Ferrari F1 Models 2014-2021
Ferrari F1 models 2022-current
Ferrari F158 1964
Fisker Emotion 2020 2020-current
Force India / Racing Point / Aston Martin F1 models 2014-2021
Ford 1949-1951
Ford Fairlane 1979-1988 (Australian 3rd generation)
Ford Fairlane 1988-1999 (Australian 4th generation)
Ford Fairlane 1999-2007 (Australian 5th generation)
Ford Gen 2 Supercars 2018-2022
Ford Gen3 Supercars 2023-current
Ford Mustang (race spec) 2023-current
Ford NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
Ford NASCAR 1992-2007 (Gen4)
Ford NASCAR 2007-2012 (Gen5 Car of Tomorrow)
Ford NASCAR 2013-2021 (Gen6)
Ford NASCAR 2022-current Gen7 Next Gen
Ford New Generation V8 Supercars 2013-2018
Ford Puma (race spec) 2019-current
Ford Transit Connect / Volkswagen Caddy 2020-current
Ford Transit Connect 2014-2023
Galmer G92 1992
GAZ-13 Chaika 1959-1981
General Motors Le Sabre concept 1951
Gillet Vertigo (race spec) 2002-2008
Haas F1 models 2014-2021
Haas F1 models 2022-current
Harrier LR9 and GT1-98
Helem V6 1998
Hillman Minx 1961-1967
Hispano-Suiza Carmen 2019-current
Holden Gen 2 Supercars 2018-2022
Holden New Generation V8 Supercars 2013-2018
Honda CRZ (race spec) 2013-2015
Honda Prelude 1978-1982
Honda Prelude 1982-1987
Honda S800 1966-1970
Hongqi H9 2020-current
Hoonigan IndyTruck 2022
Hot Wheels Rip Rod 2012-2012
Hyundai i20 N (race spec) 2022-current
Hyundai Ioniq 6 2023-current
Intrepid RM-1 1991-1993
Isuzu I-Mark 1985-1990
Jaguar F-Type (GT racing Spec) 2018-current
Jaguar XJR-14 1991
KamAZ Dakar Truck
Kia Picanto 2017-current
Kia Ray 2011-current
Kimera Evo 37 2021-current
Kurtis Kraft Cummins Diesel Special Indy Race Car 1952
Lamborghini Murcielago (racing spec)
Lancia ECV 1986-1988
Lancia LC2 1983-1986
Ligier JS1 1969-1970
Ligier JS2 R 2018-current
Ligier JS3 1971
Ligier JS4 1980-1987
Lister Storm (race spec) 1995-2006
Lola T150 / T152 / T153 1968-1970
Lola T280 / T282 / T284 / T286 1972-1976
Lola T332 1973-1976
Lola T616 1983
Lola T800 1983-1984
Lola T90 1966
Lola T90/00 1990
Lola T92/00 1992
Lola T93/00 1993
Lotus 25 1962-1965
Lotus 30 / Lotus 40 1964-1965
Lotus 38 1965-1967
Lotus 49 1967-1970
Lotus 56 1968-1971
Lotus 77 1976
Lotus 96T
Lotus 97T 1985
Lotus Emira (race spec) 2022-current
Lotus Evora (race spec)
Lotus Radford Type 62-2
Lotus-Renault-Alpine F1 models 2014-2021
Magnum Mk5 2017-current
MARC Focus GTC 2014
MARC II V8 2018
March 2-4-0 1977
March 707 1970
March 761 1976
March 86C 1986
March 89C / 89P 1989
Marcos LM600 1995-1997
Matra-Simca MS650 1969
Maxus Mifa 9 2022-current
Mazda 3 (race spec) 2015-current
Mazda 6 (race spec) 2009-current
Mazda RX-500 concept 1970
McLaren Artura (race spec) 2020-current
McLaren F1 models 2014-2021
McLaren F1 models 2022-current
McLaren M16 1971-1976
McLaren M6A M6B 1967-1968
McLaren M6GT
Mega Monte Carlo 1996-1999
Mercedes C291 1991
Mercedes F1 models 2014-2021
Mercedes F1 models 2022-current
Mercedes New Generation V8 Supercars 2013-2018
MG 5 XPower (race spec)
MG MGA 1955-1962
MG-Lola EX257 2001
Miller 91 / 122 / 183 1924-1930
Mirage GR8 1975
Mirage M12 1982
Mirage M2 1968
Mitsubishi Delcia Star Wagon 1986-1999
Morgan Aero GT3 2009-current
NIO EC6 2020-current
