The weekly Trail is way too easy.
Already in the first round all Drivatars are overtaken. No sign of unbeatable.
Now it’s no longer about winning together as a team. Now it’s all about everyone wanting to win the race.
There is jostling, ramming and wallriding. Now the Drivatars aren’t the opponents, now your own teammates are the opponents.
Teamwork is non-existent.
The Drivatars must become an adversary again, teamwork must come to the fore again.
And if you don’t pass the Trail on the first try, you have to try several times.
In a reasonable team it is possible.

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Devs dont want you to lose because then you get upset and that a no no in there “woke” world. Nothing in this game is about racing anymore its all about driving and smashing objects. The hardest thing in this game now is trying to like it.


“stock” trials is the only way to do these things

I agree with you but I don’t think it has anything to do with “woke” world.

The problem is the lack of difficulty gradients for playlist challenges so the less skilled player can run simple trials with crappy AI and get fewer points for it while you can choose a trial against a strong AI and get more points.


you can make the Trial hard by simply not upgrading your car

I’d say you’re almost 100%… wrong. And I only say “almost” because I might not be getting everything you’re saying and throwing shade at or reading all the between the lines issues. No need to reply and explain further though.

EDIT p.s. Kudos for deleting it.


Yeah that was all true before the AI got nerfed. I have noticed 0 difference.

The only thing I noticed that’s different is that when a teammate puts all of their energy into sabotaging their own teammates, it’s less likely to prevent a win in the trial. Improvement as far as I’m concerned.

Jostling though… That’s fine. It’s tough to prevent contact sometimes, and remember that server desync is prevalent on these servers. Wide berth between jostling and corner bombing.


It’s only getting worse.

I’m now level *10 and know almost every curve in Mexico. This makes me experienced and fast. But due to the many “idiots” it is hardly possible to drive properly.

It’s not fun anymore!

There are just too many and if I would report all of them I wouldn’t be able to actually play anymore.
Something needs to be done urgently by Playground Games or someone else.
The game is wonderful and great, but driving properly with or against other players has become almost impossible. It causes me to get angry myself and retaliate.

FH5 has evolved into a game where it’s nice and fun to kick your opponent out of the race.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m playing Forza Horizon or Mario Kart.

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I’m actually finding the trial races more the opposite the last few series. Had some good races with some good live opponents.

Have even had some good nail biter finishes where it’s just a half a car length run and clean too. Some rubbin’ but that’s racing!

Yeah sure, there have been a few rammers but nothing like it has been.

In all fairness, the only way I’ve been able to pass a trial is because I had good teammates.