What happend turn 10

I have been a loyal forza racer from the first forza game. And let me be one of the voices to question turn 10 and their decisions to migrate this game into a more arcadic slaughterfest of racing games. We all know what happend to need for speed. But really sellout like that company. This game is so bloated with non competitive racing its not even remotely enjoyable online. The last forza would have been an eye opener if you didnt flood the group with your friends list players. First off where is the punishment for intentionally rear ending a player from a full straight. Bump draft is one thing. Stuffing a corner is another. That is not racing. Why even put multiplayer on the game id gladly refund my purchase if this isnt addressed. I dont bother with the career from these frachises because of the limitations. It is all about the competitive multiplayer which isnt here. Can we get a post on this from turn 10?? We shall see. 2nd allow a kick feature thats viable?? Seriosly


Actually, I went the other way. It seems a lot less ‘arcadish’ than I thought it would be…


I believe there are no collision races and leagues that solve this problem. The leagues should place you in races with si liar style drivers. Ie. Clean racers

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Bingo ^ give this man some credits !

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The mutiplayer has become a total joke. I don’t race but I drift and I have people raming into me, finishing races early so I can’t finish. I have had this game for a day and only manage to finish one race in drift mode before the time has run out. It getting rediculous that they have never attempted to fix the problem

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What problem are you expecting T10 to address? The fact that you’re drifting and everybody else is trying to race? I must be missing something here.

you miss the drifting lobbies… for example…


Not sure how Turn 10 is supposed to fix the problem of people ramming into him? Should T10 start a “learn how to drive better in Forza” school?

Look, Forza has issues. That is for sure, but some of the complaints here amount to “T10, please fix humanity!!”.

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From a driving perspective it is better but from a actual race perspective its arcadic. And leagues are limited

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I cant wait for a league with no collisions… but making the best of what we have now :slight_smile:

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The Ford GT league has switched to no collisions last two days but isn’t advertised as such :slight_smile:

There have been ghost leagues basically every week since the game came out.

Thats why im trying to add as many real racers as possible.
Couldnt care less if you’re the fastest on the track as long as ya know track rules
Wish there was drive through penalties and such


Has there ever been a race game that didn’t have horrible drivers or people that crashed for fun?


you get less of those on these PC sims that usually work in user created clubs/leagues (operating from forums or facebook groups)

it’s always the same, people complain that they can’t find good racers, but they never actually create private lobbies, try to get like minded players together, they just complain and expect the “devs” to fix humanity, basically.

the most fun I’ve ever had playing forza was online, with good friends. I don’t even touch public lobbies since, I don’t know, forza 1 maybe.
find good friends to race with in private lobbies

now to be honest, in FM6 I’ve been playing offline, so I don’t yet know about online features, I’ve seen the leagues and all, but I’d guess there still are private lobbies are they?

about the drifting comment.

well, if you enter a race, and you don’t actually race, you’re the one out of place here (not saying the stupid kids who ram everyone aren’t either)
I mean if you drift, what do you want the others to do? wait for you at the finish line? stop racing? join you in drifting?
again, private lobbies, problem solved

ow… it seems you dont know that there are drifting lobbies in the game… and that’s the point! if you choose to enter in a drifting hopper ( or what is the english name for them ) and just go fast to end the race i assume that you are a retard kid, bytheway i tried only the first days and was a mess! i prefer private parties with my friends, less problems and more " sportivity "… i think that the multiplayer " filters " on forzamotorsport2 by languages/nations was much better for find pubblic parties… and of couse at that time there was the " kick " option too

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if older versions of the games, ramming has been there i always watch out for it, but the players had respect to wait at the line before people finished for the most part. and the ends race timers were a lot longer then the 30s they give you now, they were 1;30 in change

what you said about the drifting would be true if the lobbies weren’t meant specifically for drifting, in the drifting lobbies you don’t win because you crossed the line first, you win because you got the most points, and if you don’t finish the race you don’t have a chance to get as many points, so people are going into drifting lobbies with their cars that are meant for the c-x class lobbies and finishing the races, we might be half a lap behind trying to stay out of traffic, or in my case the last Forza i played was Forza 4, and forza 6 is a lot different to say the least, so im still getting used to the game and trying to hang back and let people go so i dont get in the way, then i still have about half a lap or more to go and that timer pops up. i get it its a race but the type of race you got into isnt ment to be raced that way, you dont get anything for not getting drift points so the only reason they have for racing the entire thing and finishing is to troll.

this has been fixed since i posted this, pretty well too. now its a timed race and the winner is who gets the best lap score. thank you turn ten.