FM Update 4.0 | 16 Jan 2024

Uhhh, Did I miss something?

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What’s the point of all of this in such a broken game ?


The Valkyrie is a road legal so comes with sport tyres as standard IRL




This update is such a slap in the face to the community and what we’ve been asking for. This is the fast track to a dying game and company.


I dont see how its any worse than any of the other ones. I’d say this one brings one of the most significant gameplay related features for what people actually do the most on the game, which is the multiplayer. They’re doing hourly rotations of class hoppers.

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“…This version is focused on new content and events, and contains only minor fixes for car and track content compared to our previous updates. Work on game fixes to address top community issues is ongoing - look out for additional improvements in Update 5 and beyond…”

Dumping more content into such a lifeless & dysfunctional game is like pouring more water into a bucket that has no bottom - a soggy splat.

They seem to have prioritized making this software ready for churning out content, with much less thought/effort/resources dedicated to designing & delivering enough fun & functional things for racers to do with all that content.

This whole situation reeks of outsourcing/offshoring every subsystem out to separate teams without a cohesive vision & solid leadership to keep them all rowing in the same direction, resulting in a messy last-minute scramble to somehow cobble all the mismatched pieces together into a “game.”


For realsies this time or are we gonna get a day 0 patch note saying it didnt work?


Still no stats? Pathetic.


The worst thing about this is that they’ve spent two months trying to fix it rather than thinking what a good opportunity a new track is to add some new permanent events to the career mode.


they can go out and offer as many circuits as they want if the game remains bad and rotten from the inside it won’t change anything, I don’t care about reinstalling the game in the current state it is in. the game is not fun so don’t look any further.

“the little stress of knowing if the next race will be graphically stable or will I have to restart the game”

they took our money without remorse, it was up to them to move their fingers to code correctly, trust in turn 10 went to 0 with regard to future pre-orders of games


Definitely not a step in the direction of fixing the game, but at least they are giving us cars and tracks we’ve already had before🤦‍♂️. Content is lacking, but not why I’m not playing it currently. All its issues are much worse than the lack of content.


At this rate maybe they’ll give us the full game by the end of the year. The only actual new content is the car pass stuff. The featured tour reward is… a Murcielago? The one that’s been in the franchise for over a decade? Of course it is. Same with the tracks, probably until all the real-world tracks from FM7 are added.

Idk why all the Xbox studios think GaaS means drip feeding what should’ve been the base game over the course of a year or two…


so absolutely nothing “new” lol where are the bug fixes? where are the car and weather radars? where are mandatory pit stops? stuff that will actually make the game BETTER!!!

One more update from them that has nothing that satisfies us community members and i’m done with this terrible idea of a game lol

im so sick of lazy game companies nowadays putting out sub par games like this and expect us to be okay with whatever they give us.

shame on microsoft and shame on T10 for everything they “think” they are doing correct. over 1000+ tickets for bug fixes over 1000+ suggestions to put in game yet not one of them has even been put into question


Make sure you all get over to the Issue Reports and Vote to fix the Daytona Pit Exit.

They’ll probably still ignore us but we at least gotta use the proper functions instead ofnjust talking about it here.

Laguna Seca is the same. They exit cars right st the crest of the start/finish straight and the AI just swerves onto the racing line when there is a perfectly good pit exit road there…


Done and done.


it would be cool to see nascar cup car in forza agaub


Can someone please explain to me why….yet again…we’re missing another track ribbon that was in a previous version of this franchise?

Daytona’s smaller in-field course can use the same pit. What’s the reason this time? Still too many missing track ribbons (Miami being the worst culprit).

Don’t get me wrong, I like more tracks but it’s just constant short-cuts everywhere.

….and I see they’re still more than happy with FOMO and old cars returning. How much longer before no one bothers with this monthly grind?


Another boring American oval track.

No Sebring / Road Atlanta

No Monza / Redbullring / Brands Hatch or other proper racing tracks.

Most importantly… No proximity radar


I wouldn’t call Road layout boring… trioval, sure but road is pretty technical nad nuanced. Since they’re recycling FM7 tracks I’m sure sebring, road atlanta, monza and brands hatch will come. As for redbull ring I’m not sure…