Valiant sound

Hey man, I’m just trying to get it out there, ya know? I love the franchise and I’ve stuck with it for so long purely for the track driving experience - the physics and sound. Horizon brought that wonderful experience to the open road, though physics were made less nuanced, unfortunately. But its the distinct audio character of each car that gives you such a great sense of ownership as you try out different cars.

The Centenario has a higher rev limiter yes, but the exhaust note exhibits a subtle difference compared to the Aventador and Aventador S. There’s even a subtle distinction between the two Aventadors and the Veneno has a unique tone and character as well. I think what the developer probably though is people wouldn’t notice or just accept the game in its current state - not every fan of the franchise is a high school going teen. There are 30+ and even 40 and 50+ year olds who are pure car lovers, and play the game purely for the way Forza has represented cars throughout its course.

To give you another example, the FM6 exhaust note on the Aventador was nearl;y perfect. In H3, the exhaust sound is more pronounced but the engine whirring can’t be heard properly… also the exhaust crackles from F6 are gone. As you mentioned a handful of car just lost their raw and dirty exhaust sound that was prevalent in FM6, for instance, the Huracan and new R8. Interesting to note: both these cars share the same engine but they sound distinct coming out of different exhaust systems. It’s a very subtle difference but it’s there in FM6. Ironically, they improved the SLS AMG note in H3 so much that it almost makes me not want to drive the F6 version, lol! Now why can’t they give this kind of treatment to EVERY car in the game? I really don’t care about how many cars are in the game, as long as each car has a unique sound that is truly representative of the actual version.

The importance of sound in a car game cannot be stressed enough - which is why I was initially taken aback as I know the PG and T10 guys to have a keen eye and ear for detail when it comes to recreating car sound. They’ve set remarkable benchmarks with past games, so I do not understand why sound was taken lightly in H3. However, I’m pinning this on PG only as it is their game and they do sounds a bit differently than T10 - some cars in fact, sounded noticeably better in Horizon 2 than FM5, although at a lowered volume with less “oomph”.

I do have my hopes up, however, since Jonk has acknowledged some of the issues. I’d be sorely disappointed though (like many others), if the sound issues from day one again go unnoticed in the next CU. Kills my motivation to continue playing the game, and the moment I go back to FM6… instant gratification! I wish the PG team would listen to their own game (Horizon 2) and play extensively through both FM5 and 6 to resolve ALL car sound issues in the game. We’ve patiently waited for a while now, and I feel a major car sound fix supernova is in order.

Here’s hoping mate.

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Yep bro,i agree on you for a fact that we can actually distinguish b/w a Aventador & Veneno even though both of them has got the same engine cuz the exhaust note vastly differs. & as you said no racing game is better without some nice sounds. But we only need to pray for that to happen. Lets see how it goes,since till now there was never a fix regarding the car sound in this game on PC. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for answering. As mentioned, it might seem like an overreaction, but as car guys, little details like these are very important. The Valiant Charger is known for its L6 Hemi. If I may add, there are a few other vehicles that have the same issue. The Nissan Titan has a six cylinder sound, when it has a Cummins V8. The Hummer suffers from this as well, sharing the same L6 diesel sound with the Titan. Another truck would be the 2017 Ford Raptor which sounds like a V8, instead of a V6. The last would be the 2012 Jeep Wrangler, which has been given a V8 sound when it has a Pentastar V6.

This game is now better than ever, I must say. Super smooth performance on PC. Keep up the amazing job!!

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Hi all, just wondering how the E49 could be modeled so beautifully, and yet sound like it has a small block chev? Why no inducion noise from the triple Webber’s? Why no straight 6 wail? What happened here? Thoughts? A long awaited car ruined by the noise…

The Raptor’s sound is accurate. Ford designed the exhaust system to exaggerate the bass of the note. Listen closely, and it is clearly too gruff to be a V8.

