The GOLDEN RULE as Applied to Forza Multiplayer

You know the Golden Rule - NO - “Not he who has the gold makes the rules”
The actual Golden Rule - Look it up if you don’t know it.
Here is an easy simple rule, easy to remember, and oh so perfect for cleaning up multiplayer lobbies.
Next time you find yourself behind someone and ASK YOURSELF - “Can I make this pass without making contact?”



As a former Professor of Mathematics, I think I can prove this rule is logically equivalent to the Golden Rule
In fact - that other Rule about having the most Gold is equivalent to how so many folks actually drive

. . . You Need to GET OUT OF MY WAY!


All very good in theory except it doesn’t take into account that there’s a good chance that the person in front of you that you’re about to pass cleanly will turn in on you and wreck you because they don’t like being passed and can’t accept the fact that you are faster than they are.


Those willing to apply this rule are probably already applying it.

What I mean is those willing to race clean probably are.

Those deliberately wrecking won’t care about this rule.


Yup, the people that intentionally wreck other players don’t care; they’re going to play car bowling at every corner.

A more powerful “Vote to Kick” option would be nice.


Yeah this was happening to me yesterday. Kept passing someone in the can-am league on a straight. Always keeping it clean, then I’d get walloped into a wall. Every time. Not hard to tell that this moron couldn’t accept losing the position and holding on for me to make a mistake at the bend. I mean honestly, if they were decent enough they would pass me at the next corner again as I tend to over do it when pressured by another car. I’d have went off and they’d get the position. Instead they wreck me and themselves letting others get further ahead. Where is the logic in that.

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It all boils down to the ugly fact that most people don’t care about other people. It gets especially glaring with things like video games when there is zero accountability.


in a way you can apply multiplayer in any video game to how things are going in the world in general.

if more people would simply think about others more than themselves everything would be more enjoyable, especially anything involving random people.

so in a way one could use online multiplayer as a litmus test for the thoughts and desires of the general public of the world. :slight_smile:

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The first and biggest rule in racing to me is “HOLD YOUR LINE” .


Yes I know this rule but, it is not w/o fault because you have folks that cannot run any other line than the optimal line and with you in it. You.will get wrecked. It is especially prevalent with players who generally only play Hot Laps, or ghost leagues. They have next to no ability to race well with others. And no I am not blaming T10 for having Hot Lap and Ghost League racing. I like both of them.

I try to keep a eye behind me to see if someone is catching me by a good bit I usually try to get out of their way as easily as possible. Because if they are catching me this quick. Holding them up is generally going to slow you down too.

And people swerving into you because you are trying to pass them will most likely blow the next corner or so. Because they will be worried you are going to try and pass them again in the corner and not brake enough for the corner. Remember the reason they are trying push you off the track is because they are not that skilled in the 1st place. If they run into you while you are trying to pass them at the end, well just settle for the spot. And get them next time. It is easier and a better finish than getting wrecked. I know that is not the “sexy” way to play but, hey I would take a second over a third or worse finish any day of the week.

I actually was called a “wrecker” & a bunch of other words I cannot put here. Because I was on the bottom line on the banking at Daytona while trying to someone who was in the middle line and they thought it was gonna be a good idea to move down while I am coming up beside them. I never moved I stayed where I was and they went spinning so of course they wrecked and I didn’t but, I was the bad guy. For not going where the flat part of the track so I can spin the car and take both of us out or let off and still probably hit them. So I invited them to send the replay in to have me reviewed and even told them I will save it too.

Bottom line is some people do not know anything about a thing called Racecraft. And assuming they do or should is not wise. Until they can prove it. Just like last night I had a conversation with a misguided youth. Who thought because they went off the track and came back on right in the way of cars in a fast straight. That it is everyone else’s responsibility to yield to them.

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Your whole reply shows where a lot if people go wrong. If people take the the optimal line in traffic they are breaking the rules of good race craft and the cause of the crash.
Yes you can come off your line to avoid crashes.

I am new to Xbox as well as Forza and have been enjoying the game since getting it at Christmas. I was looking forward to the online aspect of the game but sadly the purposeful wrecking has discouraged me from even playing the game lately. I’ve gone back to playing games I have on PS4 instead. I was thinking about playing last night and watched a couple of streamers on twitch playing online and it was the typical half of the field taken out in the first turn in every race and I decided against even turning the Xbox on.

Sorry to head about your experience dude. If you genuinely try and drive clean then I am part of a stream who only tries driving with clean racer. Look on twitch for midnightracer56. We race forza 6 on Tuesdays and PCARS Wednesday. Next week is swapped as a one off due to dlc on pCars. But feel free to join. Just mention my name Bladey2k14. :smiley: I will say. We do get some idiots joining pretending to be clean. But everyone gets a 2 strikes and your gone rule. All we ever ask is if you accidently catch someone or brake late just apologise in chat after and show you never meant it :slight_smile: good luck anyway dude :slight_smile:

I 've learned the hard way the best is to follow the rule mentioned by AKRA1X - hold your line. If all would do that, racing would so much be easier and pleasure.

The thing is, in F1 multiplayer, whether it’s 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15, in a race if you hit someone and spin them out, more times than not you get a penalty. Maybe that’s something that should be looked at for future Forza games.

In F1 2010, if you brake check a driver behind you and cause a collision, they got the penalty. It was a common exploit of the penalty system in Multiplayer races.

I have never played F1, has that been fixed since then?

I stopped playing actively when F1 2012 came out, so I can’t tell.

A good training tool for increasing your unpredictable situation (sudden lane change, why are you so slow here, unexpected braking, horrible corner lines, etc) and collision avoidance skill is to do some career racing with simulation damage on. The AI won’t usually ram or pit maneuver you though - so you don’t get much help in those situations.

Why would players respect rules when TURN10 do nothing to combat the trolls. I’ve been playing Forza since 2007, it’s my #1 game, by far. Turn 10 has never made single attempt to get rid of the trolls.