Help, I need FFB help for noobs!

Hi, I know, there are great threads about FFB already, but I am a FFB noob and English is not my first language. I read most post I could find on FFB but I still do not get it.

All I want to know is this,

1: What setting do I adjust if I want to feel more “curb rumble”, potholes, bumbs and road texture?

2: How can I make the steering lighter without losing other FFB effects.

Please do not close this thread! (Well, unless it is answered, of course :wink: )

I know there are describtions like this on the forum:

And although I really appreciate post like this, and I know Blue028 is very good at these things, I really do not understand most of it. For a FFB noob torque from pneumatic trail sounds like complete abacadabra (again, not a go at Blue028, I would probably find it very usefull if I could understand it.

I hope someone can answer my 2 questions, it would make the game way better for me!

If you tell what kind of wheel setup you have you may get more detailed answers, I think for question 1 answer would be vibration scale and for question 2 would be damper scale.

Have a good-n

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Thanks for your quuick answer Cipher!

Setup is Xbox one with Thrusmaster TX with latest firmware.

I tryd a setup blue028 uses in a video he made, but still do not feel curbs at all. I’ll try to up the Vibration scale!

I switched to the TX pro setup last month hence still in the learning process.

Have a good-n

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What are your current settings? I’m started with these settings from Sentenza1591
After adjusting some settings I feel pretty comfortable using the TX wheel in FM7

I finally got it a bit the way I like it. Thanks to a video of MotoGamesTV on youtube (search for Forza Motorsport 7 - Force Feedback Settings Explained for Thrustmaster TX Steering Wheel)

It is still not as good as I get it in Project Cars 2, but this is at least fun to play.

I started with:

Vibration scale 50 (turned it up to 75 because I really like to feel the road and curbs a bit more)
Force Feedbackscale 65 (turned it up to 68 because felt just a bit better for me)
Wheel Rotation Angle 540
Steering linearity 50
Force Feedback Understeer 25 (turned it up to 40 because I wanted to feel the understeer a bit earlyer)
Force Feedback minimum force 100
Wheel Damper Scale 30 (turned it down to 15 to make the steering bit lighter)
Center Spring scale 0

With these settings I have no clipping, I feel the road, curbs and bumbs a bit, steering is not to heavy and I feel when loosing traction and most important, the wheel does not try to center itself when the car is not moving.

Hope this helps, credits are for all who helped me so far!

I posted over in the tech support forum. I am a Thrustmaster TX wheel user and the ONLY way I can get the wheel to be manageable is to crank the main FFB setting down to a very low setting and that effectively leaves me in situation #2 above. I did a test drive and starting with the defaults, started turning down the settings one by one and the only setting that made the wheel usable was the main FFB Scale setting.

With the default settings, and any ‘recommended’ settings I have found in the threads on this site, turning the wheel at all takes a TREMENDOUS amount of effort. Sudden corrections are impossible and even sharp turns are difficult to do.

Well, I think it is impossible to get the settings right because of this problem:

There is already a very thorough FFB thread, right there:

Why do you think you needed to create two additional threads? (this present one, and the one you linked above)


What you are describing as “good FFB” is not good at all. It is a bug. When it is happening, if you keep racing without pausing/rewinding/ending the race, it will get worse and worse, and soon enough you’ll be experiencing the “left pull bug” which is mentioned in the very first post of the main FFB thread (the one thread where you could have posted your questions and where you would have gotten way more answers).

What you are describing as “muted FFB” is not muted, it is the normal FFB that you can expect from a TX. Actually, the FFB may not be that normal if you set your FFB scale too high, since in my experience, with a TX anything above (roughly) 55 for FFB scale will generate clipping. So if you want to experience all the variations and details of the FFB, you want to set your FFB scale below 55 at most, maybe even below 50 if you want some margin.

Well, I am affraid you are right after all, this might be the bug I experience. That means this bug is not fixed after latest update on firmware tx, latest update Forza 7 or latest update xbox os…

I know where you’re coming from…

Yeah, it sucks that the bug is still not fixed, especially since it seems that the bug was already present in FM6, and was carried over from FM6…

Meanwhile, I use this temporary fix that I found in another thread (an old FM6 thread), it’s not the ideal solution, but that works for me:

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The problems I adres in both post are different then the threads that are already here.
What I am discribing is not “a bug” as I have experienced to good FFB with other players and TX setups in the store. And no, it is not how the TX supposed to feel because there the TX feels vastly better in Forza 7. It also does not feel muted in Project cars 1 and 2.
With none of the TX rigs I played there is clipping when ffb scale is over 55. When I put my rig under 55 I actually feel none of the vibrations anymore, no rumble strips, nothing so that is not a solution for this problem. I have never encountered the left pull bug. Just the one that my FFB get suddenly better, then stays excellent till the moment it is gone again. No detoriation, never gets worse and worse, it is either muted,95% of the time, or excellent, 5% of the time.