Would love Endurance Races to return.

Really miss these, as they were the icing on the cake with previous titles, a sense of “endgame”. Nothing like it. Any chance of this as an update to career mode in F5?

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I know its not the same, but you can set up your own free play/private lobbies for longer races. I think the problem with this is the lack of cars that can be used as rentals. Plus, they cannot be upgraded, but hey, its something.

Endurance races are available. As suggested above, create a free play race where you select the laps and opponents; and, don’t worry, you’ll still get paid out in credits and XP. If you prefer to race against other non-Drivatar types, hop online to create your own endurance lobby and invite others to participate. Lastly, another form of endurance racing can be had in Rivals events where you are free to lap as many times as you like in an attempt to climb the leaderboard.

So, there you go … three ways to endurance race without forcing it upon anyone else in the career mode. Enjoy!

Yeah, I made longer races via free play. Not very long, but like an hour. Never tested to see how far you can go.

50 laps.

Endurance races are a very niche market, and it would be rather unfair to expect people to tank round 20 - 50 laps of circuits if they are not into that to complete the career mode. Don’t get me wrong I like endurance events and set up free play events to race them, and race them in online competitions, but to put them in the career mode is not practical. Same applies to drag and drift events, they too are missing from career but are available in free play and multiplayer hoppers.

maybe t10 could have added these events to the bonus races of each series
that way they are not forced upon you but optional

i love a good endurance race with pits etc but it needs to be a good lobby or a private one

This is a good idea. Also 50 Laps in an F1 car would probably be manageable. But 50 Laps in a C class car in Old LeManns? I’d have to call in sick for a couple days to complete that race.

i’m currently running an Endurance Series, we have about 8 good clean drivers, if your interested PM me or visit my website www.icracing.co.uk from there click on the forum then follow the topic to the Forza 5 section. We have round 3 this saturday which is 30 laps on SPA its 7pm UK time.

I’m the same, miss them too. I’ve been doing rivals and free play just to recreate those longer races. 30 laps of spa sounds very good too!

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There is a mini endurance hopper now. Doing 7 laps of Laguna seca. 3 lap lemans and so on. Not 20 lappers but it’s a start.

You barely get the tires warmed up! lol

Oh I remember the good ol days of 6hr/12hr/25hr Endurance championships around Le Mans and the Ring on FM3 :slight_smile:

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I miss the endurance events a lot, but understand their exclusion from career mode. A lot of people don’t want to sit through 20 laps or more.

I do, however, think that career mode races overall should be a couple laps longer. 2 and 3 lap races are pretty short. 4 or 5 would be nice, maybe 3 for the long tracks. Wishful thinking.

The mini-endurance hopper they added with GT cars is pretty fun, even though the car selection is limited. The are not super long, but long enough to reward consistency.

I’ve been frequenting those also, good stuff

I would love to join one :stuck_out_tongue:

Going after this months rivals challenge has been one big endurance race! Must have done in excess of 300 laps the last couple of days…

One potential solution that might suit all users of the game would be to include the means to select the number of laps you want to run in career mode. Could be per race or per mini series perhaps - although I havnt been on F1 for some time I’m fairly sure this was a career option but done as a percentage of the standard number of laps for a given GP.

I have always thought that this would be a great idea. I am not really a fan of 1-5 lap races. I prefer longer events but I understand that others don’t so giving everyone the option to tailor their races would be great. I would also like the ability to increase the rate of wear so pitting and tire wear becomes a real factor in the race. I will always love Forza, but these issues and others, are reasons that I am looking forward to Project Cars. So far it looks like the race distances are something that I can really sink my teeth into and strategy comes into play. The ability to run full race weekends with qualifying sounds awesome.

Also, in older Forzas, the options for creating private lobbies were pretty robust and I loved them. Plus you could save your configurations. We made Grand Am multi-class replicas, continental replicas, ALMS etc… and they could all be loaded in a heartbeat. You can’t save configs now so each time it is another slog through the menus. Also, now you cannot change what car AI opponents drive which is a bit silly. When I pick GT Cars, it only puts AI in Corvettes and Astons. If I choose LMP it only uses Audis. It offers no variety in competitors and there is no way to adjust it. A little silly in my opinion. And free racing is another headache because it throws a variety together that does not really match up. I don’t need James Hunt’s F1 car when I am trying to run a GT event.

These issues are not huge but Forza really caters these days to those looking for quick races and moving on to the next. Giving those of us who like longer events the tools to build our own detailed events without having to make compromises would be great. These tools used to be there and they would certainly be welcomed back.

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I don’t understand why people think endurance races would ruin career mode, it’s already ruined. A bunch of 3 lap races where you start near the back of the pack and have to break rules and colide just to get to the front. It’s a terrible system. Not to mention the drivatar aswell, braking when they’re not supposed to and not following the suggested line. It’s less of a simulator and more of a crappy arcade game. I’ve been playing Forza for nearly 10 years, I love it. But seriously they’ve done a [Mod edit - WSD , Profanity] job with career. Add some endurance races, it will cause no harm.

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More of the Long Beach enduro hopper would be nice, I dont see why an endurance tab couldn’t be added at the top and have the car classes in there, Endurance also weeds out most of the dirty racers too, they get a kick out of messing up somones 3/4 lapper but over 30/40laps or 2 hours that is easily made up and they get bored and dont bother