Correct Laguna Seca Pit Exit

Please fix the exit of the Laguna Seca pit so that cars exit per the real course after the Andretti hairpin.

Presently, cars are released at the crest of the hill on the start/finish straight which causes accidents with cars on the main line going at full throttle.

AI in particular swerve onto the racing line at very slow speed and are very difficult to avoid.

Correct pit exit (blue):

Look how perfectly i demonstrated the correct pit exit twelve years ago:


This was also reported on Jan 2023, before the game got released. Yet it still got added incorrectly.

After the correction of daytona this is even more important

They fixed Daytona, hopefully they fix Laguna Seca too. At least it’s not all blocked off like Daytona was.

hopefully this gets fixed.