NIO ES6 2019-current
NIO ES7 / EL7 2022-current
NIO ES8 2018-current
NIO ET5 2022-current
NIO ET7 2022-current
Nissan / Datsun Bluebird 910 & Maxima 810 1979-1984
Nissan Cedric 1971-1975 (230)
Nissan Gen 2 Supercars 2018-2022
Nissan Gloria 1971-1975 (230)
Nissan New Generation V8 Supercars 2013-2018
Nissan R391 1999
Nissan Titan 2003-2015
Oldsmobile Alero 1999-2004
Oldsmobile NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
OSCA MT4 1500 1955-1955
Panoz DP01 2006-2008
Parnelli VPJ1 1972
Parnelli VPJ4 1974-1976
Penske PC-10 1982
Penske PC-17 1988
Penske PC-23 1994-1995
Penske PC4 1976
Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak 2013
Peugeot 301 2012-current
Peugeot 407 2004-2011
Peugeot 408 2022-current
Plymouth Reliant & Dodge Aries 1981-1989
Pontiac Astre 1973-1977
Pontiac NASCAR 1981-1991 (Gen3)
Pontiac NASCAR 1992-2007 (Gen4)
Pontiac Sunfire 1995-2005
Porsche 804 1962
Porsche 906 Carrera 6 1966
Porsche WSC-95 / LMP1-98
Quaife R4 GTS 1998-2001
Ram 2500 2019-current
Red Bull Racing F1 models 2014-2021
Red Bull Racing F1 models 2022-current
Renault Alpine A442 1976-1978
Renault Arkana 2019-present
Renault Kangoo 1997-2009
Renault Megane Trophy 2009
Renault R5 Turbo 3E 2022
Renault RS10 1979
Renault Torino 1966-1981
Reynard 2KI 2000
Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype 2008-2011
Riley MkXXX 2017
Rolls-Royce Boat Tail 2021-2022
Saker RapX 2010-
Saleen S5S Raptor 2008-2010
Saleen S620 Camaro 2012-current
SEAT Cupra GT 2003-2007
SEAT Ibiza Kit Car 1996-1999
Shadow DN2 / Mk III 1972-1973
Shadow DN5 1975-1976
Shadow DN6 1975-1976
Silk-FAW S9 2020-current
SIN R1 (GT racing spec)
Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 2022-current
Spania GTA Spano 2010-current
Spark Racing Tech Odyssey 21 2019-current
SsaangYong Musso 2018-current
SsangYong Korando 2019-current
SsangYong Rexton 2017-current
Subaru BRZ (GT racing spec) 2012-current
Sunbeam Tiger 1964-1967
Superlite SL-C
Suzuki Wagon R 1993-1998
Suzuki Wagon R Smile 2021-current
Togg C-SUV 2023-ccurent
Toro Rosso / AlphaTauri F1 models 2014-2021
Toyota 222D rally car 1985
Toyota 89C-V 1989
Toyota bZ3 2023-current
Toyota GR Yaris (race spec) 2022-current
Toyota Hilux Dakar 2022-current
Toyota NASCAR 1992-2007 (Gen4)
Toyota NASCAR 2007-2012 (Gen5 Car of Tomorrow)
Toyota NASCAR 2013-2021 (Gen6)
Toyota NASCAR 2022-current Gen7 Next Gen
Toyota Prius (race spec) 2013-current
Toyota Prius C / Toyota Aqua 2012-2020
Toyota Raize 2020-current
Toyota Supra (race spec) 2020-current
Toyota TS010 1991-1993
Travis Pastrana Subaru GL Wagon Family Huckster 1983/2022
Travis Pastrana Subaru WRX Airslayer 2020-2021
Tyrrell P34 1976
Vandal One 2018-current
Volkswagen ID.5 2022-current
Volkswagen Noval Mk1 1983-1993
Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 2018-current
Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2013-2016
Volkswagen Touareg Dakar Rally 2003-current
Volvo Iron Knight 2016
Volvo New Generation V8 Supercars 2013-2018
Volvo S40 (race spec) 1995-2004
Volvo S60 (race spec) 2010-2018
Vortex 1.0 GTX 2021
Weber Faster One 2013-current
Williams F1 models 2014-2021
Williams F1 models 2022-current
Wolf GB08 Pikes Peak 2021


