Where has the sun gone?

In general, I like FM7. There a nice number of tracks (please, bring back more fantasy tracks from previous games!) and a lot of features have come back. But, what happens with the sun!!! In many tracks, when you play in the daytime, it is actually a kind of sunrise or sunset, all grey, twilight. Well, I know some people complained in FM5 because all the tracks have a big sun, and the races were between 12 and 4 p.m., but now many tracks look without colours, greys. Catalunya, Prague, Spa, … but the worst, in my opinion, is Laguna Seca. In FM5 you could feel the heat. The effects of light and shadows were fantastic. Now it´s a bit… sad. It’s like a bad teenage vampires movie.
I like to play in twilight too, but it’s not “day”. Maybe you could put two day conditions, one when the light is at 12-4 p.m. and another when is sunset or sunrise. In career mode you choose the circuit and its conditions, like now, and in free play and multiplayer we choose day, twilight (and night or rainy if avalaible).
Thanks for reading and for many years of race days! Keep doing a fantastic work


Its not warm

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Depends on what time it is where you are. I see a nice in ya face blinding sun on Le Mans and I think a couple of other lighter versions but they do seem few and far between.

To add to what the OP said… the poor lighting experience is ‘enhanced’ with the dingy gray garage ( which is the location of Forzavista ) adds to the overall depressing ‘feel’ of the game.



This is actually my number one beef with the game. You get to choose rain, overcast like it’s going to rain or really foggy and about to rain. Rarely is there any sign of the sun and if there is, it looks like it’s just trying to peek through the clouds. This is my main reason for logging so little time with the game. I do two races max before the game literally makes me feel really down and depressed. I have to go do something else. It isn’t a survival horror game, it’s a racing game so there’s a certain feeling of positivity I expect when playing it. I’m not getting that feeling at all like I did with the other Forzas. I don’t expect every race to be sunny but one out of twenty would be nice.


I get plenty of sun. Personally, however, I prefer it when it’s gray. The sun is oppressive, though at least it isn’t the eye-lasering tyrant that it was in 5 and 6.

Yeah, on Monza or Mugello im getting a lot of sun. Laguna seca and Alps are also quite “warm”. Of course Brands Hatch looks cloudy everytime, but its in UK :wink:

Can’t say I’ve ever felt down and depressed over the weather in a racing game. On Free Play I actually prefer heavy rain, clouds, thunder. The rain effects look great and it adds a challenge to the game.

Me neither.

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my problem with the game is also that the lighting never really pops.
it feels way too subtle for me. i want really gorgeous dawn light or sunset light, i want to be able to at least choose from baked in presets, like GT Sport is offering.
i find this solution more satisfying than having a half asses dynamic time of day which includes only 2-3 hours plus/minus from the starting point of the race or 6 rain tracks whereas the other tracks are all more or less in one condition every time.

What i also would like to see is the capability to race the whole race in conditions like we have on that Nurburgring showcase race at the begining of career mode.
I want that kind of lighting not only for the last corner.

I wonder what it’s like on an XBoxX-calibrated 4K HDR… maybe it pops a little better on there?

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i play from an LG OLED B7, the Win10 version and it pops, but not particularly the sun itself.
you have here and there nice contrasts, but more often than not the game looks a bit pale compared to GT Sport which i think has the best HDR in a racing game.

I like how the mods quietly delete my comment about the sun having to be unlocked from a loot crate. scumbags.




Well hello friend,thought you might have retired since I have not seen you post for awhile,just using you for the hardcore cases I see,anyways,happy holidays to you!!

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The irony of video gamers complaining about not seeing enough of the sun… In a video game. It’s hilarious.


Is it my imagination or do I see a variety of day time? I could swear I ran Catalunya once and it was cloudy, then ran it again soon after and it was mid-day sunny. The cloudy days do look pretty drab though, but I mean… that’s what cloudy days look like no?

No it’s not your imagination. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me too. The first time I raced on Maple Valley ( actually the actual first time ever because FM6 was my first experience with Forza ) I was like dang I am really hating this track. It was so gloomy and dark I couldn’t wait to get off of it. The second time I ran Maple Valley I fell in love with it. All nice and sunny, good track layout , and an overall warm feeling. That was in freeplay by the way. So yes it is definitely different each time you load a track in freeplay. That was one of Turn 10’s goals that they got right. Granted the time is still static once you load the track, but still much more variety then FM6 offered.

My favorite thing to do is freeplay. If you fancy a certain track and don’t mind running it a few races in a row, try this. Once you get into the race if you don’t like the time of day just back out of freeplay and reload the race and try for a different time of day. Once you get one you like, you can run it over and over with the restart button and the time of day will remain on the one you like. I don’t know if hitting next race resets it. Haven’t tried it yet but at least you get the time of day you prefer for a few runs on your favorite tracks.