Performance - Player & Drivatar Designs enabled Cause VRAM Memory Leak & FPS drops (1729187)

This occurred after update 5

First race, other than usual FPS dips, everything is normal, 60fps no problems,
When loading into 2nd race in a series (single player career mode), FPS drops to 35ish on the track splash screen, and continues to drop to single digits. GPU is showing >90% utilization and does not go down until I close the game.

Benchmark done immediately after starting game

Benchmark after completing one career race, and attempting to load next track

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I have tried:
verifying install files
reinstalling display driver
clearing shader cache
vsync through Nvidia
vsync through motorsport
Dlss on
Dlss off
different resolution scaling
running game as admin
setting priority to high in task manager

Nothing has worked.

same here, first race works fine, after load the second one fps drop to 30ish, the only way to make it run like it should be is to restart the game.

16gb ram
4070 super

same here

these are the settings I got that worked for me.

STEP 1 Go to settings/ game play/ and scroll down till you see “drivatar liveries” TURN THOSE OFF. I am not sure what is wrong with them, but it’s like they’re not unloading after races and causing a huge performance hit.

I have Vsync turned on in the NVIDIA control panel and frame rate set to 60fps.

Here is how I have everything else set:

This benchmark was done after three races (two freeplay, one career).

I hope this helps. Let me know how it works out for you.

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see above reply.

Memory leak

Turning off “drivatar liveries” worked for me.
Thank You

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Ever since the launch of the game, 5th October 2023, I was facing one particular issue regardless of the 5 patches/updates till date.

Case: First two race the game runs fine, come 3rd race, there is a significant drop of FPS and VRAM usage goes beyond GPU provided. This is a recurring problem since the Day-1 and is still live to this day.

Solution: Setting ‘Player Livery Quality’, under Advanced Graphics to “Auto/Low” & Disabling Player Designs and Drivatar Designs.

After changing these settings, game runs completely fine apart from small hiccups here and there.

Should this be the way Forza is meant to be played?

Absolutely not.

Does this need fixing?



I have the same problems. But my FPS are falling down down after every single race. At least your workaround could help me. Turning off the liveries AND drivatar liveries was my solution. Bit this shouldn’t be the case. The game has to run without players looking for solition just to run the game some how properly.
But, thanks for your help

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I can confirm that turning off designs help, but it will still clog up your VRAM, tho it will take much longer, but if someone have “only” 6-8gb of VRAM, he would still have issues.

I personally don’t see freezes now at all with designs off and 24gb VRAM, game will crash for another reason sooner than my VRAM get filled up, but it still takes place.
Well to limit this effect u can also avoid using any designs on your own car (just use default car paint). Xd

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With designs on I also had issues where game would freeze during practice/qualify when someone joined lobby, and my game attempted to load new player design, it started with update 3 for me.
Turning off player designs fixed this issue.

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I also have some minor frame drops since release. But it got much worse with update 5. It completely messes up memory usage. 1080p with 100% resolution scaling, no RTX, and ultra liveries fill up my 3070/8G completely. Frame stuttering is heavy and after 15 minutes FPS drop to 30-40 permanently. I then have to reduce livery quality to high or medium but this looks so ugly and can’t be normal on a 3070.

Memory usage must be reverted to the point where it was before update 5.

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Framerates are showing correct but the picture on the screen is slowing right down then speeding up, never had this happen before

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Try turning off rebar, maybe it will help. I do t have access to Ngreedia GPU to try myself :joy:

What an useless comment. Better shut up next time.
Rebar has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this.
And why do you recommend something, where you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about!? Man go back playing with play-doh and leave the adults in peace here.

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From my personal experience playing the Forza Motorsport reboot on my homebuilt gaming workstation PC, I have set the drivatar / player liveries quality to “Auto” while playing at maxed out settings in 1080p @ 240Hz.

That should do until Turn 10 addresses the car livery memory leak here on PC. I run the MS store version of FM in Premium Edition since I started this on day one.

My specs:

-AMD Ryzen 5800X @ stock clocks (no OC)
-128GB DDR4-3200 RAM @ dual channel (4x32GB)
-GeForce RTX 4070 Ti built by INNO3D (very rare true dual slot card)
-2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD (primary) and 2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD (secondary) plus 2TB SATA 6Gbps SSD for local private file backups
-Windows 11 Pro 23H2 (full retail license)
-Hyperkin Xenon Xbox 360 styled Series X controller
-Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with protective silicone keyboard cover to preserve the keys
-Microsoft Classic Intellimouse
-Viewsonic XG270 240Hz 1080p IPS display (G-sync compatible certified by NVIDIA)

I also have a 2023 Xbox Series X console I bought last holiday season to run this game as an alternate backup, along with FH5.

Since this issue has not been addressed yet, I have decided to not make any changes with the livery designs/player designs

Lol i just suggested to try turning off rebar, it takes just 30 min to restart pc go to bios turn off rebar, lunch game do 3 races, see if problem got fixed, if not u just restart pc go to bios turn on rebar, done.

Why are u angry?