Thomas Built Busses/Blue bird busses added (best game 2023 right there)

Get this in before this gets locked or moved or worse. A 66 Carpenter Bus I converted during a time as a motorcoach conversion company. This one was my Daddy’s personal Coach. It’s a little worse for wear due to sitting unused for many years. But Daddy put over 300,000 miles on this.

hey guys i would like to see the vz thunder ss ute in there plus more Australian cars . or even country expansion packs with cars from respective country’s its a win win for everyone keep up the good work forza

Below is a list of car topics added in January and February. I’ve deleted completed submissions in this thread to clean it up and have cleaned up some of the existing model names in the index thread.

Aion Hyper GT 2023-current
Aion Hyper SSR 2023-current
Apex AP-0 2023-current
ArcFox a-S 2021-current
ArcFox a-T 2020-current
ArcFox GT 2020-current
Arcfox Lite 2017-current
Aston Martin DBR22 2022
Aston Martin V12 Speedster 2020
Audi RS Q e-tron (desert rally)
Austin FX4 1958-1997
BMW iX 2022-current
BMW XM 2023-current
Brawn / Mercedes F1 models 2009-2013
Buick Skyhawk 1982-1989
Cadillac Cimarron 1982-1988
Cadillac Escalade 2007-2014
Cheverolet Parkwood 1959-1960
Chevrolet Onix 2013-curent (aka Prisma / Joy)
Chevrolet Spin 2012-current
Chrysler Concorde 1998-2004
Chrysler New Yorker 1960-1964
Citroen Ami 2020-current
Citroen Berlingo & Peugeot Partner 2009-2018
Citroen Berlingo & Peugeot Partner 2018-current
Commuter Cars Tango 2008-current
Delage D12 2022-current
Donkervoort F22 2023-current
Duqueine D-08 2019-current
Edsel Pacer 1958
Ferrari F1 models 2000-2008
Ferrari F1 models 2009-2013
Force India F1 models 2009-2013
Ford Bronco II 1984-1990
Ford Falcon 1960-1966 (XK/XL/XM/XP)
Ford Thunderbird 1957 “Battlebird”
GKD Evolution 2006-current
GMC Typhoon 1992-1993
Hillman Imp 1965-1968
Honda Civic 1972-1979
Honda Civic 1980-1983
Honda N-One 2012-2021
Honda N-One 2021-current
Honda Ridgeline Baja Trophy Truck 2015
Hongqi E-HS9 2020-current
Hongqi L5 2014-current
Hongqi S9 2021-current
Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air 1955
Hoonigan Chevrolet Napalm Nova 1972
Hoonigan Ford Bronco 1974
Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution 1986
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A 1991
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’ 1977
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Fiesta 2017
Hoonigan Gymkhana 8 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 2015
Hoonigan Gymkhana Ford Focus RS RX 2016
Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo 1991
Hot Wheels Chevrolet LUV 1972
Hot Wheels International Harvester Loadstar C0-1600 1969
Hot Wheels Studebaker Golden Hawk ‘Dream Roadster’ 1957
Hyundai HB20 2018-current (racing spec)
Hyundai HB20 2019-current
Hyundai Stargazer 2022-current
Isuzu Panther 1991-2020
Jeep Wagoneer 2022-current
Lamborghini Invencible & Autentica 2024
Lamborghini QVX 1985
Lamborghini Urus concept 2012-2014
Lancia Stratos racing 1972-1986
Lotus / Renault F1 models 2009-2013
Lynk & Co 02 2018-current
Marc Philipp Gemballa Marsien 2022-current
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2019-current (Suzuki R 6th gen)
McLaren F1 models 2000-2008
McLaren F1 models 2009-2013
Mercedes EQS 2022-current
Mercedes Zetros 2008-current
Mercury Cougar 1974-1976
Mercury Cougar 1977-1979
Mercury Cougar 1980-1982
Mercury Cougar 1983-1988
Mercury Cougar 1989-1997
Mercury Cougar 1999-2002
Morgan Super 3 2022-current
Nissan Pathfinder 1985-1995
Nissan Pathfinder 1996-2004
Nissan Pathfinder 2021-current
Nissan Sakura 2022-current
Oldsmobile Cutlass 1961-1963 (Jetfire)
Pontiac Grand Am 1999-2005
