I must be the luckiest Forza 5 player in the universe...

I’ve never owned a racing game before. Haven’t owned a console in years (my 360, Wii, TV, etc. were stolen in 2010).

Never owned a Forza before 5.

But, after watching some of the previews of the game last summer, I knew there was no choice. Had to have it. Had to. Like, more than I need Nutella. Or coffee.

Bought an XB1 and a TV just for Forza 5, and couldn’t be happier. Each day gets a little better as I learn more about tuning and improve my skills bit by bit.

When I started coming here, all I saw was a litany of complaints about what was missing, what was wrong, what wasn’t quite right… For every opinion, someone else had the equal and opposite opinion to throw back. It seemed (seems?) crazy to me.

I play the game every day. I’ve met great people through XBL. I’ve learned to accept the craziness of the multiplayer hoppers, and I’ve found an antidote in private lobbies playing with great, clean racers who never wreck you while unleashing their angry bigoted diatribes.

I’m a super car nerd, and Forza 5 has kept me in a state of car-nerdiful bliss.

The reason I think I’m the luckiest Forza 5 player in the universe is that I don’t know anything about what’s “missing” - or what’s “wrong” - or why this game or that game is, or will be, better. Knowing nothing of previous Forzas, and having only played a GT game for a few minutes, I approached Forza 5 nearly completely innocent. Because I’ve never had a racing game, I’ve never had “The Ring” - I’d love to have it, but it’s something I look forward to rather than something whose disappearance I mourn.

What I think I’m saying here is that, as a virgin in the world of racing games, I’ve gotten to see this as a total noob, and I adore it.

Maybe the game is better than the I’m-angry-about-what’s-different-from-Forza-1-2-3-4 crowd realizes.

Knowing only Forza 5, I can judge it entirely on its own merits, and, god, I love it. And, rather than being upset about issues that range from what sounds legitimate all the way down to some really petty princess-and-the-pea whining, I look forward to every little update, and if Forza 6 brings back some of the things that the long time fans insist need be returned, then… again, I must be the luckiest Forza 5 player in the universe.

I love what I’ve got, and only have better things to look forward to.

And if you’re wondering why I wrote this… it’s partly to try to encourage some of you to see this game on its own terms rather than the terms of previous editions (which, I understand, are all still playable on your 360s), and it’s partly to try to add a little bit of happy to forums that can get a little too dark at times.


+1 . By the way i have had all forza games and i think Forza 5 is great .

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Me 2

I would say you are actually unfortunate. You have missed out on the greatness of the earlier entries to the series. You have actually gotten a watered down version of the game, in place for shiny cars and HD tracks.

Now, don’t take the above as I don’t like Forza 5. I have been playing it for a month now and am really enjoying it. But each day I login, I still miss having user-created lobbies. I still miss having Maple Valley and Fujimi Kaido and Tskuba and Sunset Peninsula.

I really miss having a store front. I used to be able to visit my store front to see all of the tune setups i’ve uploaded. Now I have to select a car, go to tuning, got to my uploads and see if I have one shared. It is a drawn out process when in the past there was a central hub to view it all.

I could put together a list of how it used to be and how it is now, but I don’t have the time.

But no, I don’t believe you are lucky at all.

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You’ve kind of made my point.

When you say you think I’m unfortunate, you’re coming at it from the point of view of someone who misses What Was. But I’m someone who wasn’t there Back When, so I truly don’t know what I’m missing. I am, therefore, able to play the game without knowing if I’m missing out on something. If I’m unfortunate, I have no way of knowing it. Subjectively, then, I’m not unfortunate. I know nothing about this unfortune of which you speak.

To go back to Nutella and coffee (I mentioned them in my first post), if I’d never had them, I wouldn’t know what I’m missing. I could easily have lived my life without them. But I’ve eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Nutella and Coffee, and, should they for some reason disappear one day, my life would never be the same. I would, then, be unfortunate. I would know What Was Back When.

The features you miss are the Nutella and Coffee of Forzas past. I understand that things have changed for you, and that you aren’t entirely happy with the changes. Someone has changed the recipe of your Nutella and taken away your coffee.

But nothing has changed for me. I’m new to it all, and I love it.

Ergo, I must be the luckiest Forza 5 player in the universe…


A blind man my feel fortunate to never have to worry about seeing disgusting things, but he will never know what it is to gaze upon true beauty.

I must disagree with you. I also own every Forza and although I miss the content that Forza 5 is lacking I have felt that the driving feel and physics improvement of Forza 5 over the previous titles is more then enough to make up for lost content. You say it like shiny cars and HD tracks are the only thing Forza 5 has improved upon and you are DEAD wrong about that. If that is truly how you feel then you may not be as big a Forza fan as you may have thought. Any Sim Racing worth his racing wheel would attest to the fact that Forza 5 has made large improvements in the driving physics and feel of the cars and tracks. Just look to the review on Inside Sim Racing to see that a web site mainly dedicated to PC sim racing has been totally won over by Forza 5 and it’s improved physics. It’s more then just HD graphics my friend… Much more.


