RAMMERS - In Race penalty idea

I got the Ferrari SF90 and decided to test it out in some online racing. After two races and two rams into walls, after doing what I thought was well in my new car, I gave up in disgust.

What this game needs is if you touch another players car your cars power cut type of penalty for a duration appropriate for the length of the lap. e.g. enough to drop you to last - a bit like having to make a pitstop to repair damage.

I have seen plenty of people suggesting bans for repeat offenders, but that is too long to wait. The race infraction needs an immediate penalty. The game does have the mechanics for this in the event lab settings, so why not add it to all online races. It is just a variation of the wall collision penalty.

In the meantime, I’ll stay away from online racing, as this kind of behaviour spoils the enjoyment, for many.


What you just wrote is that when your car touched their car you want to be penalised as well as pushed into a wall. You see touching involves both cars.


I get the idea however the game is unable to determine whether a given action is malicious. For example, I am not very good at the game. That means I bump other cars. In this situation a penalty is not going to make me want to avoid bumping other cars (we have Motorsport for that), it’s going to put me off playing.


There is the ghosting for high speed collisions, which I’ve seen people exploit for easy overtakes - or are they always just lucky? Yes, of course! The problem with ghosting at low speeds is it turns races into Rivals events.

I don’t have a solution to this problem, and I don’t think developers do either. Any change brings negatives with the positives - you can’t please everybody etc. I saw on YouTube that Polyphony’s changes in GT Sport brought complaints every time, but the idea of an in-race time penalty seems good, so long as the offender is the one punished.

Clumsy or inexperienced players should expect to be punished as they would be in other sports - a foul is a foul, even if unintentional. Determining intent after serious crashes or fouls is nigh on impossible even at the top level, so I doubt it could be coded into a videogame, but happy to be proved wrong.

There is ostensibly a Marshall system in Forza Motorsport, but having one per session everywhere in the world 24/7 seems unlikely. That leaves reporting to Support. A few years back, reviewing those fell to one brave guy, SnowOwl I believe.

If anyone has experience of PC racing, how do they handle the problem?


a kind of safety rating is not much to code and a easy system by just counting the incidents.
It can be used as just an interesting value in your personal statistic maybe combined with achievments or accolades.
but as well for matchmaking…

like FH5 is already able to detect clean laps and this is not that far away from a simple safety rating…

I lead by a mile most of the time, I must have the best safety on record lol.


I find that players are easily influenced by others. All it takes is for one person to ram another before the whole lobby starts ramming each other. In contrast here’s a fairly bad image of me with 3 other randoms in the weekly trial. 4 of us are racing on top of each through every corner but no one is ramming. Technically we’re on the same team but the point being is if you race clean then others will be influenced by this.


Ramming in trials is very rare anyway. I have only seen 3 in four years.

There are countless mega threads on ramming in trials…


I know, but my theory is that they are the rammers creating the ramming problem.


I’d say a better idea is to give us more single player/convoy options for racing as opposed to forcing us into online environments, and then provide in client tools to help search for and form convoys.

It’s a big issue with the modern format of the online game, and it’s plug and play mentality. When matchmaking it’s all automated and outside of the user’s control, that means that there is no consequence for being selfish, self-centered, or just plain destructive. But you add in an element of user control, and suddenly a community starts to form. Communities can enforce rules and influence behavior in a game that devs alone cannot. Rammers would eventually either have to form their own isolated sub-community or figure out stuff on their own.

This whole “always online” malarkey is built around the fantasy of always being connected, but the reality is that it’s more alienating than ever, with the added downside that there is no consequences for people who ruin the experience for others, and no recourse for those who wish to punish or avoid those people.

The root of this problem stems directly from design decisions made by the developers. Any solution that isn’t fundamentally shifting the design focus of the game will only ever have a temporary effect, or will ruin the game for everyone.


I have a tread on this where I ask for suggestions on how to keep away from those racers.

As to the developers I was thinking… if the racer turns quickly in the opposite direction of the apex and hits another car, maybe they can give them a penalty that way.

Nice theory but since I’m not a rammer, have experienced it dozens of times in the few months of FH5, and commented on same, your theory is bust. Be honest, it’s not even a theory.

It does seem to have gotten better in the last few trials, but then the AI are so nerfed that alone probably reduces the chances rammers have for hijinks. And still I have seen it. Experienced it. Been the target of it. Never the instigator of it. Just to clarify that for your little “theory”. OK ?

Not necessarily the reason but I have also noticed fewer rammers earlier in the week on Trial. My theory is that the better players are playing earlier in the week, outnumbering the rammers who are just in it for the lols. As the week goes on and more get the chore done that leaves more rammers just messing it up. Pity those who can’t get in early and get it done clean before the lowlife rammers are about all that are left.

I don’t get hit as much these days, but usually I blame myself for not getting away or being in a vulnerable position.

I do try to remember we all have different latencies, some people play on wheels with incurable deadzones, with all on/all off keyboards, unadjusted pads and some people even play via Cloud gaming in an already FallGuys-ish arcade racing experience enjoyed by people of all ages and playstyles.

It ain’t never gonna be ballet. :smile:


It’s not bust, I don’t expect the people being rammed to know why they are being rammed.

To a degree sure all that is true, and of course rubbing will happen. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about repeated, obvious, ramming and t-bone pushing. Stuff that can’t be latency, server lag, mistakes, poor driving control, or any of the excusable minor collision issues. Those are just annoying. And frankly I find it difficult to believe someone as expert and experienced as AquaPainter168 has only seen it 3 times in four years. And blames the people being rammed. I’m also a bit mystified that anonyyymous agreed with that.

Well, please do enlighten me and all the others, why are we being rammed ? Share your wisdom.

Because we are to slow? I just did some horizon open races as street race class b this week to get some levels up there and I have to say that mostly I got rammed because I was to slow as I try to brake before the corner at time and prefer not to hit any other drivers while cornering. Heck I even fall behind last place because I don’t want to touch anyone though I crack almost everytime my rear bumper, taillights and lost my license plate without hitting anything - just because I seem to be to slow for the drivers behind me.

OK - I seem to be not capable to do decent tunes on FH5 like I was able to do in FH4 - so if anyone has a good street race tune for class b just enlighten me please.