My TX wheel settings and loving Forza 6 now!

As like a lot of people I was not happy with TX wheel and Forza 6. So I went searching on the internet, changing settings and testing and finally found the perfect setup (for myself). Hope this helps other people also. I now REALLY enjoy the wheel with Forza 6, and can drive the cars to the limit. I can recover from potential skidding, catching the back on time and really drive fast, all with great FFB!
I now even drive with all assists off, something I couldn’t do before! So far I have not tested this on the supercars and really fast cars.

In game settings:
-In the wheel settings I have selected Layout 1, Rumble=On, rest of the settings off.
-In the advanced wheel settings I have:
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 14
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 15
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 0
Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Inside: 10
Handbrake Axis Deadzone Outside: 100
Vibration Scale: 100
Force Feedback Scale: 100 (I like this but can be reduced if you feel it is to heavy)
Wheel Rotation Angle: 540

Setting up the TX wheel
-You can set the sensitivty of the wheel by using the MODE button and the Right Shifter Paddle.
Set this to 2 green lights flashing by pressing Mode + Right Shifter Paddle untill it flashes green twice.
-As I use the manual clutch and don’t have a clutch pedal, when going racing I press MODE + A to set the wheel to auto-clutch. Remember to turn this off (MODE + A again) in the menu’s.

Hope this helps people, let me know.


This is what I was poorly trying to explain to everyone in the other thread about how bad the wheel was. So many people know about auto clutch and DOR but very few know about the SENS setting. That is a great fine tuning option for the wheel. I am really glad you got it to work because when you get it working it is an AWESOME game!!!

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Does the sensitivity setting on 2 flashes make countersteering easier?? That was my only complaint about using the wheel in fm6.

I have been messing with both the wheel and contoller a bit more and since have come to the conclusion that it isn’t too hard to recover from a slide on the wheel, it’s just super easy with a contoller

The sensitivity setting on the wheel can help with certain things but it does effect the ffb which the Thrustmaster website states, and thats what my issue is with the game. I can control the car, I just can’t feel it, and there’s nothing that can fix that besides a patch from turn 10.


MUUUUUUCH easier! I can now almost catch all understeering. Oke in some cases I just push to hard and there is no more saving that. But I have played with the same cars I was struggling with before and now I can really feel the car.

Well I certainly feel all FFB now and even sometimes think to lower the setting from 100. Feedback from the car is epic, rumble strips, car starts skidding, wheels slipping under power, etc. I love the game now, feels like it should. So assume you have the latest firmware installed and have the setting like I explained in the OP?

Well I certainly feel all FFB now and even sometimes think to lower the setting from 100. Feedback from the car is epic, rumble strips, car starts skidding, wheels slipping under power, etc. I love the game now, feels like it should. So assume you have the latest firmware installed and have the setting like I explained in the OP?

Those things you just mentioned are not ffb, they’re controlled by the vibration setting.

Which car and class? I vaguely remember the wheel having more and more feel the more grip the car had in forza 5…like the f1 car vs the d class mini… not sure if 6 is the same.

Sorry you are having issues, I think the wheel feels pretty good ( not pcars good with proper jack spade settings but at least as good as pcars with stock settings ). I just wish they had the countersteer assist like pcars did so I could run 900 dor

My thoughts exactly. I just wish we could properly adjust steering ratio and let the DOR fall out to what ever it ends up being based on the cars total steering geometry. Then it would be easy to go from the street cars to the race cars. Instead of guessing that the F1 car has half the steering lock so it needs half the DOR to get the same steering gain (ratio of wheel turn to turn rate) you could just set the steering ratio on the same page you set the caster for the car.

540 DOR with sensitivity 2 is equivalent to 900 DOR for small +/- 20 deg turns of the wheel. I mapped it out and 360 with sensitivity 3 is also the same with the same steering gain around center. The best I can tell, sensitivity is simply how linear the wheel is. Default is linear (1 to 1) so with DOR 900 one degree of TX steering wheel is 1/450th of total angle on the the car. With a DOR of 540 and sensitivity 2 one degree of TX steering wheel is different depending on where the wheel is. Around center with 540 DOR and default sensitivity a one degree turn of the wheel would be 1/270th of total. But with sensitivity 2 it is more like 900 DOR at 1/450th around center and 1/360th as you approach the stop at 270 degrees of rotation.

This is why I run DOR 540 sensitivity 2. It gives me the precision around center like 900 DOR to make very small inputs but also gives me the quickness of 360 DOR at large deflections so I can catch the car with counter steer. You also don’t need to go hand over hand to get full input. It only takes 270 deg vice 450 deg of rotation to get full input.

Basically sensitivity 2 drives like the next higher DOR but with the ability to save the car of the lower DOR. Sensitivity 3 is equivalent to jumping 2 DOR settings, so DOR 270 with sensitivity 3 is like DOR 540 around center. Things start getting weird when you start going to high sensitivity with low DOR because the non-linearity gets too be too much and completely messes up the forces. I remember one setting that had zero force +/- 45 deg and you could feel it kick in VERY strong once you hit it.

