Smashers in the game

i think that forza needs two do something about the people hating outher people in the game like they do in co op like i play co op just to have fun but its not fun if ur getting smashed in two the wall on purpes ad if forza needs two see it go two tiktok mgkrollins like u can see a smasher ad did not brake at all so please forza do somthing about these smashers or do want it set on in horizon open racing becouse co op right now is a mass with these smashers

That must be the worst written … whatever it is … that I ever saw, and I see a lot on the internet.
Your teachers must have given up.


you do know you can report them in game

Or maybe English isn’t their first language ?

I doubt it. People that bother to learn a second language tend to take some pride in it.


Whatever the mother tongue of Trovo the Vixen may be, Google Translate would certainly have done a much better job then this.


Do you know even you report someone ramming/hacking/cheating. You still going to see another one.

And normally it dont remove them in the mp system. But only try to avoid them if they are in the room.
So it also mean it just make you harder to matchmaking.

In FH4 even I reported someone and I still matching with them later. not sure about FH5

A ‘block’ option would be better than a report option.

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you can block them too using the xbox app

The point is no matter you report or block someone. The blocking go both way. You are being blocked by them too.

And it is not preventing any “crime”
Unlike other online game. This game dont publicly list/shame rammer/cheater name. or showing how many people banned for the “crime” per month

same as posting on here
makes no difference.

you name and shame any where these days you are the one that gets punished

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  1. Actually there are topic talk about the report system in xbox dont work. If you want to report cheater/rammer you need to posted on support from in this site.
  2. OP is asking for some anti-ramming system. Preventing ramming happen. Before they “stabbed” him.
    Just like you report a cheater. Without anti cheat system. You still see aonther.
    Same as rammer. And ramming is hard to review/proof.
    The system dont automatically listen to you and think “you reported someone you must be the good guy”

You can try to be a rammer in mp for a month. Nothing are going to happen.

There is always rammers but I believe part of the problem is that the AI are too easy to beat. This often leaves (up to six) players racing and determined to beat each other. Harder to beat AI and maybe team spirit improves.

Coop AI is harder in FH4 but the same thing still happen.
People get used to attack AI by divebomb them
In coop (Player vs npc) there are no ghosting or anti wallriding (did they patched?)
a fast “normal” driver divebombed by another faster driver who want to use wallriding.

It dont show player stats so we dont know who are the dirty driver or slow driver.
If there are bad driver. Maybe he is not intended but atleast easier to predict how he drive.

And because we dont know who is the fastest. The game sometime put the fast driver in the back > you need to fight your own teammate to catch the npc > mulitple people think they are faster > Start fighting teammate on small accident

Rammers are only a problem if you let them be a problem. In horizon tour most people do ram but thats only bec they su…k at driving and never really let go of the gas. In Horizon open there is less ramming atleast in the top 3-5 positions. And when it happens it better to adapt and be better to handle them. The only real fix would be to ghost all cars and thats even worse.

When you learn how do counter a rammer then they are not a problem anymore and u get more laughs when they make them self hit the nearest tree :blush:

in many dirt race wallriding are still faster than normal driving. It is very hard to avoid them. They slow you down alot

And this game not only build for the top 10% 5% 1%. It still have to do something to protect the average player
And what if the player want to try non-meta car? F them?

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Many people enter Horizon Tour because it’s easier to ram than in Open which means that you cannot entirely avoid idiots.
But since most player’s skill level is very low at Horizon Tour you can win a lot if you prepare cars for all the possible combinations.

Ai is rubbish but they ram as well.

  1. its the average player who do the ramming. The top players is mostly clean drivers.

  2. Meta and op cars are for losers who are so afraid to lose, and those are also mostly rammers. But they only ram when you are about to beat them.

  3. I never use a op or meta car and i mostly finish in top 3 in online races. I have worked my way to where i am. And yes rammers and wallrider was a problem to me also, until i figured out how do counter and predict them. When you do that they are not a problem anymore.

There are 3 types of rammers in the game.

  1. Reckless rammers who dont ram to be mean but more bec they cant drive and never brake. They ruin themself also.

  2. Evil rammers. They mostly drive op cars and drive clean and good, but if they se a chance to ram you of the road, they will. These rammers only affect the victim. (Mostly)

  3. Nudge rammers. These are the really good drivers, and they will start to give you a gentle push bec you are simply in the way. They might do that 1-3 times and if you dont get out of their way, then they will ram you of the road. But thats not evil or mean, it only means you are to slow and your in the way.

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Can’t agree. I’ve been shoved out by idiots who didn’t have the skill to pass properly not because I was slow. You should never intentionally shove someone from behind. That doesn’t make a really good driver in my book.


This can happen if someone roadblocks in the corners and the faster player cannot find space to pass clean