Normal steering or Simulation?

Hey guys,

First time really posting on here and i’ve been playing FM6 since i’ve came back from the SCCA Solo Nationals and I can’t seem to figure out which is better to use. Normal steering or simulation steering?

I’ve been jumping back n forth between my controller and my Thrustmaster TX and so far i’ve come up with Normal on the control and Simulation on the wheel (this is prior to reading some wheel setting info on here). Just wondering what everyone else uses and what they think?

One of my biggest issues on deciding is that in FM6 over any other Forza it seems throttle off turn in cars are way too loose for some reason and then the tire spinning in FM6 is much worse to get traction back over FM5.


Yes normal steering for controller and you can use simulation on the wheel. It was the same with FM5 and FM4. Some people do use the simulation steering setting on the controller to make it more challenging but normal was designed for the controller.

Definitely normal for the controller. It seems to help with counter steering a bit since a controller has minimal movement ranges. That’s what I’ve noticed at least from my time in F4 and haven’t tried simulation since. No room for a wheel unfortunately.

I agree, normal steering for the users that race with a controller.

I have been using simulation steering with the controller, and I 100% agree on your comments regarding off-throttle turn in. You really have modulate the throttle during cornering to maintain stability and grip.

I actually have this problem on the gamepad with the normal setting too, but it’s a lot worse on simulation steering. Well, it’s not really a problem, since I can live with it and control it, but it’s very annoying and a real issue with the physics, in my opinion.

I was messing around last night and noticed that even through tight first gear corners rwd cars tend to oversteer like mad when off-throttle. For giggles I was trying this out at like 25-30 MPH. I am 100% sure that the cars I was testing with do not behave like this in the real world, because I have driven them and also because many more people would be dying on the roads every day.

If you learn not to go HAM on the joystick when you turn left and right, Sim can be used on the controller.

IIRC, the difference between the two is this: On Normal Steering, your ‘full lock’ is limited based on your speed so you can’t over turn your wheel and spin out. On Simulation Steering, there’s no limit. You have maximum lock at all times.

It’s by no means easy to get used to, but once you get used to using it, you can be more effective and feel like more of a badass. It’s especially useful for drifting, if you manage not to snap back every counter-steer.


I seem to remember, in Forza 4, that Sim steering was designed for the controller and leave Normal for the wheel.
At least for my Microsoft FFB wheel that I use for Forza 4.
I don’t have the XBOX One, so caint try Forza 5 and 6.

I’ve been using sim steering with a controller for as long as it’s been an option I guess. It never occurred to me that normal might be better for controller. I’d try it but I’m pretty used to the snappiness of sim by now so meh.


Same here ! Sim steering , no assist manual clutch I have no issues racing or spinning out.

Well, that’s great, but not all of us are Michael Schumacher. I used to drive on simulation with the controller until FM4, or maybe FM5. I cannot remember, but in one of those games it became unplayable for me with more powerful cars. Maybe it was my rubbish tunes though.

I’ve always used sim steering with a pad and a wheel since it was introduced, with the odd exceptions, I find drifting easier on normal due to the assisted counter steer also forza 5 had brutal weight transfer on stock cars.


This was a tuned car fast enough to be in top 1% and nowhere near as snappy as stock so normally sim steering wheel was OK.

I’m a fairly casual racing gamer but I played a ton of Forza 5 and I’ve used Simulation steering on my controller for the majority of that time. I don’t even remember what it feels like to use Normal steering but I do remember it making a significant difference when I made the jump to sim.

I’m just curious if I have any advantage using it online or is it simply an option to feel more challenged and earn slightly more credits? I run many clean laps but I find my style to be very conservative in part due to the steering.

I use sim with controller. It does make it easier to lose control & wipe out, but the tradeoff is that the cars are WAY more responive if you can keep it together.

I’ve always used simulation steering with either the controller or steering wheel since it was introduced in Forza Motorsport 4. I don’t really have any difficulty using the controller with sim steering.

hey guys using Sim, can you do me a huge favor and take a loose car like a stock gt-40 and compare it around a high speed turn in hood view and in third person, I swear controller inputs are different.

Thanks guys!

I have run your test. The car seemed to handle identically in either camera mode, but I was able to set better times with sim steering.

“normal” steering made the car easier to drive OVERALL, but it also yielded slower lap times. IMO this is because I found it harder to find the car’s “limits” (and keep it there) without the feedback and car responses that sim steering provides.

EDIT: Normal XB1 gamepad used.

I’ve raced on sim/controller since I had the option, like the guy above, “no assists, clutch and everything disabled”.
Although I’ve tested to go back to “normal” on FM5 a couple weeks ago, and it felt abit like the older forza’s in terms of progressivity, it was a tad bit less challenging, still realistic, but easier to control at the limit.

Now I believe FM6 to be much less “twitchy” than FM5 in sim mode, like there is some progressivity back. I usually race up to S class (I tend never to finish career mode cause I really don’t like those faster cars).
I don’t know, I’ll try “normal” tonight, see how it changes. But I’m pretty sure I can handle a GT40 on sim/no assists/clutch/bonestock

the only thing I have to mod in order to get right is the brakes, default stock brakes are too easy to lock without ABS (I can race, but I lock the wheels rather often with stock brakes)

thanks! I swear hood view the car is vague and bouncing around like crazy, it seems to be hard to maintain suspension being settled, and it really shows on hi speed+ loose stock older cars. Anyways I’d be nice to see If I’ve gone crazy or there is actually a difference. 2 turns that feel impossible to get around quickly in hood view but are great in third person are Rio the final long fast right turn before the finish, and old lemans the long sweeping right turn on the back straight at super hi speed.

thanks peeps

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This sounds fairly on point to me. I’ve not raced much on F6 yet but so far, the sim steering feels exactly like you say, less twitchy than it seemed in F5. I also think the addition of thumbstick extenders/grips (whatever you call them…) has helped me as well. Someone gave them to me a few months back and I’ve been using them on every game since.