Seasonal pr stunts restricted

Hi why did you put restricted vehicle in fh5 when all other Forza horizon didn’t have restricted seasonal pr stunts that how Forza and playground games has lost a lot of players now because you added something what doesn’t belong in the game at all so please can you remove it and please stick to the story of Forza horizon

This has come up before. I tend to agree with you. The playlist PR challenges in H4 were more interesting to do than what we have in H5. That said in H4 most of the time you would only use a couple of the same cars e.g. Ferrari 599XX EVO. I guess the logic in H5 is they want to get you using a variety of cars.

Yep but there was around 20-50 million players playing fh4 and now it’s 19 million players on fh5 so forza and playground games need to sort it out for good to get players back again