***UPDATED*** Tuning Calculator v2

To help out some fellow tuners, there was an old formula from ages ago that made it easy to find the correct balance on a car to even it out. I have taken the same principles and applied them to a Google Spreadsheet for simple calculations that I only need to change the weight distribution. Although these settings are on a Drift Spring Set up, the values for the springs and everything else is adjustable so you can modify this to your preference. The blocks in yellow are the calculations and should not be altered or the spreadsheet will be messed up and I will need to go back into it and fix it. Help yourself and I hope you enjoy!!!

Google Spreadsheet:


The problem with Google Spreadsheets is that it’s a collaborative tool. So you dont get your own instance but everybody is working in the same sheet.

That means if I enter values I might overwrite stuff from someone else who’s using the sheet at the same time.

thats why you download it first

True, but there should also be an option for someone to save the document as their own which lets them have it on their own instance. They can also click on the formulated cells and see the formula and copy it to their own Excel spreadsheet. But from my experiences, the sheet should be loaded onto their browser and shouldn’t change when someone else inputs a setting, at least I have never had a problem with it and i’ve used these before.

Note : In order to save this, click File > Download As > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

I noticed someone changed the settings for the Google Spreadsheet. I was bombarded with e-mails asking for permission to use this when it was suppose to be open to everyone. I have gone back and disabled people from being able to change this option. It only takes 1 to try and mess it up for everyone. Fortunately I was able to rectify this issue and I hope this continues to help everyone out with their tuning.


If anyone needs additional help, feel free to contact me. I hope this is helping out everyone.

I had made a tuning calculator of my own, decided I was done with all Forza games and deleted it, and a few posts about it… that’s what the blank post #6 is about.


Once again it has come to my attention that someone has messed with the internal formula’s of the spreadsheet. I have gone back and corrected everything, including the math. This can be used for racing and drifting to balance your car’s suspension. Remember, when calculating the difference on the stiffness for your vehicle, the springs differ from your different types. So make sure ythe minimum and maximum are set correctly for the type of spring rates you are using. I believe it is either 1 and 13 or 3 and 20.

Lock it so nobody can change it. If they want to use it they can save a copy to their drive, then they can use it as is or modify it to their liking.

Once again one of the values were changed which could have changed some people’s set up. I have now made the fomula function cells protected only edited by me. I am still keeping it open for people to be able to use and change the actual cells they need to.

On a side note, I may be going in and changing the thing in it’s entire format to add each of the different springs (race, sport, drift, offroad, ect) if the settings are universal for the min/max on most of the things we use. If so, then you will not need to change the values for things like the antiroll bars, just use the designated area.


Please note that the Google Doc has now been updated. There is now a section for Drift/Race Springs and Rally springs between both English and Metric. I did notice there is no change between English and Metric, but to avoid confusion, I put them in there own category anyways.

Also, the format has been simplified even further. Now, you only need to input the information under the A column for the Weight Distribution and Spring Rates. Inputting your information into these fields will now change the information under the table section you are trying to figure out.

For additional fine tuning, there is a note under the tables reminding you to change your vehicle’s values under the Bump Stiffness between 50%-75% which allows for a bit of a better tune.

If there are any additional things you would like to see done to this calculator, please reply in here or reach out to me and I will try and see what I can do.

And as always, happy tuning!!!

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Thank you for your work!

Quick tip: You can also add & lock the formula below to Sheet1 - A5 in order to further optimize the file:

Happy drifting!

I don’t think I have much in the A column locked because those are the main inputs to get the calculations for everything else. there are only 4 inputs to put in and sometimes I come in and people only change like the Front Weight Ration but forget to change the rear. I might just make it a formula so it automatically does it for people who forget to change this.

And you are welcome. I hope this calculator helps you out with your tuning. It does me very well, holding some pretty good high positions on the drift leaderboards and a lot of the tunes I have, use this calculator and they work like a dream.

Can somebody pls tell my how to use this. I just started tuning and don’t have a clue what the things mean and what they do

This is for balancing out your car’s suspension. When you go to the calculator, all you need to do is put in your minimal spring rate, your maximum spring rate, and your Front Weight Ratio.

The rest of this will automatically calculate your car’s settings to give you the Forza’s setting for the car. This means that the springs, rebound stiffness, ect will all be balanced 50%-50% for your car based off what you gave it.

Why do we balance our car? Less body roll, less undesired movement from the chassis while accelerating, braking, and/or turning. Is this the best way to tune your car? No, but it will get you to a good starting point to make minor changes here and there while you learn to tune for yourself.

This can be applied to several different iterations of racing from road courses, street racing, off-road/cross country, drifting, and even drag racing.

So again, on the LEFT side of the calculator, put in the minimal spring rate (move the slider bar all the way to the left for the desired vehicle) and the maximum spring rate (slider bar all the way to the right)
The only piece that is left is to input the Front weight % (the rear is automatically converted for you) and just find the settings that you are looking for. The only real difference that you will see from portion to portion is the stiffness’ I believe.

In the past few days I have had several people contact me to inform me that something again has been altered on the calculator. After investigating the issue, someone has switched it to a Russian Input system. I have corrected the issue and have brought it back to an English format. In the future, if your native language is not English, please download a copy of the calculator to your own computer and use the formatting in your particular language to avoid further confusion.

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Just a friendly bump in case anyone still gets a good use out of this calculator that I have shared out for everyone.

Quick tip for anybody who’s yet to realize it, but if one is able to open the spreadsheet in G-docs then one is also able to make a copy of the spreadsheet for their own personal use. It’s simple, under the “File” tab in the upper left-hand corner the fifth option down is “Make a Copy;” once you click this, you’ll be copying the spreadsheet into your personal folder whilst simultaneously opening said copy in a new tab and no longer have the need to alter the “community” sheet.

Figured that explanation could potentially prove useful… or maybe not? Lol tried to simplify it, I suppose. Anyway, is the calculator currently in proper working order? I copied it and want to use it to check against my own calculations, see what’s what. I’ve never come across a spreadsheet/calculator like this, that’s pretty awesome. Good on ya!

Over the years, there have been several google docs built. They have all produced similar results: a decent baseline and then you can make minor changes for how you drive

Senistr’s is one, another is this one FH3_Tuning_Doc. Again it is a google doc, so I’d download a copy to your device (it should open with any spreadsheet application on any device) before making any substantial changes.
If you play any of the FM series (or FH / FH2), there is also this webpage to assist (Forza_Motorsport_Tuning_App).

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