Reward Cars missed


Hello. Unfortunately I was in the hospital for 3 months and couldn’t play Forza Motorsport. Of course I missed out on some reward cars as a result. Is there a way to get or play for these again? Thanks :smiley:

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Unfortunately not, at least not now. We’re still waiting for confirmation that reward cars will be obtainable again at some point in the future.

Hi @ALBU1974 . Unfortunately there isn’t a solution for this, although you can go to the suggestion hub and vote for some of the suggestions there, so that T10 brings back some of the features from past games or even add new ways to get the lost reward cars. If you couldn’t find them, massage me here so i can send you a link.

Make sure to vote there:

And there:

I still can’t believe multiple ppl voted yes.

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Ikr, I want the Lambo Sesto El’.

It would be nice if we had an auction house or ways to get cars we’ve missed out on.

There’s no weekly or Daily challenges which would give players a reason to play.

The lack of player engagement is concerning, it’s as if the development team are running on fumes.

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Just commented on another thread about the same issue, I hope they address how to obtain missed cars soon.

Check out these suggestions as well

You could also try a support ticket. They probably tell you to check out the forums, but you got nothing to lose by asking.