Porsche 356 (racing spec) 1948-1961
Qiantu K50 2018-2020
Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech
Red Bull F1 racing models 2009-2013
Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept 2016
Renault Clio V 2019-current
Rezvani Vengeance 2022-current
Rossion Q1 2008-2018
Rover 45 1999-2005
RUF RK 2005-2008
Saleen Bronco Big Oly Tribute
Sauber F1 models 2009-2013
Scania rally truck (Group T5/T4)
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) Boot 2020-current
SEAT Tarraco 2019-current
Shenlan SL03 2023-current
Sierra Cars 700R
Skoda Enyaq 2020-current
Skoda Fabia R5 2015-2018 (race spec)
Skoda Fabia R5/Rally2 Evo 2019-2021 (race spec)
Skoda Fabia S2000 2009-2015 (race spec)
Skoda Fabia WRC 2003-2007 (race spec)
Skoda Kamiq 2019-current
Spyker C8 (GT racing) 2001-2010
SsangYong Chairman 2008-2017
SsangYong Tivoli 2015-current
SSangyong Torres 2022-current
Subaru 360 Nocones Grassroots Racing Challenge
Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer
Subaru Impreza (GT racing)
Subaru Legacy (GT racing)
Subaru Leone 1979-1984
Subaru Leone 1985-1994
Subaru Vivio 1992-1998
Subaru WRX STI VT15R (rally car spec) 2016
Suzuki Alto 2021-current
Suzuki Baleno 2015-current
Suzuki Celerio 2021-current
Suzuki Ciaz 2014-current
Suzuki DZire 2017-current
Suzuki Ertiga 2012-current
Suzuki Ignis 2016-current
Suzuki S-Presso 2019-current
Suzuki Vitara 1988-1999 (aka Sidekick / Escudo)
TAMO Racemo 2017
Tank 300 2020-current
Tank 500 2022-current
Tata Harrier 2018-current
Tata Safari 2021-current
Thunder Roadster (racing)
Top Gear Track-Tor 2014
Toro Rosso F1 models 2009-2013
Touring Superleggera Arese RH95 2021-current
Toyota 4Runner 1984-1989
Toyota 4Runner 1990-1995
Toyota 4Runner 2003-2009
Toyota bZ4X 2023-current (Subaru Solterra)
Toyota Carina (BTCC racing)
Toyota Celica (GT racing)
Toyota Celica (rally racing)
Toyota Celica LB Turbo 1977-1978 (Gr.5 racing)
Toyota Corolla (GT racing)
Toyota Crown 2023-current
Toyota F1 models 2009-2023
Toyota Land Cruiser 1967-1980
Toyota MR2 (racing spec)
Toyota SARD MC8-R 1996-1996
Toyota Sienna 2020-current
Toyota Tundra NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Toyota Wigo 2014-current
Toyota Yaris Ativ sedan 2022-current
Triumph Spitfire 1962-1964
Triumph Spitfire 1965-1967
Triumph Spitfire 1970-1974
Triumph TR3 1955-1962
Triumph TR7 1975-1981
Troll 1956-1958
TVR Tuscan 1999-2006
TVR Tuscan Challenge 1989
Ultima Evolution 2015-current
Vanwall Grand Prix racing cars 1954-1961
Vanwall Vandervell 1000 2023-current
Vanwall Vandervell S 2023-current
Vauxhall Lotus Carlton 1990-1992
Venucia Xiung / Star 2020-current
VinFast VF 8 2022-current
VinFast VF 9 2022-current
Volkswagen Beetle Baja Bug racing (Hoonigan Scumbug)
Volkswagen Beetle Rallycross 2011-2019
Volkswagen Brasilia 1973-1982
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia TC 1972-1975
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 1961-1969
Volkswagen Lamando 2014-current
Volkswagen Scirocco 1974-1981 Mk1
Volkswagen Sharan 1994-2022
Volkswagen Taos 2018-current
Volkswagen Tarek 2003
Volkswagen Viloran 2020-current
Volkswagen Virtus 2018-current
Voyah Dreamer 2021-current
Voyah Free 2021-current
Voyah Zhuiguang 2022-current
Watson Sheraton-Thompson Special Roadster 1964
Wey Latte 2021-current
Wey Mocha / Coffee 2021-current
Williams F1 models 2009-2013
Wuling Asta 2021-current
Wuling Hongguang Plus 2020-current
Wuling Sunshine 2012-current
Wuling Victory 2020-current
Xpeng G3 2018-current
Xpeng G9 2022-current
Xpeng P5 2021-current
Yangwang U8 2023-current
Yangwang U9 2023-current
Zagato Mostro 2015-current
Zagato Zele 1974-1976
Zeekr 001 2021-current
Zeekr 009 2023-current
Zeekr X 2023-current
Zenvo ST1 2009-2016


