Wheel settings for FM 7 (Demo and game)

The car still shouldn’t make a right turn into the wall at 35mph. I’m still looking for a decent setup and will try all of the ones that I recorded.


Well humps and bumps in curves, sand, 700 hp, a lot of torque with a rear engine and no tune at all… I’ve never drove a car in this conditions…

I set it ingame to 540 and on the wheel (fanatec csl elite) to auto.

Ok, I finally have some settings I am comfortable sharing. After much tweaking and more tweaking, I have something that actually feels enjoyable.

PC: i7 6800k, nVidia 1070 8GB, 16GB RAM

Wheel: Fanatec Clubsport V2 with BMW GT rim and latest drivers and firmware installed.
Pedals: ECCI Trackstar 6000 Standalone USB 3 pedal unit with Stage 3 race brake upgrade. Connected directly to PC by USB.
Shifter: Thrustmaster TH8RS connected to wheel with Basherboards SFA1 Shifter Adapter. (But I have only used the paddles so far in the demo)

On wheel settings:
Sen 900
FF 100
Sho 100
drl OFF
For 100
dPr 050 (The game has a horrible FFB deadzone around the center of steering and this gives some resistance)

Advanced Controller Options
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 95
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 5
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 90 (because of the way my pedals work, I need this deadzone to get full throttle use)
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 5
Decelaration Axis Deadzone Outside: 69 (my brake is extremely stiff, so I need this to be able to stop)
Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 5
Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 90
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 (I don’t use the handbrake)
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Outside: 999,999,999
Vibration Scale: 22 (gives me just enough feel for bumps without overpowering the FFB)
Force Feedback Scale: 35 (the FFB kicks in abruptly, so this helps to keep it smoother)
Steering Sensitivity: 100
Steering Linearity: 50
Force Feedback Understeer: 5 (as low as it will go)
Force Feedback Minimum Force: 140 (helps to give some feeling around the center)
Wheel Damper Scale: 30 (helps to give some weight to the wheel around center)
Center Spring Scale: 0

Suggested Line: BRAKING ONLY (mainly for the Dubai track which I am still learning. This will be turned off later)
Braking: ABS ON
Steering: SIMULATION (I was able to run fine with the truck and Nissan, but the Porsche felt better with NORMAL steering)
Traction Control: ON
Stability Control: OFF for truck and Nissan, ON for the Porsche
Shifting: MANUAL (I use paddle shifters on my wheel)
Damage, Fuel, & Tire Wear: COSMETIC (Hey, its just a demo)
Rewind: ON
Friction Assist: ON

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^You will want friction assist off.

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Thought this might be of some use, its a better/more accurate description of advanced settings thanks to Aaron.

Vibration scale: controls the scale of haptic vibration
FFB scale: controls the scale of combined trail feedback and dynamic forces
Steering sensitivity: Adjusts the DOR with a soft lock
Steering linearity: Adjusts the linearity curve of the steering input, higher makes it more sensitive around center/less sensitive at full lock, lower values make it less sensitive around center/more sensitive at full lock. 50= linear
FFB understeer: this scales the aligning torque from machanical trail, lower values increase its affect, higher values reduce its effects giving a higher feel for understeer (ffb drop off)
FFB minimum force: scales the aligning torque from pneumatic trail (on my setup lower values increase the aligning force from pneumatic trail and higher values decrease it) default value gives unscaled pneumatic trail ffb data
Damper scale: adjust the weight of the wheel
Center spring scale: the spring is the force pulling the steering wheel toward center; that is to say gravity through caster, KPI and scrub radius. This force is overcome at speed through pneumatic and mechanical trail, the causes of align torque. It’s an active force in Forza Motorsport 7 and at racing speed it’s very minimal.

Some extra info

Mechanical trail: this is the distance the center of the wheel trails behind the steering axis and is the main cause of aligning torque

Pneumatic trail: as the tyre deforms and stretches with speed the contact patch of the tyre trails behind the centre of the wheel and gives extra aligning torque


I dont understand " trail feedback/mechanical trail) :sweat_smile:
Vibration scale is not real vibration its ffb? Because there also an option to turn on/off vibration in another settings menu.

Trail/Mechanical trail is what causes aligning torque on the steering wheel, aligning torque is FFB. (I’ve reworded above so hopefully it makes a bit more sense)
Vibration scale is the volume control of the vibration so to speak, adjusting the volume to zero is the same as turning it off.

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I have the Fanatec Clubsport V2 and on one of my wheel pre-sets I set DOR and FFB on the wheel settings to Auto and used Dust’s settings and they do feel very good. I may make a second preset for the Forza with his settings and when I fine tune it to where I like it I will compare both finished settings to see which one I like best. With the Fanarec wheel I can switch the wheel settings on the fly so easy to compare them.

