Finally Got a Series X, and Holy Moly

…do the Series X graphics and 60 FPS make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, from a gameplay point of view, I still think Horizon 5 suffers quite a bit, but the graphics definitely live up to the hype, especially after playing on a One S for so long. Honestly, if it weren’t for the console shortages, Horizon 5 should’ve been a PC and Series X/S game only because the One version, while playable, is pretty doo-doo from a performance and visual standpoint.


The biggest improvement with the XSX is the load times.


What load times

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I could never go back. It’s a massive upgrade in gaming experience and instantly felt worth it.


I think there are 2 settings for FH5 on the series X.

Pretty 30 fps
Performance 60 fps

I prefer the 60fps. At 4k anyway.


Yeah. I don’t have the right tv for quality mode so it’s flickery and makes me feel a bit nauseous. Performance still looks great and runs sooo smooth.

The game that amazed me most so far is actually Vermintide. They did great enhancing that game.


I believe default is quality & that’s where I left mine without any issues. It was also my understanding that it runs at 60fps which is what it appears to be. The only “issue” I ever see are some draw rates for far objects coming into view during high speeds but that’s about it. Maybe performance mode would correct this? I’ve heard of issues changing between modes so I’m hesitant to mess with it.


Yes! Whatever you do, always pick Performance mode! It solves a lot of issues and makes the gameplay and handling a lot better. Before I always had a lot of input lag on the One X and Quality mode on the Series X but on Performance mode that’s all fixed and I can now drive just like in FH4.

As far as I can tell there is almost no difference in graphics between those two anyway.


I thought I had seen some members reporting issues trying to make the switch & losing data or something; so that’s not a concern?

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I sometimes switch to get weeklies to trigger and never had an issue. I always enter a house or festival outpost to force the game to sync then fast travel and wait for it to sync once more just in case.

With quick resume off I’ve never lost progress.


So you’ve actually had issues with the graphics settings causing weekly chores not to trigger or did I misunderstand that?

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No. I had never used quality mode then switched to get it to trigger, but others who only used quality had to switch to performance etc. Weeklies are just weird like that haha.


Tried switching to Performance mode for the first time & was shocked by how “choppy” the gameplay & graphics looked compared to quality mode. Needless to say I switched back :smile:

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I don’t know how people can play in quality mode. As soon as you start driving everything becomes a blur. It’s so bad it makes me nauseous.

I don’t have that issue at all; not sure why that would be the case for you.

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I think if you have the right display it works. But it feels like you need a really good tv or a monitor.

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I’m playing on a 65” Sony Bravia XBR 4K

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I have one of the best gaming tvs in the world.

Which is?

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Hm. Is it 4K?

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