Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and Rewards through June 10


Starts June 3 at 7:30am Pacific
Ends June 10 at 7:30am Pacific

This is the first season of Series 36.

The 1973 Mazda RX-3 is the new exclusive reward car this season.

NEW BACKSTAGE: 2017 Aston Martin Vanquish (previously available Exclusive model)

BARN FIND RUMOR: (Spoiler - repeat Summer find)

SUPER7 COMPLETION: 1990 Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer (previously available Exclusive model)


  • 600 FP Car: 2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione (previously available Exclusive model)
  • 300 FP Car: 1992 GMC Typhoon (previously available Exclusive model)
  • Car Horn: Ode to Joy
  • Car Horn: Clock Tower
  • Wheelspins cost this series: 40 FP & 150 FP



#FRIENDSINHIGHPLACES - Take a photo of your car with another Drivatar or other Player with the Glen Rannoch Mast.

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin
  • Share a scenic photo with the hashtag on social media for a chance for your photo to be featured by Forza.


Earn 100 FP from the weekly challenge plus 10 per Daily, plus Bonus for all, double for owning the Lake Lodge

Weekly Challenge: (15%)
Must be done in sequence to count.

  • Own and drive any Classic Sports Car
  • Earn a total of 9 stars from Speed Zones in your Classic Sports Car
  • Win a Road Racing Series event at The Colossus in your Classic Sports Car
  • Earn a total of 250,000 Skill Score in your Classic Sports Car

Daily Challenges: (1% each)
Each challenge is open for 72 hours from 7:30am Pacific of the start day.

  • Earn 1 Landscaping Skill
  • Combine Drafting and Pass Skills to earn 1 Slingshot Skill
  • Combine Air and Pass Skills to earn 1 Airborne Pass Skill
  • Earn 3 Clean Start Skills
  • Earn 3 Near Miss Skills
  • Earn 2 Great Air Skills
  • Closely overtake while racing to earn 1 Great Pass Skill


The unique reward listed for seasonal championship events requires you to place 1st against at or above the Highly Skilled Drivatar difficulty setting; the Trial requires Unbeatable difficulty. As of Series 24 Playground Games rewards the car for all participants, win or lose.

The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Calm Before the Huracan” | Road Racing | (S1) Italian cars

  • Reward: 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante (previously available Exclusive model)

Seasonal Playground Games | Rail Yard | (B700) Rare Classics

  • Reward: 1968 Ferrari 365 GTB/4
  • As of Series 24 you don’t have to win the event to earn the reward.

PR Stunt: Broadway Windmill Danger Sign | 1,499.3 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Cat Bells Speed Trap | 155.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: The Bridge House Speed Zone | 110.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship: “Bon Voyage” | Road Racing | (S2) French cars

  • Reward: 2007 Renault Clio RS 197 (previously available Exclusive model)

Championship: “Are We There Yet?” | Dirt Racing | (A800) Super Saloons

  • Reward: 2018 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S (previously available Exclusive model)

Championship: “Beach Trip!” | Cross Country | (A800) Sports Utility Vehicles

  • Reward: 2017 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Coupe (previously available Exclusive model)


  • Monthly Rivals: Mazda Cosmo at the Astmoor Heritage Circuit
  • Online Adventure: (requires 1 Qualifying race to get ranked)

Completing the monthly events applies their completion percentage to all four seasons in the Festival Playlist:
6% for Monthly Rivals
15% for Online Adventure Qualifying


A beginner’s guide to “Bon Voyage”.

All French cars with PI901-998 are eligible to participate in this event.
This means that by upgrading a car like a Peugeot 205 T16, Renault 5 Turbo or Renault Megane to PI901, you can get a car that is eligible for this event at a lower price than buying a Bugatti.
Also, the “rubber band” effect of the FH4 drivatars becomes more powerful the faster the car is, so using these slower cars will allow you to win this event more easily.


Ok so new series and for time being connection to online part of the game seems fine, at least for me on PC.
Lets move to matter at hands, so the trial and road racing with S1 900 cars from Italy.
Huh … was lucky to escape all the shenanigans on first two races and easily won, but on last I got pushed out into stone fence 2 times, then almost spun around by wall rider, … a great mess and managed 3rd. Trial won, done.
Lambo Huracan LP 610-4, tune - 488 011 727
or Italdesign ZeroUno, tune - 417 289 574

So that done and done, it was time for solo championships. Starting with fastest - road racing with S2 998 cars from France
Bugatti Divo, tune - 264 617 385
or Bugatti Chiron, tune - 305 748 409

Then time to do some dirt racing with A 800 super saloons
Alfa Romeo Giulia, tune - 129 973 624
or BMW 1 Series M, tune - 103 264 539
or Caddy Limo, tune - 171 766 197

Finishing with cross country championship with A 800 SUV’s
Dodge Durango SRT, tune - 181 427 034
or Jaguar F-Pace S, tune - 139 974 046
or Land Rover Velar, tune - 164 924 193

PR stunts and its still all the same, Koenigsegg Agera RS, tune - 167 849 655 for danger sign and speed trap, used McLaren Senna, tune - 176 256 116 for speed zone.

Weekly forzathon car is a pick among classic sports cars, since its summer, I took topless Triumph TR7 with B 700 tune - 151 262 337 to Forest Green speed zone for easy stars, then did 6 and 1/2 min Colossus race and finished at the beach, listening to skill song and easily collecting those skill points.
Lotus Elan, tune - 170 153 851 from last weeks trial also works :slight_smile:

Weekly Super 7 reward is Singer Porsche 911

Just finishing pic

Hope this is of any help to somebody, take care everyone and as always … have fun :), bb


The Backstage pass voting this week has choice of a 99 Elise, which is already available, or the 356 SL Gmund coupe.
If the Lotus wins, will they put it in again?
Last weeks vote winner is a prize for seasonal race, so that’s pointless.
Does anyone even look anymore?
Fun week, ez. Trial I had a 2nd, 1st, and punted by teammate 3rd race while second.
Rivals with Cosmo is fun too. Really nice car, tunes made it pretty killer in FM6.


