Smashers in the game

This is both a human issue and a game design issue in my opinion. Also, it’s been somewhat of an issue for over 20 years, across the entire genre.

Anyway, specific to Forza Horizon 5:

The game’s design encourages this behaviour unfortunately.

Players are incentivised to get desperate through the fact that races are short, wins are expected and players start from halfway down the grid.

Let’s say you start P8.

In a 3 lap race you are expected to be 1-2 seconds a lap faster than everyone if you want to win, and across various parts of the game you’re subtly told that 1st place is the only place that matters.

Most people aren’t, especially against “Unbeatable” AI.

Therefore the only way to catch up is to yeet into corners, use other cars as obstacles and hope you come out on top. Single player doesn’t discourage this behaviour with ghosting or penalties, and that is where behaviour is trained.

It doesn’t matter if they are human or automated, red or blue, it’s of zero consequence to the player doing the yeeting.

All of this on top of the fact that players are never taught how to race cleanly or “drive properly”, this isn’t the kind of game where that sort of onboarding featureset makes sense as it can come across as “work”.

Forza Horizon 5 is not a racing game, nor is it designed to function as one; it’s a car-based MMO that just to happens to have races in it. Once you can accept that you’ll realise why the quality of racecraft in the game is so poor.

If you want good racing, you won’t find it with randoms. Team up with a bunch of people instead (by looking for communities or Discord servers) and take all the human spots in a multiplayer lobby. That way you’re with a bunch of semi-competent people at the very least.

Or just wait for Forza Motorsport and hope it solves all these issues.


So that would be an evil rammer. Not a nudge rammer…

Because there no system to fix/stop ramming and make ramming less effective

Now everyone is spending 1000words to explain which rammer is “justice ramming” instead of focus on the ACTUAL RACING.
People want anti-ramming system/game design because they want to focus on the racing.
And with system help to de-escalate the situation. We less likely see 1st and 2nd driver ramming each other before the finish line on street race.

The funny thing is
In forza horizon or some arcade game. There are always people claim they can ram someone in the front. Claim it is some type of rights of ramming.

In real racing world/Sim racing you are suppose to respect the guy in the front. He own the line. Even he is slower than you in some section.
It dont matter you have the fastest lap time or not. Except the guy is swinging in braking zone in front.

Even it is cause by track design and short races.


What we got and what we want it not the same, with the current system in place there will be rammers since thats how the game is buildt, even AI ram. The only solution is to ghost all cars and that would do alot more harm than good.

So the only thing you can do is to be the driver you want to be and adapt to the reality. I almost only do online races and its very very rare that someone rams me off the road, thats bec i adaped to the current system. Its not perfect but it works.

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If they put the same ghosting system from mp it would help a bit. (I dont like that much ghosting but better than none.)
If they put a short qualifying lap. It would less likely put the faster driver in p12 = less likely you have to overtake your own slow teammate in 2 lane track.

I still waiting them put forza motorsport 7 collision assist in horizon. So when we racing our teammate it cause less problem on small touch.

If someone is swinging in braking zone or really unreasonably slow / block / stop at the track it should auto ghost him.

I think FH5 AI in online coop/the trial are slower because there are too many complain in FH4. (AI are too fast so we have to fight teammate in limited time. No time to wait for the space)
Then we got boring coop race because the AI just give up.
It is not fixing the game but only avoid the problem.
Yes it is another lazy fixes.

One could hope so… but… no. Rammers are rammers just in it for the lol. Some might be lack of skill but not most I’d bet. I see ramming all the time that is deliberate PvP and well behind the AI so it’s not about the AI being too easy to beat (as if, in some cases).

Sure sometimes it’s overly aggressive “racing” but not often, and even then if they’re in a team race they shouldn’t be doing it. Period. Pass clean or don’t pass. Ram a team-mate and lose the race for the team just to be “first” is a capital L Loser move. Even worse if you’re “fighting” over 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

The only forgiveness is the accidental rub or bump. It happens. That’s not ramming, that’s racing.


Ah, you had me right up until the end…

lol, well, I guess hope is a good thing, I just don’t have much left :wink:

I just want a filter to apply to people who dont press their brakes into a 90 degree corner. Pretty easy to track that telemetry. Just let me filter those people when racing online.


That’s is true because I had that happened two me twice but like forza needs two in penalty two stop them like wants going two happen in forza Motorsport but it’s something that forza needs two do . Like it’s not even like in 1st it’s like they hit u off of ur checkpoint ad it does make me mad ad want two get them back but I guess if forza is going to stop them then lil stop because u don’t get enough credit for the races at all so it’s not worth it but like when I’m faster then u i have full gas around u just to get pin or pit into a wall that’s just makes me mad I’m sure it makes people mad if u need any tip or want two watch my clips there on TikTok mgkrollins but I do have sportsman chip it’s wan getting put in two wall or getting pumpt out of my checkpoint or having a big keep not braking ad smashing into u that’s wants going two make me mad ad just show u how it feel but if forza is going two do something like said just let them it’s not worth getting band from the game for people who can’t drive ad then get mad at u but one more thing is that they go ad make fake Xbox account so blocking them does not do anything but for them two message ad be like ur getting band even though there at fault for putting me into a wall there will be times like lil push on my team mate even when I’m faster so that they can two win ad it’s most like I’m nascar like how two draft if u can do it right it helps them two win . But forza should just add penaltys two players who like smash into u even in turns like I get it like one time but 3 no that just says that I’m not using brakes at all yea but hop everyone has a nice day hopefully forza can put in penalty Sometyp of penalty two stop them because that will help a lot ad stop people from doing it

@PJTierney … that right there was getting to the heart of the matter. There will always be bad drivers and disrespectful drivers. But its the game design that encourages it in a bunch of ways … and this same game design gets brought back for every title like Jason Vorhees.

