Should I purchase Forza 5?

I am planning on purchasing an Xbox One very soon and wondered whether I should still buy Forza 5?

Since Forza 2 I have dedicated much time and money to the franchise and loved every minute. The main highlights from the franchise has been the vast leaderboards on Forza 2 i.e career, exhibition, Cycled production hopper, Rival events. I especially love hotlapping and like I say racing in the cycled production hopper.

My main concerns are below and these are based on some comments from my friends.

  1. No cycled production hopper.

  2. You need to purchase DLC to compete on the rival events. I am not keen on purchasing DLC after spending so much on previous Forza games.

  3. Boredom due to lack of tracks.

I would appreciate some feedback before I purchase.

Yes, it is a great racing game, you will also like horizons 2

If you can find it for less than $30, then maybe.

The one big positive is the physics.

You can compete in some classes without DLC but in others it will be difficult.

Get used to winning 90% of multiplayer races without much effort. Yes, its that bad and yes it can be very hard to find people that are quick. You can do very well with stock cars online though. So its sort of a substitution for cycled production.

Career mode is mostly 2-3 lap races and is the worst career mode ever for forza. At least the older games had longer races. The AI is much faster than other forzas which is good. Its worth noting that some multiplayer races are 4-11 laps depending on the track so the races online are usually longer than fm4 multiplayer races. Another positive us you get to vote on the next track. However, its impossible to vote out a terrible player.

It is very difficult to search for tunes and even more so for paints. It seems like there are less quality paint jobs out there compared with other forzas.

Ask your friends list. They may have a better idea if the game is good for you.

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It would be rude not to get it. I think as a driving sim the gameplay has improved. You dont really need dlc to compete on the leaderboards in most classes.

D class: 65’mini, elan,civic,celica and chevy nova. none are dlc also honda crx(free dlc )
C class: dominated by the rally engine less so the car, all kinds of cars on the leaderboard but good cars are subarus,civics and 74’ celica(dlc)
B class: as above but the alfa 33 is dlc unfortunately
A class: ferrari f50 and ktm xbow. x bow is a beast, really difficult to drive but really rewarding. lots of TCS users in this class.
S class: vipers,f50s,ktm, and my new favourite the usf2000mazda(dlc). formula ford(dlc) saleen s7 also works.
R class: ferrari 312t2(nikki lauders 1976 f1 car, as seen in the film rush).amazing car. theirs also james hunts mcclaren but lauders is quicker. Zonda and ulima gtr(dlc). only 4 true gt cars in this class
P class: horrible class. the mazda 787b destroys everything by over 3 seconds per lap. unless your a vip which costs £15 or buy the limited edition forza 5 your screwed.
X class: only really one car in this class lotus f1 car. Love this car. outstanding performance.

Thats it in a nutshell. You don’t need dlc to compete but if you were to purchase just one pack i would recommend the hot wheels car pack.
Sorry about the absence of cycled production. you still could set up your own private lobby for it though.

If you didn’t feel the need to buy Forza 5 in the first year after it’s release I would say wait another year for Forza 6, for the reasons RPM Swerve mentioned.

Personally I wouldn’t bother.

If i were you id wait for forza 6 since forza 5 's content has got boring for alot of user

If you like Forza, then definitely get it, but don’t expect too much of it. The career mode is shockingly dire, and the public hoppers are bumper cars at best.

To get full enjoyment, find a group who want to enjoy the game in the se way as yourself. Sketchy has a time attack comp running now which is good (see racers lounge) and there are a few comps running with the car clubs - pendulum have both a drift and GT event open for registration, and virtual1gaming have a GT event running.

Once you find a group of like minded persons, Forza really is up to the next level. If you stick it out on career mode, and public hoppers, the game has a very short life span.

If I was getting an xbox one now I would buy Forza 5. I guess it may depend on where you live, but when I got my xbox, the digital version of Forza was included for free. Maybe its still available???

I don’t think I would buy the LCE at this point or the DLC. but if you can get the game used or better - free with the Xbox it’s worth it. I think the game is much better that originally expected. There enough cars for me (but not enough race cars) but a few more tracks would make the game much better.

The multi-player was the best part to me but now that Horizon is out (and Destiny and other game coming soon) the multi-player lobbies are getting a bit empty. So the game is getting to the end of it’s life but still good fun. Project Cars is coming out now in March but if you are getting the Xbox One soon - I wouldn’t wait - I’d pick up Forza 5 for now.

Forza has been a good game from go. As others have said career mode is not nearly as good as seasons past. AI is quite a bit better. Physics are very good. Graphics are better than 4 but not gonna blow your mind. There is a dearth of tracks at the moment which 6 will likely fix. No Porsche, which EA owns the rights to. EA being EA who knows if we will ever see them again. Hopefully T10 pulls Ferrari from EA, if they have not already. Problem with 5 is it seems that they have pulled the plug on it. Heck they gave us new rivals events until the first of this year for 4. They have not added any now for what, two months in 5. The game is good but they just rushed to much for the release date. If you like career, or have friends that play your going to be ok. Like others said go to game stop and get it used. Not worth the cash I dumped in it IMHO. I hope they throw us a bone and release a big update.

Thank you for the replies.

One of the reasons I did not buy an Xbox One and Forza 5 at launch is because I did not want to purchase a console for one game. I also wanted to wait until the price of the Xbox one decreased. What I may do is wait until early next year especially as Project Cars has been delayed.

I do hope Turn 10 listen to the community and that they implement all the features we love about Forza 4 into Forza 6. I would also like to see features from Forza 2 return. The roll up leaderboards in career were great fun to compete on.

The xbox one is still good though. I primarily use mine for things other than gaming.

Why isnt there xbox 360 version of the game?

Graphics and Physics cant run on the 360. If you take those 2 things out you would basically be removing 1/2 your cars and tracks from FM4 and have the same game. Also maybe add in some serious delay in moving about the menu, then you have FM5.

Because it is time to stop investing money in an out of date system.

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Makes you wonder why they even bothered bringing Horizon 2 out on an out of date system.

The single player can be boring but online is quite good.

You’ll love the game for the physics alone, don’t expect to be lapping like you did with forza 4 for awhile though… pretty sure to much Gt6 has put pay to me getting back to top 500 times anytime soon.

I’ve only had the game for a few days but still can’t find the auction house and ready made tunes :-/

No auction house.

You have to be in the car to find tunes. Then in the upgrades menu there’s a prompt at the bottom right to load tunes. After clicking that there’s a tab in the tunes menu to load shared tune setups. Once there, good luck finding what you need. You can filter by class, but you’ll have to scroll through hundreds of tunes to find those of tuners you trust. There’s no way to filter by likes or uses.

There’s also no way of knowing what your favorite tuners have tuned since there’s no storefront. Brilliant system huh?

Cheers for that, half got the idea of things after I posted, its all very different to F4 … surprised they’ve dropped the AH.

I’d get Horizon 2 and wait for PCars in March and that’s coming from someone that’s put over 400 hours into Forza 5.