My son (8) asked me to suggest, on his behalf, a Hoonigan with a Ken Block tribute paint job. I told him this may already be in the works, but he insisted I request it here. I apologize if I didn’t post this in the right place.

Toyota Super Late Model
Chevrolet Super Late Model
Ford Super Late Model
Dodge Late Model
Chevrolet Dirt Late Model
Ford Dirt Late Model

World of Outlaws Dirt Sprint

Nascar Whelen Modified


2022 Hot Wheels Dimachinni Veloce

A Fantasy Car that looks stunning and would expand the Roster ingame quite well imo

2023 Hot Wheels Rally Special

Also a Fantasy Car but I think it’s obvious what inspired it

2023 Hot Wheels Group C Fantasy

Again a Fantasy Car but atleast it’s in the name this time


it looks great
actually they should explore more fantasy HW cars, they have a bunch of amazing cars


Indeed. Tons of untapped potential in the HW Range.

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Below is a list of car topics added in March. A number of existing models have also been merged or corrected and the Index thread updated.

Alpine A110-50 concept 2012
Audi S1 RX 2014-2017
Baldwin Motorsports Toyota Tacoma Trophy Truck
BMW iX1 2023-current
Chenowth Old Betsy buggy 1988
Chevrolet Montana 2023-current
Chevrolet Suburban 2021-current (GMC Yukon XL)
Citroen C-Elysee (race spec)
Citroen C3 WRC 2017-2019
Citroen C4 WRC 2007-2010
Citroen DS3 WRC 2011-2016
Dacia Duster (Dakar rally)
Dacia Logan (race spec)
Farus ML 929 1978-1988
Fiat Strada 2020-current Ram 750
Fiat Toro 2016-current Ram 1000
Ford Courier 1998-2013 (Brazil)
Honda Accord 2003-2007 (Honda Inspire JDM)
Hyundai Accent WRC 2000-2003
Hyundai Bayon 2021-current
Hyundai Casper 2021-current
Hyundai Custo 2021-current
Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC 2017-2021
Hyundai i20 WRC 2012-2016
Hyundai Nexo 2019-current
Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022-current
Hyundai Santa Fe 2019-current
Hyundai Venue 2020-current
Italdesign Aztec 1988-1992
Italdesign Zerouno 2017-current
Jeep Commander 2006-2010
Kia EV9 2023-current
Kia K3 (race spec) 2019-current
Lancia Delta Ev-e RX 2022-current
Land Rover Range Rover 2022-current
Lexus RC (drift spec) - Ahmad Daham “Katana”
Lincoln Z 2022-current
Lynk & Co 05 2020-current
Lynk & Co 06 2020-current
Lynk & Co 09 2021-current
Mahindra Scorpio 2022-current
McLaren 650S GT3 (racing spec)
McLaren Speedtail 2020-current
McRae R4 2007
Mercedes C-Class 2022-current (W206/S206/V206)
Minardi Dakar Truck 1980s
MINI Countryman (Dakar rally) 2013-2016
MINI Countryman (Dakar rally) 2017-2018
Mitsubishi Racing Lancer (Dakar rally) 2009
Noble M600 2010-current
Opel Ascona (race spec)
Opel Calibra (race spec)
Opel Omega (race spec)
Pambuffetti PJ-01 2022-current
Peugeot 208 (rally racing) 2015-2019
Peugeot 208 RX1e 2022-current
Puma GTB 1973-1984
PWR RX1e 2022-current
Rebellion DXX (Dakar Rally)
Renault 5 Turbo 1980-1986
Renault Clio II 1998-2012
Renault Espace 1991-1996
Renault Espace 1996-2002
Renault Espace 2015-2023
Renault Megane E-Tech 2022-current
Renault Megane RX 2016-2023
Rondeau Group 6 race cars 1976-1980
Rondeau Group C race cars 1982-1987
Saab 9-3 (racing spec) 1998-2003
Saab 9-3 (racing spec) 2013-2016
Saab 900 1994-1998
Saleen SR (race spec)
Santa Matilde 1977-1997
SEAT Cordoba (Dakar rally)
SEAT Ibiza RX1e 2022-current
SEAT Leon TCR 2013-current
Senova D50 TCR
Skoda Octavia WRC 1999-2003
Tata Xenon 2006-current (Tata Telcoline)
Toleman T89 by Reynard 1989
Toleman TG88 Metro Raider 1988
Troller T4 2004-2021
Trumpchi GA6 TCR
Trumpchi GS8 2016-current
Vemac RD320R 2002-2012
Venturi Fetish 2004-2007
Vespa 400 1957-1961
Volkswagen Lamando (race spec)
Volkswagen Lavida 2018-current
Volkswagen Polo RX1e 2022-current
Volkswagen Talagon 2021-current
Volkswagen Tavendor 2022-current
Volkswagen Tayron 2018-current


LEGO Audi Sport quattro S1 1985
LEGO Mercedes-AMG Project One
LEGO Ford Bronco R

Going forward when submitting multiple cars per topic please keep them to the same group per topic - race cars / production cars / concepts - rather than mixed.


Below is a list of car topics added in April.

AC Cobra GT Roadster 2023-current
ACOMA Mini-Comtesse 1972-1979
Acura NSX 2015+ Pikes Peak hill climb
Aiways U5 2019-current
Alfa Romeo 1900 M Matta 1952-1954
Alpine A110 2017-current
Aston Martin Lola B09/60 2009-2011
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Formula Drift - Heart of Racing
Aston Martin Vantage DTM 2019
Audi A6 / S6 / RS6 1997-2004 (C5)
Audi A6 / S6 / RS6 2004-2011 (C6)
Audi Q4 e-tron 2022-current
Audi RS5 Turbo DTM 2019-2020
Audi TT Cup racing 2015-current
Audi TT-R racing 2000-2004
Audi V8 DTM 1989-1993
Aurus Senat 2021-current
BAIC BJ40 Dakar Rally 2022
Beijing U5 (touring car racing)
Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak hill climb
Blitzworld Beast 2018
Blitzworld Renegade 2020
BMW M3 E46 Formula Drift - Royal Purple
BMW M3 GTR (E36) race spec
BMW M3 GTR (E46) race spec
BMW M3 Sport Evo DTM 1990-1992
BMW M4 Formula Drift - Red Bull Driftbrothers
BMW M4 Turbo DTM 2019-2020
BMW X1 2010-2015
BMW X3 2004-2010 (E83)
BMW X3 2011-2017 (F25)
BMW X4 2014-2018 (F26)
BMW X4 2018-current (G02)
BMW X6 Trophy Truck 2012
BMW X7 2019-current
Bowler Defender Challenge (rally raid) 2020-current
BR Engineering BR01 2015
BR Engineering BR03 2021
BR Engineering BR1 2018-2019
Broadspeed GT 2+2 1966-1968
Brooke Double R 2006
Brooke Swan Car custom 1910
Bufori Geneva 2010-current
Bugatti Type 55 1931-1935
Bugatti Type 57C (racing) 1937-1940
Buick Verano 2021-current
BYD Tang 2018-current
Cadillac CTS (race spec)
Campbell ULTRA4 buggy 2019+
Changan UNI-K 2020-current
Changan UNI-T
Chevrolet Celta 2000-2015 (Suzuki Fun)
Chevrolet Cobalt 2011-2019
Chevrolet Malibu XL (racing) 2016-current
Chevron GR8 2010-2013
Chrysler 300C (race spec) 2005-2010
Citroen BX 4TC (race spec)
Citroen Xsara WRC 2001-2006
CUPRA DarkRebel concept 2023
CUPRA Tavascan 2024-current
Daihatsu Gran Max 2008-current (Toyota LiteAce/TownAce; Mazda Bongo)
Daihatsu Terios 2018-current (Toyota Rush / Perodua Aruz)
Dallara F2 2018
Dallara F3 2019
Dallara IndyCar 1997-1999 IR-7 to IR-9
Dallara IndyCar 2000-2002 IR-00 to IR-02
Dallara IndyCar 2003-2011 IR-03/IR-05
Dallara IndyCar 2012-current DW12
De Tomaso Pantera (race spec)
Delage 2LCV 1924
Delage D15 S8 1926-1927
Delage D6 1930-1940
Delage DH V12 1923
Dodge Dart (race spec) 2012
Dome F102-F105 race cars
Dome Zero RL (racing) 1979
Enviate Hypercar Evo Pikes Peak hill climb 2021-current
EPTA Desert Storm Trophy Truck 2019
Excel Motors Island Cruiser 1997-2016
FC1-X (Nitro Rallycross) 2022
Ferrari 166 Inter 1948-1950
Ferrari F1 models 1970s (312T)
Ferrari F1 models 1980s
Fiat Novo Uno 2010-2021
Fiat Palio 1996-2016
Fiat Palio 2011-2018
Ford Escape 2001-2007
Ford Escape 2008-2012
Ford Escape 2020-current
Ford Falcon Super Silhouette
Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak - OMSE 2009
Ford GT40 Mk IV 1967
Ford GT70 1970-1973
Ford Mondeo 1993-2001
Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift 2024
Formula E Gen 3 2022-current
Formula Ford
Formula Volkswagen / Formula Vee
GC Automotive GC10-V8 (BTCS silhouette racing)
Ginetta G40 (race spec)
Ginetta G56 (race spec)
GMC Sierra Banks Sidewinder racing truck
Gordini T24S 1953
Grumman LLV 1987-1994
Honda BR-V 2022-current
Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer 2023
Honda F1 grand prix models 1960s
Honda NSX (GT racing) 1997-2009
Honda Stream 2006-2014
Honda Today 1985-1998
Hongqi H5 (CTCC racing)
Hoonigan Hoonipigasus 2022
HPD ARX-04b 2014-2017
Hurst Baja Boot buggy 1967
Hyundai Atos 1997-2014
Hyundai Galloper 1991-1997
Hyundai Galloper 1997-2004
Hyundai Grandeur 1986-1992
Hyundai Grandeur 1998-2005 (Hyundai XG)
Hyundai Pony 1982-1990
Hyundai Stellar 1983-1992
IKA-Renault Torino 1966-1981
Ineos Grenadier 2022-current
Iso Rivolta GTZ 2021
Isotta Fraschini Runabout 1901-1902
Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 1919-1934
Isotta Fraschini Tipo FE / FENC 1908-1910
Isotta Fraschini Tipo IM 1913
Isotta Fraschini Tipo KM 1910-1914
Isuzu Piazza 1990-1993
Jaguar S-Type (race spec) 1999-2008
Jaguar XF (race spec) 2008-2015
Jensen S-V8 2001-2002
Kenworth T2000 Pikes Peak 1997-2003
Kia Carens 2013-2022 (Kia Rondo)
Kia Carens 2022-current
Kia Carnival 2021-current
Kia Sonet 2020-current
Kia Sorento Trophy Truck 2002
Lada Granta WTCC 2012-2014
Lamborghini Revuelto 2024-current
Lexus IS (racing) 2006-2013
Lexus LC (racing) 2017-current
Lightyear 0 2022-2023
LIghtyear 2
Ligier JS PX
Lordstown Endurance 2023-current
Lotus Exige (racing) 2005
Mahindra Thar 2010-2020
Mahindra Thar 2020-current
Marcos Mantis GT 1997-2006
Maserati Quattroporte (race spec) 2009-2012
Mazda CX-30 2020-current
Mazda MX-5 Global Cup racing 2016-current
Mazda Premacy 2010-2018
Mazda RX-7 (Super GT racing) 1995-2010
McLaren F1 grand prix models 1960s
McLaren F1 grand prix models 1970s
McLaren Formula 5000 race cars 1968-1982
McRae Enduro 4x4 2006-2007
Mercedes 190E Evo DTM 1990-1993
Mercedes E-Class 2023-current (W214)
Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018
Mercedes Vito 2003-current (2nd generation)
Mercedes W196 Monza streamliner 1954
Mercedes W25 1934-1937
Metalmoro JLM AJR 2017
Metalmoro MR18
Metalmoro MRX
MG 7 2023-current
MG MG4 EV 2022-current (MG Mulan)
Microlino 2022-current
MINI John Cooper Works (race spec) 2013-2023
Mini John Cooper Works Challenge 2008-2014
MINI John Cooper Works Coupe Endurance (race spec) 2011
MissionH24 LMPH2G 2021
Mitsubishi ASX 2011-current (Mitsubishi Outlander Sport / RVR; Peugeot 4008; Citroen C4 Aircross)
Mitsubishi Debonair 1986-1992
Mitsubishi Freeca 1997-2017 (Adventure/Kuda/Jolie)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC 1996-2001
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC 2002-2003
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC 2004-2005
Mitsubishi Mirage R5 rally 2014-current
Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2008-2015 (Pajero Sport)
Mitsubishi Pajero (rally spec) 2006-2021
Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution (race spec) 1984-2007
Mitsubishi Triton Trophy Truck 2022