Now for force - The wheel doesn’t create force, YOU DO. The force is created when you counter the wheel that is trying to turn the wrong way. High ffb setting just mean the wheel will turn more so you have to apply more force to put it back to where it belongs. If you don’t hold the wheel steady it will move no different than if you intentionally moved it. That is why the ffb setting is personal. I have a light touch so anything over 40 and I either don’t resist enough or counter too much. Depending on the car and strength of the ffb, this situation can become unstable and divergent. The ffb signal turns the wheel which then makes the car turn the other way which then creates a stronger ffb signal going the other direction and a spin out is imminent. I find that they are either filtering some of that out in Forza 6 or the physics of the car are just less susceptible to the instability. Go take a stock suspension 64 Impala around Daytona and you can feel the wheel rock back an forth all the way around the banking. Regardless I am happy because now I can run ffb 40 instead of a practically non extent 20 with Forza 5. If you have a death grip on the wheel you damp the osculation and can get away with 100 ffb, you may even prefer it. If you drive with two fingers anything over 10 will probably drive the car unstable. Find your ffb setting, get a car that handles well, and don’t over drive it. It really can be quite enjoyable when it all works out but man can it be frustrating when it doesn’t.



Well written

Thanks for the info… the SENS setting definitely helps catch some of the smaller oversteers that seem almost unavoidable in some cars (especially in MP when you’re getting tapped or sometimes even pit-maneuvered).

The only bit that still doesn’t feel right to me is the softness of FFB around center. As is, it feels a bit like driving an overdone electric power steering car, with absolutely 0 road feel coming through until i start to load up the tires in the corners.

I would love an update that adds some speed-sensitive centering force.

2nd on my wishlist would be a software-self-adjusting DOR that sets it correctly for the car instead of having to adjust it on the wheel. I should be able to leave my wheel at 900 and have the game set it appropriately when I’m in GT cars or anything with less DOR in real life.


Maybe if I never played other games with a wheel it’d feel good to me but I have. I can accept the fact that ill aways be faster with a controller, but i cant accept the lack of enjoyment when using the wheel in the past few forzas. Project Cars did go overboard with the settings for ffb, but at least we could customize it ourselves. Forza 6 has the same wheel settings they had since the first one which was 10 years ago. I think it’s time to start giving us some more options than they currently are. Theres about 5-6 threads in the past few days, including one from VoodooUomo about the wheel and more people have issues than not. In my eyes that means there’s a problem. Is it playable, sure, i could put up top 1% times with it in 5,but i dont find it fun and I think that’s the most important factor for me. I play games to have fun, and I can’t say I’ve had any while using the wheel in these games.

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Tagging this thread for reference.

Tried with an s class car. Amazing. I knew about the sensitivity config, but always though that changing would be crap and should always use the in game setting. Boy was I wrong!
Thanks for this. Major improvement.
Only draw back is that it looks weird with the cockpit camera, but I rarely use it anyway because of the bad FOV.

It all has to do with the forces you feel when taking turns, so I meant you can really feel the car and the weight through the wheel.

Yes they are a part of the overall experience, but i find the actual ffb, the forces that effect your steering, aren’t strong enough for my liking. These conversations will always go back and forth because we have different opinions, and I’m happy you guys are enjoying it, I just wish I could as well. I dont mind playing with a controller, i think that’s where forza excels, i just wish when I felt like playing with my not so cheap wheel and pedal setup I could get some enjoyment out of the game.

You do realize that FFB (100% in settings) are stronger on cars with high handling number in vehicle stats. When I tune the game gives me feedback via FFB on how well I have setup the car. Poor setup the FFB feels weak, when I setup right I can feel the FFB nice and strong like the car is hooking up around high speed corners. So, not necessarily FFB is poor, but rather vehicle is not optimally tuned and FFB reflects that. Just my 2 cents worth.

My favorite thing to do in forza is just run stock tunes and see how the cars are. My favorite hopper is cycled production, so I can’t tune anything. When the cars are stock that’s where you feel the base of forzas physics, and I just dont feel as though it translates well through the wheel. Some cars feel right, but most aren’t , I won’t say undrivable, but unraceable. It was like this in forza 5, you have to make an extremely grippy tune, which is fine when your doing single player stuff, but when your in multiplayer speed is what wins out. I do think forza 6 is a little more balanced with the handling to speed ratio. If you’ve played other racing games with a wheel you’d know forza is lacking in the ffb department. Theres numerous threads about it, many more than when forza 5 came out because a lot more people bought wheels which is great. Forza is my favorite racing game and I would love to use my wheel more often but it usually leads to testing all different dor, vibration,sensitivity levels, then tune the car and it might feel good but then the next car you use you have to do it all again and since you can’t save these settings for individual cars your just constantly changing things and I don’t have the time to play games like i used to and it just becomes more trouble than its worth for me. All I want them to do is add some more ffb sliders and the ability to save ffb and dor settings for individual cars or at least do what other sims do and automatically adjust dor to the car your using. I’ve said it before and I’m not being sarcastic when I tell people I’m happy they enjoy the game with the wheel I just wish it was the same for me.

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Tagging this for future reference… going to buy a wheel very soon :slight_smile:

TX with Fanatec CSP V2
Layout 1 no chances.
Advanced setting:
85 FFB
360 DOR
Noting done on the wheel itself. Feels great a little sofr in the center but you can really feel the slip angle in the corners

Does the Auto-Clutch feature on the wheel mean you can set the game to Manual w/ Clutch and then don’t have to use a clutch on the wheel? That alone would make me consider purchasing it a lot sooner.