Remove seasonal championship and use pr stunts and eventlab

Hi Forza I know you want players to try and complete seasonal championship to get points but when I tried to complete the seasonal championship I don’t finish 1st as us players as to use restricted vehicle against driveatars and we can’t change our difficulty as well so please can you try and sort it out

Sounds like you need to load a decent tune. Tunes by ugrundy are really good.

Yeah but fh5 is not like fh4 when you can pick any class from S1 to x class to race in seasonal championship in fh4 and win every seasonal championship but in fh5 they have put restricted class in every seasonal championship and it’s boring

In Horizon 4 the seasonal championships had class restrictions just the same as Horizon 5. It was seasonal PR stunts in Horizon 4 that were unrestricted. In Horizon 5 it’s class and often car brand or type.

Ah, yes. Less racing in a racing game. Good grief.

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Technically Forza Horizon isn’t a racing game. It’s an open world driving game. But I agree that the races are a key component of the game and the temporary removal of them in a couple of seasons was not appreciated by a lot of player.

@DesktopMirror15 , you don’t have to do the seasonal championships to get the reward cars, especially this season with the Trial being so easy, But one of the keys to winning is having a good tune for a car that can win it. And I don’t understand how it is boring if you aren’t able to finish first. Boring would be if it was too easy to finish first. Not being able to finish first means there is a challenge.

Not totally true I did seasonal championship in fh4 with a Ferrari 599xx and won every seasonal championship as they wasn’t locked to class restricted

You’re thinking of seasonal PR stunts. The championships definitely were restricted.

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Nope not on my fh4 as I used Ferrari 599xx and won every seasonal pr championship

Really? Let’s examine that statement.

FH4 was released early Oct 2018. So let’s look at some Championships from that time: Summer Forzathon Shop, events, and cars through November 1

Nope, one requires the Datsun 510, the other requires a Retro Super Car.

Maybe it changed later? How about 2019? Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through July 11

Nope. B700 Front-engine, FWD; S1 Country = Italy; and S1 Super GT

Maybe even later? 2020: Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and Rewards through June 11

Still no. (D500) 1950s models; (S1 900) Modern Supercars; and (A800) Vans and Utility.

2021: Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and Rewards through June 10

Surprise, still no. (S2) French cars; (A800) Super Saloons; and (A800) Sports Utility Vehicles

In this random sample, not a single Championship the 599xx could qualify for. Unless you can provide something to counter this documentation, you’re misremembering.

Edit: just read your post again. PR Championship? What in the world is that supposed to mean?

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a “seasonal pr championship” doesn’t exist in ForzaHorizon

pr stunts and championships are different things…

but anyway there is no reason to remove any of it in order to the “freedom of play” idea FH5 got advertised with before release.

Maybe they should change the amount of points we get for the different challenges in the playlist to give us more freedom of play but thats not the topic of your suggestion.

Imho your suggestion topic violates the “freedom of play” idea…