Worst Forza I have ever played

Now let me say this first. I am no noob at all. I’ve been playing this game since the start. Some of you may recognise me racing in B class on Forza 4 with UK76.
Since the release of this game and the xbox one I have been trying to play it and get into it but I can’t. Now you all know it’s lacking all these features which make it more social, but going on forza 5 now it feels so stripped down and lacking features etc it feels such a waste.
One of my biggest gripes is with the braking in this game. Why are they so so more sensitive, I cannot brake with this game, I’ve changed deadzones etc and I can’t race how I race. I’m usually late and hard on the brakes but I can’t do it. I either lock up and go off or when I try and go a bit easier on the brakes I go off the track. Now I’m no slow racer, I have top 100 times and know how to drive. It’s just so annoying how they messed up the sensitivity so much if you compare it to forza 4. I know I’m not the only one having this.
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I have to rage about this as it’s been building for months. T10 have killed the community and crippled it so bad it’s about to implode. Look at all the tuning companies that have gone, I can’t count how many but over 90% have gone, along with painters etc as they’ve ruined the whole economy. If they can’t see what they’ve done then T10 deserve to have the franchise die like it already is. The game was selling that badly it got bundled with the xbox now.


Have you updated the controller through the Dashboard? The most recent Xbox LIVE update included that, but you must institute it yourself.

Go into Settings/System and in the left-hand column you will see Update controller. Before selecting to update, make sure the controller is plugged in or you have your normal connections made. Then Update.

Why are you telling him to do that? You only update the controller through the dashboard for the headset adapter.

Nah…its been tweaked…last week, or the one before…can’t recall. But ya, plug it in and do the same thing as the headset update. The triggers are the most noticeable.

Really? Not heard or seen anything about that and just googled it for the past 10 mins. You got a link to it?

The controller was tweaked at the request of the Titanfall Developers and was actually just to do with the outer boundaries of the Analog Sticks and had nothing to do with the triggers, this was done via the February console update and was actually applied to the controller the next time you synced it with the console

Flaw3d you are correct the update that we had to do manually only allowed the use of the Stereo Headset Adaptor nothing else

so Craviator because they are ok for you then we are all wrong and should go play another game … there is something that has changed and we are all trying to get out heads around it, you get used to playing a game, then there’s an update and something changes that makes your braking worse, now either your going to slow to notice a change when your pushing to the limit or your that great a driver you can adapt to it without noticing it, but with people saying something has changed then there must be something …

If Turn 10 put out a list of changes however minor (Like apple do with updates for example) you would know if something in the braking has changed or if it is just us …

Did I say you were wrong or I was right? No, I didn’t. I just suggested that if you don’t enjoy this game and post a thread such as “worst forza I’ve ever played” then there are other forza alternatives. If the OP wanted to talk about the brakes like the rest of this thread, it should be called “forza brake issues”. Like every other forza the physics are different, not only the fact that the controllers are say half the weight of the 360 controllers and their heavy loaded triggers. So the xbox1 controller has lighter triggers and probably can be pressed down a lot easier to press down. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Yeah that’s what i thought, The Titanfall devs done a great job on it and Forza defo ended up the better for it so major props to them!

I agree with the stripped nature of the game, it lacks so much that was great. The driving is great and the graphics are spot on, but everything else is just so average!

This is the least fun forza so far. Such a shame.


Since the May DLC update ive had the same issue on the brakes and turning in, I just cant get the car to work how it used to, no amount of using different tunes or playing with controller is rectifying iyt

Did you see the announcement that the game update fixed front-end settings, and we need to re-download any tunes obtained: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst14196_Tuning-Fix-in-Today-s-Content-Update.aspx


I am putting it down to this as to why I cant get it to turn or brake, I re-downloaded my tunes and they all seem to be worse not better for the front end fix !!

I might just be going crazy but it seems like tire temp effects have been magnified since the last update. Whether I use pre-update tunes or post, for the first 2-4 laps the cars push like crazy until some heat gets in the rubber.

Agreed with that statement. I have updated my controller, redownloaded tunes etc, and even with self made tunes I have noticed front tire temps seem to take longer to get up. I have an LP570 that could turn on a pin head before, but now the thing barely wants move left or right for the first 3 laps. (apologies to the guys I was racing the other night, I was totally not expecting to plow right ahead so bad!)

You’re right about he game being stripped down. I can’t even see all my tunes or paint jobs at once. I have to spend hours switching from one car to the next just to determine if I even have a tune for a particular car. I love the racing, I love the graphics, but the options are so pathetically limited its annoying. I would seriously rather play forza 4. I want the option to choose genre races. Like all muscle cars that aren’t limited to the crappy D class or Japanese sports cars all in the same class. There were races kind of like that on the previous forza versions, but now there’s nothing at all. The single player mode is a joke. The AI is completely retarded, constantly plowing into me and driving off of the course.
It’s not going to get fixed. Obviously, it took them 6 months just to make it easier to look at car packs. Idiots, you’re killing my favorite game.

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It seems some realism has been added with the update, now you guys mention it it does take a good 2 laps before I see all the blue dissipate from the tyre graphic (sorry im too busy trying to keep the car on track to check the telemetry for actual heat)

Although after my tyres get up to temp it seems ok there is still some random understeer, I went through the penultimate corner on Road America (the kink left) one lap and it was fine, did it exactly the same the next lap and the car just went straight on :s

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I never have any problem with the brakes and such, I do use abs and tc, maybe that’s why, but that’s how i like it, it works fine for me

Yes I agree with you on all and also takin out user created lobby’s killed the game so many of my friends sold they’re 1s and went back to 360 and forza 4 jus because of this I was the most diehard fan I played everyday haha but now I maybe get 3 hours a week and I don’t miss it a bit so sad way to kill the game I have an idea turn 10 go hire some people who no about real cars instead of nerds with computers who no nothing at all about a real simulater game lol

As with many things in life, including racing, you must learn, adapt, and overcome. It’s a new game with new physics. I have been a forza fan since the first one (not horizon) and I have always had to tweak something about my technique. Don’t get stuck in a rut.