Just to make sure. We’re talking about the 2017 V6 Ecoboost Raptor. It’s not about bass or sound quality, or audio equipment. The fact is the truck has been mistakenly given an 8-cylinder sound sample. Very nice sound, but not the sound it should have. I am not sure if you’ve used this truck in the game, but I must note that the A.I-controlled 2017 Raptors do have an accurate 6-cylinder sound, same one that the truck has in FM6.

And this is precisely one of the points I had made in my previous post that the AI cars sound right while the player’s car has a different (and in many cases, the wrong) sample. However, @SatNiteEduardo believes this is an assumption on my part and/or accusation. Apparently, he likes to play the game on mute.

Nitro, it is good to hear that a fix is being worked on. I hope you guys can look into ALL current car sound issues and roll out a mega fix. We’ve been literally highlighting issues for months. Thanks for looking into it.

this where you went wrong
you never read his post correctly, he agreed with you that the sounds aren’t right
he even followed it up explaining in detail how you read it wrong
maybe read his post again

your assumption is that you think everything is such an easy fix

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I’m really happy the car finally made it into the game. I have a charger and a few other australian valiants all with 265 HEMI’s and yeah the sound is wrong. I didn’t expect them to have a perfect recording of one, but I thought, well if they slap the e-type jag sound on it, it will atleast be sort of there. but a v8 sound is just. whaaaat. anyway as JONK1969 said it was just a little mistake, understandable with all the hotwheels stuff they had to work on. here’s a clip of a valiant pacer with a 265 HEMI engine on the dyno. Dominator Engines Valiant Pacer TNT265 @ Hurstune Automotive - YouTube . the pacer was made before the charger and was the first to have the new hemi 6 cylinder engine. it replaced the slant 6 in australia in 1970.

Great News guys the Valiant Charger is apparently getting a sound fix.

LOL, you’re about 4 days too late on this one. Jonk stated that several posts up.

Yeah, apparently he’s a little late to the party. chuckles

Hope good ol’ Jonk will look into the other car sound inconsistency issues as well. They’re well documented all over the regular and support H3 forums.

I bet they only fix the E49, but i hope they prove me wrong

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Why do you care, or have you already left and come back?

I left and came back, since I had nothing else to play in the Racing\shooter\sports genres other than NBA 2K17, but once GTS drops, I’ll be gone again. I’m glad to see that you care.

Also to note, I’m not 100% dissatisfied with FH3 as there is one thing that was done that i actually prefer over the motorsport series. In FM6, AWD cars had a tendancy to have no front grip and plow through turns. FH3s AWD cars handle much better.

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What makes you think I care? I don’t. I’m just sick of people making ridiculous statements they have no intention of going through with.
You’re not fooling anyone, you’ll buy anything T10 puts out, and ask for more. You can always justify it with a lame excuse like, “there’s nothing else to play” Seriously, is that the best you can come up with?
I think from now on I’ll call you “Supercharger” you both whine (except the Hellcat)


There’s a 407mb update so hopefully this is fixed.

Not yet, this update was specifically released to fix an issue where players were unable to proceed from the buy Hot Wheels prompt. That’s a game-breaker.

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Fair enough. It’s taken years to get the E49 in a racing game so a few more weeks won’t hurt.

I fixed it myself !
I put the v8 in the car :slight_smile:

Before you scream at me:
That was the intention of Chrysler for the next generation of R/T
340 6 pack, new process 4 speed, dana rear end.

They got canned along with the Phase 4 Falcon and XU2 Torana prior to production.
(The 340 motors went into the E55)

Sidenote, why is magenta not included in the factory paints?
And why do the stripes disappear when you paint the car? (it does on the brat and some others too, but on others like the VR GTS HSV the decals stay when you paint it) it cant be a licencing thing can it? Chrysler Australia is long gone?

Either way, after 20 hours I have recreated the stripe set, I now have a magenta V8 R/T E58, complete with the intended 340 six pack decals, (I had a peek at the unreleased artwork when I worked there and used my photographic memory to create them here). dam i wish they made them!

PS: if anyone wants me to share the stripe set so they can recreate a bathurst car or whatever give me a shout online, its not in my storefront. They are not 100% as the editor does not allow a suitable resolution for the fine lines but they are sufficient.