Sure, I’ll admit that my post didn’t give any credit to the improvements made to the in race game play, i’ll admit to that fault. But that still doesn’t change the fact that many other aspects were not only not improved upon, but made worse.

While the in race action is very exciting and unmatched by any competitor, things outside of the race are sluggish and not intuitive.

I agree that there are things in Forza 5 that are actually worse then in Forza 4 (like telemetry, race replay saving being capped at 10, no proper ghost saves, not being able to tune your car in race and more) but the core of the game, the driving, is better. And that is what counts the most. That being said many of the things that “were” worse have now been fixed and I believe that as time goes on Turn10 will continue to release updates to further fix the things that are worse then in previous titles (I do admit that to me there is reallt no excuse for some of these things. Turn10 should be proud of there achievement in Forza 5 but also should be shaking their head on how so many little things got missed and screwed up!) . Anyway, I feel the driving experience in Forza 5 is the best in the series and that to me means Forza 5 is the best title yet… Despite the obvious short-comings.

dude i wish i was more like you. you keep that glass half full. but i still cant stop laughing at there being less than 20 words between “i must be the luckiest” and ‘all my toys got stolen’. dont know how you do it but glad you do. keep posting and maybe some of it will rub off on me.

I have been playing the Forza series since number 2 and think that FM5 is the best yet. Sure it lacks content and features, but they have slowly been rebuilding it. With a new architecture, new platform, and new game development methods that Turn 10 are running, the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here very well. I am sure that by Forza Motorsport 6, things will be relatively back to what people are used to. People don’t like change after all, even positive change gets people griped up.

For people that have owned previous Forzas it does seem like a downgrade as the Forza 4 offered far more in terms of content. Don’t get me wrong Forza 5 is a great game but honestly I don’t think it’s as good as it could be.

Forza gives me hope. All the troubles of the past are forgotten as soon as the engines rev up for the next race. That moment is full of hope that I will run the race of my life, and if that doesn’t happen it all starts again at the beginning of the next race. Hope springs eternal!

That is a feeling I can relate to. And that, I think, is what a game like this should do.

Yes, I’m sure the Marketplace of the Olden Times was splendid. I missed out on the Forza Library at Alexandria. The Hanging Gardens of Forza’s Babylon.

But when I’m in the 250 California and listening to it rev, enjoying the top down experience, and doing my best to take people on, it’s fantastic. The unpleasant things on my mind fade, and the joy of racing in cars I’ll never get to own takes over.

I know I get a bit excited and giddy, but… I’m an uber car-nerd. When I was an adolescent and you could still find books made out of trees, I acquired and read an old used copy of a Bob Bondurant guide to high speed driving. Granted, I forgot everything in the book, but you get my point. Reading it, I felt like I was in the driver’s seat.

Then there were the hours spent reading about car stats. Reading car magazines (I like the tactile experience of reading paper-y things). Going online and trying to find a Lancia Fulvia for sale somewhere near Portland, Oregon. Turns out there aren’t any. Not that I could afford one. But, again, you get my point.

Then I find myself, one day, getting to sit in the driver’s seat of a Lancia 037, trying to remember whatever it was that Mister Bondurant had to say on the subject of driving.

That, of course, was when I started playing Forza 5.

The car-nerd in me never would have believed a game like this was possible. It’s a great time to be an auto fanatic.

people say it lacks content, in regards to tracks there is 16 different tracks with a total of 50 variations.

We just need Monza, Ring and possibly a few more along with some more Race Cars, DTM ect…

Other than that this is a great game, I too have been playing since Forza 1, i had the first Fanatec feedback wheel

I have played Forza since number 2 and as you can see played them a lot ( Forza Rewards 8500 ) and Forza 5 is by far my favorite one. I really like the driving physics, graphics, and sound. I mostly like how the physics test you. If you over charge a corner you pay for it. You can’t zip around it like need for speed at 100 miles per hour. It take focus to race and be competitive. If you lose focus you usually pay for it. I really like the challenge. There are some racers out there that make it look so easy but it is not they are just that good and I am not one of them. LOL. Was really nice to see a positive post in the midst of a lot of negativity. I believe some people will never be happy, if you give them a pay raise they will complain about being in a higher tax bracket, just can’t win.

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Do I like Forza 5? Yes! Absolutely, it’s great a fantastic game, the only reason I have “The One.”

Do I think it’s better than Forza 4? Discounting the graphics, no. For a multitude of reasons I don’t feel like getting into now.

Do I think it will be better than Forza 4? Yes! The Turn 10 response has been great. The track packs and car add-on’s are awesome and I can only imagine where it will go from here.


This guy must live in my head, cuz that’s exactly what I was thinking!

It’s great to see a positive side of the game rather than another rant about this and thar. I hope how you feel is very contagious and spreads throughout the forza community. Sadly it won’t but cheers to you for going against the grain!!

Thanks mate, I am glad to see that we share what I consider a reasonable and objective opinion.

PS: Please pay the electric bill, they are threatening to shut the lights off, also, where in your head is the laundry machine?

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No…and the dirty thoughts run rampant in my head…:slight_smile: