Drift Club Mexico Story

New with Series 6:

Drift Club is expanding to Mexico! Welshman Robert Glenn, a kindred spirit of drifters who share a real love for controlled oversteer, has flown over from Horizon’s Britain, bringing with him a new set of challenges that celebrates the engineering and technical delight of going sideways.

Players who have built the Horizon Rush Outpost will be able to start playing Drift Club Mexico immediately, taking you behind the wheel of seven of the world’s coolest drift cars – each tuned and tweaked to celebrate the past, present and future of drifting.

There are also new Drift Club themed clothing items available to unlock and playing this Horizon Story will contribute to your Festival Playlist completion in Series 6 (you will need to achieve all 18 stars from Story to earn the 3 Festival Playlist points from the event).

Additionally, by completing all six chapters, the all-electric 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 will be added to your garage, and you’ll learn some fun insights on just how revolutionary this car is courtesy of Formula Drift champion and RTR Vehicles founder Vaughn Gittin Jr. Players can also seamlessly swap between RWD and AWD at any time when driving it in Forza Horizon 5.

Here are the chapters and drift point requirements for 1-star completion or 3-stars.

Chapter 1 Star 3 Stars
1 - Back in the Slide Again 10,000 50,000
2 - Reservoir Drift 150,000 300,000
3 - Jungle Kick 200,000 450,000
4 - Canyon Curves 200,000 600,000
5 - Volcano Run 350,000 1,000,000
6 - Drift Club Mexico 25,000 100,000

Drift Club has been added to the Stories group of Accolades. You can progress through all chapters with 1 star each and earn the Mustang Mach-E 1400 but you’ll have to get 3 stars on each chapter to unlock the clothing awards listed below. After completing the requirement you will need to redeem each reward from the Accolades menu before the car is added to your garage or the clothes are unlocked.

Accolade Description Reward
Being the Drift Complete the “Back in the Slide Again” chapter of Drift Club Mexico
I Drift Because I Choose To Complete the “Reservoir Drift” chapter of Drift Club Mexico Drift Club Tee
Power Is Nothing Without Drift Complete the “Jungle Kick” chapter of Drift Club Mexico
Where Do You Go? Yes, Sideways! Complete the “Canyon Curves” chapter of Drift Club Mexico
Do You Even Drift Bro? Complete the “Volcano Run” chapter of Drift Club Mexico
What’s the Lateral Velocity Kenneth? Complete the “Drift Club Mexico” chapter of Drift Club Mexico Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400
Drift Club Mexico Part 1 Earn 3 Stars on all chapters of Drift Club Mexico Drift Club Racesuit
Drift Club Mexico Part 2 Earn 3 Stars on all chapters of Drift Club Mexico Drift Club Race Helmet

Yeah baby!! Drift club was my favourite story in Horizon 4.


Drifting is my least favorite activity. And the reward is a car I don’t particularly care about, so no for me


We really need to be able to create drift races in the eventlab. If we could create drift races in the lab that would really open up a ton of content for those of us that love drifting.

God Bless


I like Drift Club! Have they fixed the Drift scores yet though? They broke them about 2 months ago.

I wonder how they will handle the difficulty in FH5? I am generally pretty bad at drifting but found 5 drifting much much easier than 4. Incidentally I started playing the 4 playlist again for posterity and one of the challenges was a drift zone. It reminded my how much harder drifting was on 4!

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That’s very true. I remember how surprised I was couple of months ago when I 3-starred one of drift zones in a AWD Ford Capri, tuned for racing, in auto, while waiting for the Trial to start. Such thing would NEVER happen in FH4.

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Cant think of anything more boring than drifting, so not for me.


I’m looking forward to the new story.

BUT I will not be playing it on Tuesday.

The story is on the playlist next series. How many times have we seen issues where you can’t complete something on the playlist if you’ve already done it? Even if it does auto-complete, will the Accolade complete as well? I’m not going to chance it until the new series arrives.


I like drifting. I consider it part of my training haha. I always thought it was ehhh outside of pure arcade games like Ridge/Rage/Rave Racer till I gave it a go and my overall driving improved in terms of steering the car with power and letting the wheels straighen themselves etc. (Minimising the amount of inputs I make to hold as much momentum as possible whilst narrowing the corner angle to spend as lile time turning the wheel basically) I started with 1 gear tunes and now enjoy ripping through those gears.

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Not the prettiest drifter but I can get 3 stars on all of the drift zones. So looking forward to Drift Club.

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I am hoping that the cars used in this story are Formula Drift cars.
Because all of the “drift tuned” cars used in Drift Club (FH4) and Upgrade Hero were badly tuned and not fun drifting cars.
All Formula Drift cars have good drift-oriented handling and plenty of traction, I hope it is this way like Fortune Island Drift Club.

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When is it?

Delivered in today’s (29/03/22) patch update. Not sure what time that goes live though. As usual i suspect this will impact on online play :frowning:
Note of caution though - please read the post above by Scimmia221. It may be prudent to wait until the Festival Playlist drops on Thursday as it may be buggy, or risk it :slight_smile:

I truly hope I’m wrong and everything works, but I’m not counting on it.

They’ve pushed the update back until tomorrow anyway, so there’s not much time between it and the new season… https://twitter.com/forza_support/status/1508823787952738307?cxt=HHwWhsCo2bbPtfApAAAA

If it is actually available to play Wednesday, I’d still wait until the start of Series 6 to play as there are likely some Drift Story related playlist challenges.


Yep, looks like Chapter 2 is part of the playlist

Actually, it is getting 18 stars that is on the playlist. Earning 2 levels is about Horizon Open Racing.

Just completed the story but left 2 chapters with 2 stars short of 3 starring everything so can replay tomorrow for playlist, Got the Mach-E Happy? mmmm, No spoilers from me :frowning:

Just don’t know if the Monthly Story is to earn the 18th star in the Drift Story or to earn all 18. If it’s the the latter and you replay all of the chapters, will it be bugged and not count re-earning already earned stars. I prefer to play it safe and just wait until Series 6 begins. It’s just one more day. I can wait that long, I think.

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