Monteverdi Hai 650 F1 1992-1995
Mooncraft Shiden 2006-2011
Mosler MT900M (Super GT racing) 2010-2011
MTX Tatra V8 1991
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Nissan Fairlady Z33 (GT racing) 2003-2008
Nissan GT-R Lyfe Motorsport Powerstroke Diesel
Nissan Juke 2019-current
Nissan Lafesta 2005-2012
Nissan Magnite 2020-current
Nissan Micra/March 1983-1992
Nissan Pulsar 2014-2018
Nissan Saurus Jr. 1991
Nissan Serena 2023-current
Nissan Silvia S15 Formula Drift - Falken Tire Feal Suspension
Nissan Skyline R31 racing spec
Nissan Skyline R32 racing spec
Nissan Skyline R33 racing spec
OMSE Supercar Lites RX
Opel Ampera (racing) 2012
Opel Mokka 2020-current
Opel Tigra (race spec)
Opel Vectra GTS V8 DTM 2004-2005
Panoz DP09 Superleague Formula 2008
Panther 6 1977-1978
Perodua Myvi 2018-current (Daihatsu Sirion)
Peugeot 206 WRC 1999-2003
Peugeot 208 (rally racing) 2019-current
Peugeot 306 Maxi (race spec) 1999-2003
Peugeot 307 WRC 2004-2005
Peugeot 406 (racing spec) 1996-2004
Peugeot 806 1994-2002
Peugeot 806 Procar 1995
Peugeot 807 2002-2014
Picchio DP2
Picchio SR2 1998-2003
PIckup Truck Racing (UK)
Pontiac G6 GXP.R racing
Porsche 911 991 Gemballa Avalanche 2012-2019
Porsche 968 (GT racing) 1991-1995 (2005 Super GT)
Porsche Boxster (GT racing) 2005-2012
Porsche Panamera (race spec) 2016-current
Porsche Vision 357 concept 2023
Praga V4S DKR Dakar Truck 2020-current
Prince Skyline 1957-1964
Prince Skyline 1963-1968
Prodrive Hunter 2022-current
Prodrive Hunter BRX T1+ rally
Proton Satria Neo Super 2000
Radical SR9 2006
Ram Trophy Truck 2018
Renault 5 Turbo (race spec)
Renault Clio Cup racing 2013-2019
Renault Clio Cup racing 2020-current
Renault Megane Maxi (race spec) 1996-1999
Renault Zoe (rally racing)
Rezvani Hercules 2020-current
RGS Mirage GT-1
Saab 9-3 (race spec)
SBR Chrono 2023 (Audi R8 silhouette hill climb)
Scion tC (race spec)
Smart 3 2023-current
Subaru BRZ Formula Drift - Turn 14 / Falken / ENOS
Subaru Impreza WRC 1993-1996
Subaru Impreza WRC 1997-2001
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001-2008
Subaru Impreza WRC 2008
Subaru Levorg 2020-current
Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak hill climb 1992
Swift 016.a Formula Atlantic racing 2006-2008
Swift 017.n / FN09 / SF13 Super Formula racing 2009-2013
Swift 14.a Formula Atlantic racing 2002-2005
Toyota 86 Formula Drift spec 2012-2020
Toyota Alphard 2015-current
Toyota Altezza (touring car racing) 1999-2005
Toyota Baja Trophy Truck 1993
Toyota Corolla WRC 1997-1999
Toyota HiAce 2019-current (GranAce)
Toyota Sequoia 2001-2007
Vauxhall Vectra (race spec)
Vauxhall VXR8 (race spec) 2007-2017
VinFast VF 6 2023-current
Volkswagen Amarok 2022-current
Volkswagen Golf (race spec) Mk6
Volkswagen Golf 1992-1998 Mk3
Volkswagen Lupo Cup (race spec)
Volkswagen Passat 1973-1981 (B1)
Volvo C30 (WTCC/STCC racing) 2010-2013
Volvo S60 BTCS (silhouette racing)
Williams F1 models 1980s (FW08 to FW13)



(Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, Peugeot 108 - basically the same cars with different body details and badges)


Hot Wheels Custom Otto 2020-Present



Hot Wheels Rally Speciale