#1 … the races are too short. The game caters to bad drivers because of game sales. And bad drivers also tend to have short attention spans. So if you ask them to drive for 10 minutes, theyll find out that bombing every corner doesnt work and then theyll quit. Making the events 10 minutes, no longer than a traditional Call of Duty team deathmatch, would solve a lot of this, but it wont get done because people that want to drive right are in the minority. Id suggest making events 10 minutes but give people a large CR bonus for finishing races and events. And if the public complains about the races being too long, ignore that whinning. Dont put short attention spans ahead of fixing toxic gameplay. Theres a valid reason to complain about how the game is now playing. There is no valid reason to complain that 10 minutes is too long. And if races are going to stay as short as they are now … which they completely are … there is no good reason to have 12 cars on the grid. None.

#2 … should probably be #1. The PI system. The PI system is just disgusting. The term “power build” should die an agonizing, puss-filled death. There is no reason a car with a top speed 100 mph higher than another car should be in the same class. There is no reason a car 3 seconds quicker 0-100 mph than another should be in the same class. There is no reason a car that pulls 0.5 more lateral Gs than another car should be in the same class. First, adding power to a RWD car should NEVER result in the PI not moving … or going down. People can handle those cars, so the PI shouldnt act like theres no benefit. Then there needs to be triggers that bump up a car to the next class independent of PI. If the car is S1 quick, it shouldnt be in B or A. Top speed, acceleration, handling … all should have triggers. That would box in what a specific class car is capable of. The whole add power and use drag tires or drift tires should die. Its one of the things that makes some cars unusable because that difference between the best cars in a class and the “pretty good” cars in a class is more than 10 seconds. That annoys me to no end. But put that all together in multiplayer racing and you get people intentionally bringing cars that get them to the first corner first, and then have the power to hit people from corner to corner to corner.

Make the cars in classes more even and that strategy suffers a big hit. Make races long enough so that recovery is more possible and the advantage of hitting someone is reduced and that ramming strategy suffers a big hit.

But exactly none of that is going to happen. The same complaints have been around for more than a decade and the only real change thats been made is that somewhere along the line, i forget which title was first with this, they decided to make the AI cars intentionally ram people too. Racing in this game is disgusting. And its not going to change. Hopefully venting eases the pressure because thats all that could ever come out of threads like this. Changes are not coming.

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On the flipside, complaining about “nudge ramming” is starting to really get on my nerves. “Look out!”. Instead of throwing a “look out” on the screen, how about not taking up both racing lines … and not braking 50 to 100 feet early … or not breaking AFTER the apex … or not drifting through corners at 50 mph less than the speed of taking a turn correctly … or crashing off the wall and then coming across the track. Again, a sprint race is only 2 minutes so theres not time to wait 4 corners until someone completely crashes themselves out of the way. Not to mention that while a slow person is holding a faster driver up, the pack is catching up … usually with bad intentions. And, again, with the PI system, that person that is nudging you multiple times is probably 10 seconds faster and is probably trying really.hard not to crash you, but its hard for the faster person to be driving that slow, and its hard to predict the braking zones for people driving slow enough to hold someone up long enough to get nudged in multiple corners. In real racing, driving way off pace will get you blackflagged. On a real track day, driving slow and not letting people can cause a situation where the police involved. If youre slower, open up one of the two lines. Not doing so is rude.

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Hmm, there’s a thought… not that we’ll see it implemented. Black Flags (implemented as a ghost mode time out for the race duration) for anyone outside of the “acceptable” performance envelope of the race. Of course that would require quite the rework of the game… so yeah as said it’s not happening. But it would allow anyone to try at any difficulty level and learn real quick if they’re not quite there skill wise and still be able to participate and work on their skills. Anyway, just daydreaming :slight_smile:

here is example ad forza needs two get on this dud like he hit a tree ad then try two smash me into a wall because I’m more faster because i tun my car but yea have I not hit the brakes he whould have hit me ad forza trying two say I don’t have sports man chip this dud does not run ur on car ad stop smashing me of my checkpoints like this getting out of hand with people not likening that ur fast then them but yea just try two like brake early so that it will send them flying into a wall like this dud forza needs two tell him that’s not sports man like instead of me

forza needs two watch this because have I not have hit my brakes early he whould have hit me into a wall

What they need to do is fix it so it’s gives the penalty to the right person when you are smashed into a wall. When someone is next to you and bam bam bam repeatedly it needs to ghost them. Sorry they have to make stories and fix door handles. It indefensible that not one thing has been done to improve this. Not one thing.

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I’ve only been racing P v Ai v P for about 3 weeks, from my first race players tried to ram me at checkpoints I thought that was just part of fighting for position. I don’t intentionally ram but I prefer aggressive racing.

Smashing for position is definitely against the rules. You are not allowed to intentionally ram, push out of a checkpoint, hit, shove etc…. Partly PG fault. The AI acts like a complete jerk brake checking and blocking side to side (neither are allowed) teaching newcomers this is the way you are supposed to act.

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‘I think that Forza needs to do something about the people hating other people in the game like they do in Co-Op, like I play Co-Op just to have fun but it’s not fun if you’re getting smashed into the wall on purpose, and if Forza needs to see it go to TikTok and mgkrollins (I might be 26 but I am totally clueless about this sort of stuff, sorry I have no idea what this is lol), like you can see a smasher who did not brake at all, so please Forza do something about these smashers or at least have it set on in Open, because Co-Op right now is a mess with these smashers.’

That’s my interpretation of it, in coherent English at least.

You’re not alone…

So I assume he’s talking about intentional rammers?