What happend turn 10

I’m surprised at how many people buy the game JUST for the multiplayer… that’s the last thing I’m interested in lol. I just love cars, man…


Turn 10 can’t control the types of players that play the game

They are responsible for gameplay, and to my mind, they have nailed it

They have done their best to keep the players who don’t take racing as seriously away from those that do


Since a mod can’t handle the truth and edited my post I will say again. Project cars has a much better more mature online community just sayin


i saw a mod have ago at some one saying his two pence worth about project cars the comunity may be better but there mods are not from what i have seen

You sure about that?


we have only to wait the release of the new nidforpizza so all the " kidz " will go to play it and leave forza…


Projects cars offers at the moment only 5 online races 4 of them are gt3. Project cars seems to be dead since fm release. I now it because I would like to race online this morning. Lot of xbox players switched over to fm6. So to say that pc has the better mp is not true. Even after patch 3.0 the mp is unstable… sorry to say that. Because I loved that game too

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A lot of this is kind of a no-brainer.

The ones who make arguments that ‘on PC sims it’s not like this and that’… Well of course not. Those games are bought by hardcore racers with a different attitude. Forza is a AAA commercial racing game, marketed to the masses. Surely you cannot expect a community with a hardcore attitude, when the target audience and exposure of the game is not in sync with that, right?

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As such, a visible vote to kick is needed so that others know that bad driving habits do get punished. It’s perfectly fine to bring in a wide group of people to a game. It’s not fine to avoid teaching these players what is acceptable behavior. However, any visible vote to kick should show votes for all players. Abuse will happen but it will help nullify the effects of crash teams.

ATM T10 has implied that an anything goes approach is ok.


League racing has been great.

Far less arcadey-y than previous Forza Motorsports.

The drivatars in the single player already cut corners and ram each other off the track. You can’t expect Turn 10 to possibly care what people are doing online when the career mode of their own design is so chaotic.

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T10 could put all the restrictions in the world in the game and the “bad” players would still be there to ruin things for others. Plus, it may end up penalizing the “good” players for simple mistakes.

Personally, I have found public multi-player in all the Forza’s to be less than enjoyable most of the time. Sure, I’ve been in some really good lobbies over the years, but sadly I’ve been in just as many bad ones. Even the CPL’s in Forza 2 which many so fondly speak of were not all that. I was new to the game back then, and most of the time I would be kicked out because “dude, this is just for my friends”, or " your not very good, you can’t race with us". OK, thank you for helping me to improve!

When FM3 rolled out, I was fortunate enough to make some new friends who felt as I did. Then I discovered league racing! Ever since I can’t be bothered with the public lobbies. Having a circle of good friends and racing in an organized league is what makes online racing so enjoyable for me.

That said, I am very interested in this league thing. I hope it’s not as bad as what I’ve read here on the forums, as I would like to give it a try. Right now, I’m concentrating on getting my “chops” down, as I don’t want to be “that guy” that everyone wants to kick! LOL!!

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Just block and report the idiots, FM5 was the same when it first started but after a month or so I was being paired with great racers and had most of the idiots blocked.

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This is why I dislike online in FM lol.

I can’t remember a single racing game that hasn’t had crashers online, wether that be Forza, Gran Turismo, DiRT, GRID, F1 etc…

Even the supposedly hardcore Project CARS has quite a few.

Just part and parcel of the genre, unfortunately.

The game isn’t arcadish in nature per se, if you think about the physics. As for multiplayer… yes, I agree there needs to be a penalty system, heck even a system that deducts money from your total credits if you engage in dirty driving or take shortcuts. Lobbies can be created for ‘destruction derby’ style driving.

The physics of the game are very very good actually… might I suggest going into career and giving some time for the drivatars to evolve? They do get better over the course of time. Keep difficulty at max. That should give you a nice challenge.

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To caveat off of someone ^^^ mentioning about losing credits…I feel the penalty should be that whoever you ram, at the end of the race, you end up “paying that racer” credits for the damage done to his car. That’ll somewhat curb the idea of ramming others hopefully, and if you do get rammed, at least you get a credit bonus!

Just an idea.

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It appears Turn 10 will have to institute the latest crash avoidance systems on cars in Forza that auto brake.

Say if you have three hard rear end collisions in less than 24 hours, the CAS is applied to the players car for a couple weeks.

That ought to do the trick.

Shouldn’t be that difficult, there is already auto braking in Stability control.

I keep saying that they should bring back Tag Virus game mode how it was in FM4. Full tracks so the crashers have their high speed corner bombs. Putting them in a .25x.25 box is going to do nothing to get them out of multiplayer races. They can’t even get out of 3rd gear. What do you expect when T10 adds Limousine, Escalade, F&F Tank, they are just promoting people to crash. Just my .02 Bring the BMW M2 and the 2010 BMW M3 GTS. I don’t want to have to buy need for speed to drive these cars

T10 needs to implement a couple of simple things to make online racing slightly more enjoyable without resorting to ghost racing.

  1. In the braking zone before a corner if the game has not detected a car/player attempting to brake (dive bomb) then car should ghost and not be involved in ruining the race for others. In addition, if they continue to do so they get a 5 second time out penatly where they have no control of their car.

  2. Also, someone is intentionally ramming other racers, based on speed differential between the 2 cars then player’s car should ghost and receive a 5 second time out penalty.

I know that this is doable because it’s what is implemented in GT5/GT6 online races and it works! Wreckers and rammers leave the lobby/hopper because the game penalizes them for their inappropriate behavior. Also, it prevents semi-clean racers from using others cars as side rails in the middle of a corner to cheat and gain an advantage.

  1. Also, each track should have a pace car to teach new comers the proper racing line and appropriate speed by following the pace car. You would have to get within a certain time limit following the pace car at the finish line to “graduate” or get an achievement.

One thing that GT5/GT6 attempted to do was teach proper racing - braking, cornering, acceleration, and even drafting. I certainly learned a few things from those tutorials.