My settings with TS PC RACER :

Steering Sens: 50
Steering Lin: 50
FFB Understeer: 100
FFB Min force: 100
Wheel Damper:0
Center spring:0


Steering Sens: 100
Steering Lin: 25
FFB Understeer: 100
FFB Min force: 100
Wheel Damper:0
Center spring:0

i feel the control too much twitchy, i don’t need to turn more than 10° and i hate this feeling sensivity is too much that’s why i have decreased sensivity or linearity

Hi Guys,

I have the TM 458 Spyder wheel (XB1), which isn’t the greatest wheel but it’s what I have for now.

I tried searching the forum for settings appropriate for FM6 as a start point for FM7 but haven’t found anything. If someone could point me in the right direction or provide settings here I would appreciate it greatly. For the record, I haven’t used the wheel on FM6 because it wasn’t functioning properly, although it worked fine on Horizon and pCARS. Hoping that glitch was fixed in the last year or two. I have seen others reporting that it works.



Thrustmaster TX, Pedals, Shifter

Xbox-Forza 7 Demo

Steering, Acceleration, Deceleration, Handbrake: 0-100
Clutch 0-20

Vibration Scale: 40
Force Feedback Scale: 40

You can go higher with these, your preference. I don’t want the cooling fan running all night.

Wheel Rotation Angle: 270

I just like the feel with this set up.

Steering Linearity: 50
Force Feedback Understeer: 5
Force Feedback Minimum Force: 80

Wheel Damper, Center Spring: 0

PC-Forza 7 Demo:
Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT

Global Settings in Logitech Profiler:

all settings 100 %, wheel rotation 900°

In-Game settings:

Steering axis 0/100
Acceleration axis 0/80
Deceleration axis 0/80
Vibration 20
Force feedback 100
Steering sensitivity 100
Steering linearity 50
Force feedback understeer 150
Force feedback minimum force 150
Wheeldamper 0
Center springs 100

ABS - on
Steering - SIM
Traction - off
Stability - off

This settings are really nice and IMO by far the best for the DFGT wheel … I tried a lot. You can feel the Porsche and I can keep the car on track - most of the time :wink: !

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I found a settings awhile back and can not find that same thread, if someone would please point me to the right one, Thanks

maybe here —> https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst99324_FFB--is-it-fixed--UP--We-re-Getting-there--needs-a-little-more-oven.aspx

This is where I have ended up with the g920 on xb1. I hope it helps others who may be struggling / short on time.

Sim steering - yes you read that right, but it feels good in 7, much livelier than normal but very manageable.

Clutch DZ inside 20
Clutch DZ outside 65 - That stopped me riding the clutch when shifting

Brake DZ inside 10
Brake DZ outside 70 - only if like me, you have done the brake bung removal mod to your pedal

Vibration 80
FFB scale 50
DOR 900
Linearity 50
FFB understeer 50
FFB min force 100
Damper 0
Spring 0

It’s took a long time tinkering and constantly tweaking whilst playing to land here, it feels nice and light but still with plenty of detail on kerbs, understeer, locking wheels under braking and losing traction.
The only thing im disappointed with now is there’s no road noise whatsoever,(bumps etc) but thats obviously the way the game has been made and probably not achievable.

Hope that helps someone out and allows people to play and enjoy the game rather than spend all night faffing around in menus as I have!

By using sim steering you are introducing a bug that shouldnt be there that will be effecting the FFB. But whatever.

Yeh…this felt spot on on the civic R, when i progressed onto other cars it fell flat on it’s a$$$.
Ignore me I have no idea what im talking about

What bug is this? Are you playing with a G920? On Xbox one S?

I am also playing with a G920 on Xbox One S and sim steering seems perfect. What am I missing here?

Using sim steering on a wheel seems to increase the linearity at the wheels centre, this makes it more difficult to counter steer. The thoughts previously behind people using Sim steering, is it was assumed that when using a wheel with normal steering had hidden input layers enabled as with the xbox gamepad. This has be confirmed by a T10 dev to be a false assumption, and when using a wheel the input layers are turned off as soon as the game detects a wheel is use. Taking this into consideration, there should be zero difference between normal steering and simulation steering when using a wheel; but there is a clear difference there between the 2 on a wheel.

As such, It is advisable to just use normal steering.

For anyone who is using a G920 wheel, I hooked mine up today with FM7 on the Xbox one; I recorded a video showing my settings. Please forgive the “eerrrs” and “urmms”, I am not used to talking in youtube videos; so I kept stalling while trying to explain things. Also included is a lap of the nords in the rain of my first impressions of the force feedback in FM7 thus far.