I noticed that as well and voted for the Elise so we could see what would happen if it won but it looks like not enough players thought the same :slight_smile:
Stupid things like this and the fact that magnate still cannot count your earnings (a simple addition, not rocket science) make me believe that there are no longer any actual coders working on this title and all that is left are skill-free interns that are too busy with their IG page to care.


You may well be right :+1:

Was really impressed with the Cosmo. Drives well and sounds great.

A nice addition.

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My guess is that they’re going to start cycling through the BSP cars. That is, next week it might be the 599XX Evo against some other exclusive, and so on. If the BSP car wins the vote again, it remains again until next time.

But we’ll have to wait till next week to see whether this is their plan.


I have the same theory so we’ll see but it would nice if we were told that is the intention!!

I doubt it’s that clever. Based on prior experience, I’d imagine that whoever put up the two choices just failed to notice the Elise was already in there (or meant to choose another car entirely).


Sorry to rant but this week’s shop is awful again.

GMC Typhoon which was in the last few week playlist and the Apollo which whilst a good car is always in the shop.

I would mind using some of more of my credits on some of the HTF cars (like the Hoonigan RS200 a while back which was 999fp) but the shop like the backstage pass seems not well thought out at times.

Edit: To be fair to PG the GMC Typhoon hasn’t been in shop at all yet so I suppose this does make sense. It does seem all very random however, no Shelby 100 or C7 Corvette in the shop for the 1st time yet.

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Kinda disagree. I already had both in my garage so I put them both up on the auction. Made 5 million on the Apollo and 1.1 million on the Typhoon. Straight back to the shop and bought them with Forzathon points. Ker-ching!!


Ok. Someone noticed. Thank you.
Now choice is the 356 SL Gmund or the Zerouno.
69% Zerouno vote now.
Puts the Ugh in ugly.

Forza Horizon 4: Festival Playlist Events - Summer - Until 10/06/2021 - SERIES 36
For players who need help: Percents,Tunes and Rewards:
50% Summer : MAZDA RX-3 1973
50% Series 36: BACKSTAGE PASS
80% Series 36: NISSAN PULSAR

Photo / Picture: Percents,Tunes and Rewards - Summer

Photo / Picture: Rewards
Forza Horizon 4: Festival Playlist Events - Rewards - Until 10/06/2021 ** SERIES 36 ** Summer

Share Codes: Pause Menu, Event Activations, or Creative Hub.
You can use this code to get to a specific Event Blueprint quickly, and easily.
Share Code: Garage → Designs & Paints → Find New Designs → Search
Share Code: Garage → Upgrades & Tunes → Find → Search

Another Drivatar or other Player with the Glen Rannoch Mast
Reward: Super Wheelspin

B) Forzathon Weekly: Classic Sports Car
Code Tune TOYOTA 2000GT 1969:… 923 392 525

Chapter 3: Win a Road Racing Series event at The Colossus in 7 seconds
Share Code:… 632 108 675

D) The Trial Co-Op Championship: Calm Before the Huracan
Reward: Lamborghini Huracan Performante 2018
Code Tune LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LP 610-4 2014:… 815 609 321
Code Tune LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP700-4 WELCOME PACK 2012:… 148 586 553
Code Tune LAMBORGHINI HURACAN PERFORMANTE 2018:… 587 546 385 ** UPDATE 05/06/21 **

F) Playground Games Summer
Reward: Ferrari 365 GTB/4 1968
New this season: You don’t have to win the event to earn the reward.
Code Tune LAMBORGHINI MIURA P400 1967:… 105 993 158

G) Danger Sign: Broadway Windmill
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010:… 308 569 021

H) Speed Trap: Cat Bells
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010:… 308 569 021

I) Speed Zone: The Bridge House
Code Tune VOLKSWAGEN #94 MOTORSPORT I.D.R PIKES PEAK 2018:… 120 129 952

J) Championship: Bon Voyage
Reward: Renault Clio RS 197 2007
Code Tune BUGATTI DIVO 2019:… 184 463 340

K) Championship: Are We There Yet?
Reward: Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 2018
Code Tune BMW M5 2009:… 137 523 757

L) Championship: Beach Trip!
Reward: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Coupe 2017
Code Tune JAGUAR I-PACE 2018:… 544 715 010

*** UPDATE *** Summer
Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer 1990 is available for completing the Super7 this week.
I hope this helps you to do the challenges

The trial has been pretty consistent to win but very messy. I’ve been pushed into wall snags and plain walls by drivatars and players in the turn 1 melees.

I’ve shared the Lambo Murcielago tune I used. It’s a grip biased tune. I have won the races by decent margins several times with it. I also saw a 512s and F40 do well.

There’s a lot of very strong Italian S1 cars - Huracan, ATS, Enzo, Countach, Zonda C and the TZ2 to just name a few. Shame the trial isn’t a little more challenging - road races are always a bit too easy.

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Considering your time on the Cosmo Rivals, I’d say that’s probable. :rofl:

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Dear Forza Horizon Community,
I have the problem that if I win the Collosus race for the weekly challenge, the challenge is not completed even though I was 1st place. The other missions also worked with the truck (Mercedes Unimog). I’ve already driven the race twice and it doesn’t work. I NEED HELP!

Why are you doing it in Unimog?
Weekly forzathon is Classic Sports car themed:

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