Valiant sound

Congratulations forza on the biggest screw up in your history , the charger which is powered by a STRAIGHT 6 HEMI

SOUNDS LIKE A V8 IN GAME!! WHY! You go to all the effort to put an awesome Aussie classic like this in the game , which I love but you screw up the very thing that made the charger so damn cool … shame

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It sounds pretty meaty in real life. I will check in game when i get home.

In real life it certainly does not sound like the common in line 6 sound in the game.


I’m confused. Not sure what Charger you’re talking about but as far as I know the Charger in the game is the 426 Hemi. Also available for that car was a 383, a 440 with and without the 6 pack. I may be forgetting an engine or 2, but a Charger is a muscle car, in the game it’s the 416 Hemi.

Ok. So I hadn’t seen the new Valiant Charger. THAT car is an Australian car that was offered with a 4.3 inline 6. Don’t know if it was a Hemi, but I was incorrect earlier. My apologies. I haven’t driven it in the game but it does show the 4.3 engine in it.

The Charger from the Hot Wheels expansion.

We’re talking about the Chrysler Valiant Charger R/T E49. It’s an Australian made Charger and has a 265 Hemi. In game it sounds like a generic V8 muscle car instead of having the unique growl of the 6 pack.

The thread is discussing the Australian E49 Charger in the hotwheels pack.
E49 is powered by a 265 Hemi 6 cyl.

If not for the supercar scare in the 70`s it would have stepped up to a 340 six pak, unfortunately it never happened.

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They have a very unique sound with the tripple webers in real life. They make a howling carby noise that overpowers the enginge sound. A 300hp six with 3 DCOE Webers, higher compression, big cam and headers sounds nothing like the regular 6 cyl hemi.

When I first drove the lola ingame I thought , wow this sounds like my old r/t charger…if it sounds like that lola it is pretty spot on regardless of cylinders…

Being an aussie i will have to wait for another 5 hours to download everything due to yesterdays internet technology, i hope your wrong - the E49 is the reason im doing the expansion. … well that and the 32 :slight_smile:

They are aware it is a six cylinder, the release notes say it is powered by a SLANT 6…LMAO

It just sucks I have to pay $10 per Gb over my cap to download it…

Yeah, sorry. I hadn’t had the chance to play much on the new stuff, didn’t see the new cars yet. Been a long day.

go to about the 2.55 mark

Edit: oops did not see this exact video linked a few posts up lol
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Hey guys,

You’re right that we got the wrong engine sound wired up to the E49 (rumbling V8 instead of the spitting 4 liter 6-pack Hemi it’s supposed to have), bit of a database foul up that we noticed too late to fix before release, but our intent is to address this in a future update.


Thanks for the update.

The AMC Pacer has the same problem.

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Awesome. Some people might think we’re overreacting to this but the E49 is an iconic Australian car and that sound is as much a part of it as the performance is.

Hi Jonk, thanks for acknowledging this. Could you guys also look into the other car sound issues such as the Charger Hellcat having no supercharger whine and the R34, Silvia Spec R, Supra and M4 sharing the same sound sample? All these cars had unique sounds in FM6 which are in fact, quite close to the actual cars.

Furthermore, if you take a listen, you’ll observe that all of the above cars sound perfectly fine when a drivatar or other player’s car passes you by, yet when you actually drive them, the sample is the wrong one. This is also the case with the Centenario, Aventador, Aventador SV and Veneno - they all have those unique sounds (from FM6) with the drivatars/other players, yet when you’re driving them, they all share the exact same sample.

The GT350 has practically no off-throttle sound at all and the exhaust rumble on acceleration has been replaced by a very shrill and high-pitched V8 sound. The AMG GT-R uses the sound sample for the SLS AMG from FM6 whereas in real life, it has a deeper, more aggressive “rumbly” sound. Finally, the SLS AMG and Alfa Romeo Competizione share the same sound sample.

Please look into these as the said issues have been highlighted in multiple threads since last year. Thanks!

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Interesting. I’ll have to make sure to keep the original engine in it to see if I like the sound when it’s fixed. I wouldn’t notice that it’s not right, but there are a few vehicles that I keep the original engine in just for the sound. And a couple I’ve upgraded to the twin racing rotors for that awesome scream.

Amazing to hear.

Whilst you guys are there, could you correct the Pacer sound too? Even if you copy the sound from the likes of the Buick Regal, or the Charger E49 :slight_smile:

That’s on our radar too - There are valid sound bugs you guys brought up in these forums, some of which we knew about like the Valiant, some we might have missed. Some we might be able to fix in a future update, some we might not be able to fix. Doesn’t mean we’re not listening and logging bugs. We are;)


Good Sir, you are a legend :slight_smile:

Jonk, thank you so much for being proactive about this! A little developer feedback and communication with the fans says a lot about your company culture! :slight_smile:

Could you please look into these:

  • Supra, R34 Skyline, M4 and the new Silvia all share the same sample. They have distinct sounds in the FM games as well as Horizon 2.
  • GT350 note has changed drastically since FM6, and it does not sound like the same, deep and rumbly sound from FM6, even at high revs. There’s virtually no off-throttle sound.
  • Very little off-throttle sound on the R35 Skyline, 350Z and old school Acura NSX
  • No supercharger whine on the Challenger Hellcat
  • Modern-day Camaro Z/28 uses a generic “1000 Hp V8 engine swap sound” instead of the distinct and throaty sound from FM6.
  • Alfa Romeo Competizione, SLS AMG, C63 Black Series all share the same sound sample
  • The AMG GT-R uses the SLS AMG sound sample from FM6
  • The AMG GTS has a very loud and “airy” intake + turbo sound from the first person views - you can’t hear the engine/exhaust very well.
  • No difference at all between the sound character of a 599xx and FXX-K.
  • The Veneno, Aventador, Aventador SV and Centenario all have the exact same sound. I do understand they have very similar engines or in some cases, practically the same engine tuned up a bit, but they do have distinct exhaust sounds IRL - you can clearly tell a Veneno from an Aventador i.e.
  • The Zonda R appears to reuse the Vulcan’s sample. The former has a V12 sound that’s quite different from the latter; it’s coarse and shrill like the Vulcan, but the tone and character is distinct.

Oddly, every car that the drivatars or other players use sound exactly right (same sample form FM6) when they drive past you.

Sorry, I know this is a bit of a tall order, but we really appreciate you looking into this Jonk. I love you guys for supporting the franchise. Keep up the excellent work. :slight_smile:


You really rock bro… This is exactly what i wanted to post… But Centenario sound is some what different when compared to Veneno or Aventador cuz it has higher RPM range in this game… & BTW all Lexus cars except LFA sounds same & even dull,Rolls royce engine sound is very low to inexistent… 70 % of the cars missing engine cracks & pops… Sadly the sound is the only thing that bothers me,having many cars is great & i accept but if too many cars share same sound then its pure BS… I really wanted many users like this user to focus on fixing car engine sounds… what is this T10/PG? very bad…