Remove FOMO "features" - keep added Tours

There is absolutely no reason to remove the “Featured Tour” or the “Open Tour” after they “end”. All this does is remove content from the game that’s already barebones and frustrate the players by giving them an ultimatum every month. It already takes way too long to complete these tours just to get a single car. Who exactly is being catered to by removing the content? How does removing this content make the game better? Where is the benefit for the players? Is this game for investors to look at an engagement graph or is it for players to play and enjoy?

Unfortunately, given the state the game released in, and their absolute lack of contrition during the monthly stream, I think we all know who the answer to that question is.

Hint: It isn’t the players.


I can’t strikethrough the incorrect part in the OP so just going to put an edit note. The Featured Tour stays it seems but the Open Tour gets replaced. The reward from the Open Tour doesn’t seem to show up in the buy cars menu unless I’m missing something.


The featured tour is gone now. And I completely agree with your post. We need more tours, not less. And the time gating needs to go too.


Thank you for reminding me. I meant to update my post again the other day but forgot. Really disappointing that it disappeared. I was almost ready to let it go if it was just going to be the open tours.

Someone who starts playing the game a year from now will see that the amount of races that are in the game are the same as we have now (which is pretty sad if you can imagine it). The first featured tour that was in the first month and all the rest that will be added each month should be added to the total number of races/tours that you should be able to select anytime you want to play. They will also wonder why they can use any car for whatever THEMED Open Tour it is at that time… This focus on FOMO GAS kinda makes me not surprised that MS (and other companies) is getting sued for gaming addiction. Not exaggerating, but me stop caring for FM5 weekly grind felt similar to when I finally quit cigarettes.


Game is lacking singleplayer content, so Featured Cups should stay in game!


I thought the featured tours were there to last, to give the career some much needed meat.


I don’t understand. Career mode is so bare bones, that would be an easy way to pad it up. It’s like they refuse to have content, like career is supposed to be famelic. I seriously question whether anybody in charge of this game has ever spent more than five minutes thinking about anything before implementing it.


If this is the live service part of the game it’s extremely disappointing. I would expect content like FH5 to be added at the very least, not some FOMO events.


They should keep the Featured Tours at least. I don’t mind having the Open Class reset, since they’re quicker to finish.


It should be much clearer that Open Class is temporary too. Why can’t they add a counter like in FH5?


If it were up to me I wouldn’t want any time-gated events, and especially no time-gated cars being there’s no auction house or alternative way to get a missed car… Outside of hoping they gift it or make it available only 9 months later


There is a timer, but only when its on the last week.

Dear T10.

Please leave all new events in.

This is a very slim game and FOMO doesn’t work the way you think in a premium game with (probably) a quite mature audience.

In fact it has the opposite effect. As a collection motivated player, once you lose control over the path to a particular type of content, there is a massive lapse risk. It’s OK that it’s hard or even expensive to get a car you don’t have, as long as you, the collector, are in control.

It’s pretty outrageous to allow players to miss out on cars mere months after release if they don’t pay attention or even don’t have time to play for a period - especially given the very light comms that sit around the content structure and maybe having paid over 100 EUR to get the broadest version of the game.

Please just leave all events in. Bring back the Italian Brand and others that have lapsed. It’s idiotic to remove them, and you’ll get the opposite result in many cases. This game is not a live service game in a traditional sense. It’s a premium collection game that should grow in scope over time. But people have lives. Understand this please and bring back what fell of the development cart.


Couldn’t agree more. FOMO content has no place in this game.

The game is bare-bones as it is, especially in terms of number of events in career (something like 1/5th the number from FM7!) - yet instead of adding more events, T10 seem to think it’s a good idea to simultaneously throw away “old” events every month.

Then to make things worse, people who have paid money for the Premium version of the game are told “thanks for your money, but no, you can’t have access to every car in the game - sorry that your real life got in the way or that you had the nerve to want to play a different game for a few weeks…but now those cars are gone forever. Sucks to be you!”


I didn’t even realise there where cars that you can only win. As long as none of them where classics I’m good

It’s pretty good cars, for example the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

This car was already in Forza Horizon 5.

It’s not even “new” content. SMH.

Granted, it’s nice to have these cars in FM, but if a lot of them are going to be from previous (other) games, then who cares? I’m not going to let FOMO make me grind for something that I already have in another title.

I don’t know that I remember all of them, but there was an Audi R8, an Acura LMP, the Lambo Sesto, some sort of Ferrari (488 maybe?) and I’m not sure what else.

I’d like to be able to have access to all of them, but I don’t want to have to feel obligated to play a certain amount every week or every month just to “earn” that right.

If you have to resort to FOMO to get people to play your game, that speaks to a larger problem with your core gameplay loop not doing its job and keeping people engaged.


These publishers spend far too much time trying to engineer a way to keep you playing the game more and in the process completely miss out on creating a game that makes you want to play more.

Putting in all this crap that you have do to on limited time frames just makes me care even less about playing the game.

Making me earn CP to add upgrades? Just pisses me off and makes me play less, not more.
Why? because there are tons of other games I can enjoy without being forced into playing more than I want to.