Please make an endurance featured cup with some nice reward, like in FM7 with that sebring race

If I saw this, I would jumpo around and clap my hands like a little kid from hapiness :smiley: Please! I beg you!




I recommend adding this to Gameplay as a suggestion, this way people can vote on it.


IMSA & WEC in forza motorsport’s campaign?! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yeah sure and then make it FOMO so ppl have to drive 6+ hours a week to not miss any FOMO rewards. I am not against endurance races, but it has to be reasonable, 2-3 hours is okay but not 6 hours. And it shouldn’t be FOMO but permanently. Some ppl have busy lives they don’t have time for such things, especially if it’s FOMO.


oh yes, I actually dont know why I said featured race :smiley: It definitely would need to be permanent.


There also is an exploit protection that you can only earn 400K in each race or something. If the race would be longer then you wouldn’t benefit of it anymore.

There were ppl that used full assists and AFK farmed millions of credits, that is why that limit has been put into the game.

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Jesus Christ, please no. That race is too long, stressful and time-consuming.

Nobody but the most obsessive of players will even touch the content.

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Please yes, add this Endurance content to the career, but not as limited time content, just forever.

That would be awesome.

The problem is that in single player/career the AI looks like they don’t know how to lap cars properly, even I’m not sure how they could manage the tyres and fuel, so they probably need to add this first.

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Personally I think 1 hour should be the max. Fuel consumption/tyre wear should be adjusted though so you get at least 3/4 pit stops for tyres and ideally at least one for fuel (to increase the strategy options).

Doing the Daytona-style MP hopper with each round of the IMSA championship would be awesome too, although a bunch more tracks would need to be added first (Sebring, Road Atlanta and Long Beach at a minimum)

The idea they would ever acknowledge authentic division championships is out of question.

Update 9.0 added endurance racing.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :money_mouth_face: :hugs: :sunglasses: :face_holding_back_tears:

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I feel like I made this update :smiley: (joking ofcourse ) Lots of irl stuff to do, but man I will use every free time I have to play it :smiley:

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Cadillac V-series.R vs Porsche 963
Choose your team!

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