Series S vs Xbox one X

Hey guys. I currently have an Xbox One X, and looks like i will be getting a Series S in a month or two. I only have a 1080p TV so am wondering if visually the ‘S’ is going to be any better? for Forza Horizon 5 or any other Forza game. Is the original Forza Horizon better on my One X ?

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I’m in a similar position as you. Recently got a Series Xbox. With FH1 and 2 there’s no visible difference for me. FH3 is about the same too.
I’m playing FH4 and 5 on the new machine and leaving older games on the One X.
It’s up to you.

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FH1, FH2 and FH3 do not have Series S|X Enhanced versions of the games. FH4 does and FH5 will as well obviously. Those games will look and play better on Series S|X than they will on the One consoles.


I had been holding my breath they’d at least bring the classic FMs to the new systems even if the graphics couldn’t be enhanced. I wanted to run through the campaign of the old games once again but I’m not gonna go out and buy a 360 to do it. FH5 ‘should’ keep me busy for a while.

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In a month you will have tested FH5 on your One X, and you might think it’s OK. If it is OK save your money, because the Series S is only going to be good at the beginning, it will not be good for FH6. If you can hold out, and save up for something that can carry on to FH6 you will be better off.

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I have a 4k TV, the Series S graphics are far superior to the One S. Loading times seem a bit quicker, and Panic Button allowed us to skip the majority of the initial loading scenes.
There’s definitely benefits to upgrading, but the choice is always yours in the end.


4K TV and a Series X for me. I’ve had the 4K TV for quite some time, so it don’t think the graphics improved all that much over the One X but in terms of load times, its not even close.

I’d happily upgrade to a Series X if they ever aren’t sold out. Is there any sign of the stocks catching up with demand?

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It will take persistence to get a Series X. Get alerts for restocks on Twitter for the major retailers and keep trying, I’ve had one almost a year. Every restock try again, it took many failed attempts. Be patient.

Coming up on a year for me a little before Christmas but it wasn’t local. I had to drive 100 miles round trip to get it, I do not regret it!

Nope, that’s why I settled for the Series S.

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A friend of mine has a One X and settled on getting a Series S since the Series X is practically impossible to get at MSRP, and continually harps on how much he has regretted it. Many games that are supposed to have been optimized for S/X have allegedly looked worse on the Series S than his One X. Hopefully FH5 won’t have the same problems, since it should be tailor made for the newer systems.

I have the ‘S’ now. I managed to get an ‘X’ for my son …finally from Amazon for £449 so he’s pleased. Seems odd talking about my son who is now 18. I think he was about 6 when he first started playing the Forza games. I guess i’ll just wait and see regarding which console to use for FH5.

I’ve read several articles, basically saying the OneX has a better graphic card than the series S…and 4k isn’t supported with the S. The Series S will load faster, but having 4k is more important to me…especially in beautiful Forza land.

What he said

An option can be to replace one X HDD by an SSD. Quite cheap compared to buying a new console, I did it for mine long time ago, never regreted it.


Yep, I did the same thing to my One X earlier this week just for Horizon 5. It’s done wonders for FH4’s loading times.

And if you’re not comfortable opening up your One X, an external SSD works just as well.


Yeah, the impact on loading times is impressive. Welcome improvement when you need to restart the game due to a blocked online lobby

In case it could help anyone, it works also on the former one S which I upgraded to improve FH3 loading times. Globally, xbox are quite simple to upgrade to ssd, from memory no glue or straps or any super high risk things, just screws, plugs, clips. Any tutorial on yt is good. Now M$ provides a reinstall software, just plug the usb key and follow the instructions.
Furthermore I consider it being a Green option, just changing a piece of the device instead of buying a new one.
Of course it voids warranty and that’s worth attention as Microsoft is providing superb support for its devices in case of failure (replaced with brand new devices).

Thanks for everyone’s inputs here. I only play in 1080p due to my TV and having now played FH4 on both, doing a bit of research and listening to you guys…graphically i am getting a better image from the One X, and certainly if i go 4k at any time, my One X may still remain the better option :slight_smile: How this will translate with FH5 remains to be seen :slight_smile:

I see FH5 is Xbox One X enhanced in the Xbox store. So it should run the same graphics as 4. Lets hope so!