Whats point of DLC cars?

Whats the point of us buying DLC cars with real money only to not afford them with fake in game money? Races don’t pay out [Mod edit - WSD] and you don’t get gifted cars anymore! If I win a circuit with cars that cost 1 million to buy I should get paid out more then 75K!!! Should be 1 million plus! IM on tier 5 and doesn’t even pay out 1 million anymore and I have own ever forza game and forza 5 hasn’t gifted me one car yet! I don’t want to play this game like a real job just to buy some cars! This whole reason why my friends and I stopped playing this game and the fact theres 1/2 the tracks then forza 4 !

I don’t want [Mod edit - WSD] for free but I would like more money for winning big races that cost me millions just to race and get nothing in return! I still don’t have an X class cuz If I buy X class I’ll be broke again wont be able to buy any cars cost, most cars 200,000 to 2,000,000 that look fun to drive!


Money should not be an issue in this game. I have more than enough you just have to race or do rivals (rivals you will get a lot of money fast). Also if you cant afford a 1million dollar car buy something cheaper.


Did you redeem your Forza rewards ?

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It must just be you I don’t think my in game money has droped below 7mill in a long time. And I have almost 250+ cars so you may want to rethink how you play the game.

Doing rivals and before you know you just gained an extra 1mill. I don’t how people say its hard to get money in this game. I sometimes get board and thing ahh il buy a new car and play with that a bit.

You also don’t need a 2,000,000 car to have fun most small cheap cars are more fun then the big expensive cars



i have well over 20mill (think around 27-28 mill) and every time dlcs out i buy all the cars straight out to paint them so i own most of the cars in game. i really dont understand how people are struggling turn some assists of turn the difficulty up and hit some rivals i did the bounty hunter 2 yesterday for 40min leveled up 4 times giving me about 400k

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You need to buy VIP so you get double money.

Watch the language please.

If, after only one hour of racing gameplay, you do not have enough credits to buy better than 50% of the cars in the game, you are doing something fundamentally wrong.


I personally dont buy the dlc cars, I’m happy with the cars that are included in the game so to speak

You know how you bought the game with real-world money, which included you spending money on the initial 200 cars, but you were fine with then buying them in-game with credits? DLC cars work the same. Either all cars should cost CR or no cars should cost CR, since all cars whether on-disc or DLC cost real money up front.


Have you made it your life’s work to post that as many times as you can?

I hope he has because its the truth.

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Looks that way seeing as its in his sig too…which makes zero sense btw yet someone seems to agree with this strange logic. Cars in game came with the package as a whole, i paid for the game, not the cars included, they’re a given, without them the game wouldn’t exist. DLC is an optional extra, if you decide to pay real world money for those on top of what you’ve already paid for they should be free in the game, you should not be expected to grind away to unlock them too, thats taking the mickey. Going off his logic, if the cars incuded in the game are worth the same as DLC cars are individually then why did i only pay £55 & not the £400+ it should’ve been?
People dont have a problem with paying for cars in game with credits as they are already part of the career process, cars which are not initially included which cost extra real world money afterwards are not & shouldn’t be treated the same imo.
You pay extra for new cars in iRacing, you dont have to unlock them with in game credits too though once you’ve paid for it, it wouldn’t make sense & it doesn’t here either.

When you buy DLC you’re not buying the cars. You are buying access to the cars. I think it even says that on the DLC descriptions, “In game credits required to buy cars.”

I had no problem with cash when I first started out or at ant point. Just buy 1 car and race all 16 races per series with it, by the time you finish the 16th race you should have more than enough to buy a nice new car.

Money too easy to get IMO. When you start, money very tight. With in a week you wont know what to do with it. Im sitting 45million that basicly useless.

If you do 1 millions/hours (Which I dont) its still like 45 hours of gameplay

Its easy enough for casul players to get cars they Need. If you want rare or expensivecars, you should have to work for them.

Ps I think you have more than 45 hours inthe game. Most hardcore guys have a ton time invested.

Well, I dont think "

" for casual players.

As for me… I dont know how many hours of gameplay I have, but I know I’m running on fume most of the time.
I mainly tune cars for other, I’m about 50 % in the career., and I’m at 600k.
Tuning for other players net me about 2k per day right now (Wonder how much are doing the best rated tuner)

Well you might be buying more than your racing!! Im sure your buying every engine swap and every upgrade try to find that setup.
I avg 8k a day tunes, 3-8k divertar, 16k paint. I thinks theres is a cap on how much you can make.