Playing Forza again...what happen

I took a little break from forza and came back after hearing about some new stuff in the game. I quickly went threw my saved money getting new cars and wanted to earn some fast cash by myself. Jumped into the usual 50lap at indi and kicked backed and raced. When I finished I was surprised to see I had made no where near the money I used too. I rechecked the options and everything was how it normal was when I would race and make 30k a race then like another 140k from the level up. Did Turn 10 next that race so u don’t make as much money?

Also what’s the new best way to make fast cash if they did change that?


Rivals… And be good at it; at least top 500 times for a car class on all tracks.

Between Forza rewards and free DLC cars I can’t see a reason for running 50 laps anywhere just for cash. Just messing around in a lobby for a little bit and I have more cash than I know what to do with. However I’m not sure if they made any updates regarding payouts.

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Forza rewards is nice, but the cars being free and stuff ruined the fun of the game. No need to play anymore, they just give you the stuff.

Easy fix: add the car for free. Remove it from your garage. Pay sticker price. Solved.

I agree with you on the free cars. However with the tune cap limit I’m just buying two or more cars each with a different build and tune for different layouts.

you forgot to change the setting from the default. if you are using a good tune set the drivatars to unbeatable, you still lap them multiple times in a 50 lap race. set the tranny to manual with clutch, one you are in top gear (by corner 2 of the 1st lap) you never shift again. you never use the brakes so tun off all braking assists. 50 laps should take a little over half an hour and pay out a total of a little over 200k if you do the settings right. no assists except maybe tcs if you even need that, and drivatars to unbeatable. ohh and dont fall asleep.

Races xp caps at 60K so there is no point in for a race (if going for credits) to go over the amount of laps that get you to 60k xp. ( I think indy is 1k per lap I can;t remember - cuz I really don’t pay it any mind

No idea about the credits being changed in an update as I have so many I just buy another indy car a week to put a different tune on it since the DLC is free to get in garage. It just piles up, so I don;t even bother looking just race / hot lap / practice have fun… I have stopped even going to rewards -

Yep - Indy Speedway is about 1000 XP per lap (varies a little depending on the number of laps - xp seems to be distance based and then rounded off) and the max is 60,000.

I did 10 laps of the Nurburg GP track last night in Lauda’s 70s F1, and failed to beat my PB.

I did however get 140,000 CR simply from leveling up, as well as mileage toward the achievement for driving the 70s F1 cars on the ring.

Beats grinding credits turning left for 50 laps


I never understood why some people think that running circles to the left is the best way to farm credits!?!?

Huge payouts every 20 minutes . No need to be as good in rivals. Affects levelling up, and affinity just like rivals. Might be boring for many, but some people do have the patience.

140,000 for 10 laps of a circuit without setting a PB needs very little patience.

I thought of the wrong game when I saw crunchy’s post… However, I’m pretty sure you’d win the same amount from levelling up with 10 laps in a private lobby.

I find money to be remarkably easy to come by in this game. Just keep driving.

I’ve got like 50 million credits and nothing to do with it except buy the occasional car.

I have thought about doing what Rabbit was talking about and buy 2 or 3 of the same model to keep different tunes at the ready but haven’t got to that point yet.