Post Em' PC Benchmark Stats

To let others know how different setups are coming along with the PC benchmark found in the demo, please post your setup and the Avg. FPS and Max FPS you got.

GTX 1080
FX 8320 (OC’ed to 4.2ghz)
8gb DDR3 1866mhz

EDIT: To clarify, these stats are going to advanced and putting everything as high as possible. Running dynamic with “ultra” turned on in basic is easier on the hardware and still looks great. See 3rd comment for those stats.
Ultra @ 4k
Avg FPS: 28
Max FPS 32

(I’m really hoping to see what someone with a GTX 1080, Ryzen 5 1600x, and 16gb DDR4 3200mhz is getting as this is what I can afford to upgrade to)

You really must ditch that CPU ASAP.

You’ll easy get 60FPS on Forza 7 @ 4K if you upgrade to the Ryzen or a Coffee Lake out in a couple weeks and have 16GB of RAM.

Agreed Vulcan but I’m at a point where I have to take things one step at a time. The next upgrade will be a new motherboard, 16gb of DDR4 and a new CPU. Those three components alone are more pricy than an X1X. And I just updated my GPU from a 970 to a 1080 last month. The wife had a cow (mooooo) when I told her I was very likely going to be buying more parts this month. I’d just hate to buy buy those parts for a 10fps increase. It all matters on what the game does in prioritizing CPU vs GPU processing. Thats why I want to see people’s results.

I went back and ran the settings a little different. That last post was with everything on the advanced tab set to the max. The next test I did was leaving all advanced tab to dynamic, and then on basic I set the Dynamic Render Quality to Ultra and set resolution to 3840x2160. From there I got MUCH better FPS results:

Max: 57
Average: 44

I wonder what someone running the Ryzen 5 1600x will get by following the same steps with the same GPU?

Eurocom Tornado F5 Laptop
GTX 1070
i7 6700k
32gb DDR4 3000MHz

Runs buttery smooth at 4k/60fps about 99% of the time in game with all settings max except MSAA, which is at 4x. Rare drops to 50ish for half a second in game.
At 1080p with everything max I get 60fps, but sometimes it does 58fps. Not sure whats up with that.
I get around 50 fps in the menus at 4k.

I have my performance target at 60fps (v-sync).

In game benchmark at 4k with 4x MSAA:

Max: 62 fps
Avg: 58.4

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Titan X Pascal
I7 7700K

Ultra settings at 2160p
Avg FPS: 59.5
Max FPS 61.2

Really sucks that this demo has a framerate cap :frowning:

Just to let you know. I have an 8350 at stock speed 4.0 and a GTX 970 running at 2560 x 1440 on all dynamic and get almost solid 60 fps. But I do have much stuttering? Others are also reporting stuttering on YouTube videos.

Now I’m weighing Ryzen 5 1600x vs waiting for an i5 Coffee Lake next month. Man the decisions and options are endless.

Nvidia GTX 980ti
i7 3770k (OCed to 4.5)

Ultra settings @ 4k Res:
Average 55 FPS
Max 61 FPS

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MSI 1070
i5 4670k @ 4ghz
16gb RAM

Ultra @ 2K
Average 58 FPS
Max 62 FPS

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I5 7600k at 3,8GHZ

Min FPS 5.2
Max FPS 63.7
Average 57.8

Not sure I understand the min FPS. Seems awfully low.

minimum seems to be in menus or load screens, seems pretty worthless for a stat. Looks like your bottleneck is probably your monitor? With that setup you should be able to run 2k no problem.

What’s really weird is, the game seems to want to stick detail on ‘Very Low’, if I let it. Why would that be?

What’s really weird is, the game seems to want to stick detail on ‘Very Low’, if I let it. Why would that be? I’m kind of confused, as the Store says I’m under Recommended…

I7 4790 at 3.6 with an Nvidia 980TI and 16gb of ram. Get a 58fps average at 4K with everything completely maxed except antialiasing which I turned off. I never thought to try the AA when I ran the 4K benchmark so I’ll have to see what those results are. The menus seem to take a framerate hit but on track doesn’t which seems odd and there are some small random graphic glitches but framerate seems very solid on track. APEX seems to look more polished and run better for some reason though.

Windows 10 Pro Ver 1703 Build 15063.608
I7-4930K @ 3.4 GHZ
GTX 1070 8 GB VRAM
64GB System Ram
Raazer Synapse Controller
Razer Kraken Headset and Mic

Benchmark Ultra Default 14.7 FPS Min 61.9 FPS MAX 59.2 FPS AVG although I didn’t notice the low min FPS during actual “race”

i7 6700k @ stock 4.00GHz
16GB DDR4 3200mhz
GTX 1080Ti

2560x1440 resolution

All settings are manually set to Ultra or highest possible, except Anti-aliasing which is turned off (don’t need it at 1440p)

Min: 5.2 FPS (Don’t know what this is all about)
Max: 74.3 FPS
Average: 73.2 FPS

However, when driving in-game I experienced a bit of stuttering here and there, but I turned off G-sync and that haven’t had any stuttering since.

i7 4790 @ 4,0 GHz
GTX 1070 @ 2025 MHz
12 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Textures on Ultra, rest on High (particles on dynamic), no v-sync. 8xMSAA.

Min: 10.4 FPS
Max: 60.2 FPS
Average: 59.8 FPS.

I ran it multiple times, every time the results were slightly different (+ / - 0.5 FPS difference on Average FPS)

No FPS drops/stutters ingame whatsoever, I’m sure I could run it at full Ultra @ 1080p, but until they remove the FPS lock (I’m on a 144 Hz monitor) I can’t say what difference high and ultra make FPS wise.

FX-8350 Black Edition
GTX 1070 Armor OC
32GB DDR3 1866MHz

MinFPS 6.3
MaxFPS 59.8
AvgFPS 49.5

i7 7700k @ 4.5
Sapphire Nitro R9 390x - 1060/1500 (CAT 17.1.2 drivers)
16gb DDR4 3000mhz

All settings Ultra except 4x MSAA

MinFPS 16.8
MaxFPS 63.2
AvgFPS 59.6

MinFPS 12.5
MaxFPS 63.7
AvgFPS 59.6

MinFPS 16.8
MaxFPS 61.4
AvgFPS 58.5

I5 7600K @5.1 GHz
GTX 1080 ti @2.0
16GB DDR 4 3200


Everything including AA/MSA as high as the game will allow me to go

Min 4.5— the start of the benchmark was really weird
Max 78
Average 65

I’m still not sure why they are recommending an i7 for 4k ultra

Game was buttery smooth. There’s some really crazy detail when it’s cranked up this high… forza was meant for pc all along